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Lake City, City Manager Wendell Johnson Recommending Employee Xmas Bonus Tonight

Lake City Swears in the Victors of the Past Election

Lake City Police Department: DUI Released Attack Dog on Police - Resisted Arrest

Lake City, FL:  Sewer Plant 1 – Rec Center 0. City spends $ millions on sewers, then votes 4-1 to shut down rec center.

Lake City's Community Center Gets a Reprieve: Is it its last?  

Lake City FL: There may be red light cameras in its future. Cost to City $4,700 per month per camera

LCPD's Chief Gilmore gets an EZ Pass from State Attorney "Skip" Jarvis in alleged voter fraud issue

LCPD Chief finally registered to vote where she lives. State Attorney passed buck - got it back

Shared funding of Lake City road improvement project off the table. Will LSHA Berry's lobbying pay off?

North Florida Broadband Authority: NFBA road shows moves to Lake City for a double dose of free money

Lake City Police Chief Lives Outside City Limits: Registers and votes in city

Lake City KO's Big Blue and goes with United Health Care and FMIT - almost

Lake City FL to be ground zero in war against official use of Confederate Flag in Florida

Lake City Florida: The tale of the tape, the Stars and Bars saga continues

Lake City Florida: The Police Chief - Confederate controversy, another view

Lake City Florida: Police Chief & City Manager In Confederate Flag - Jury Out

Lake City Florida confronting its past, present and future: Will civil rights groups join hands?

Lake City Florida: The Stars and Bars ,
A heritage that just won't go away

Lake City Fights Former LCPD Captain's Unemployment Claim: Lake City Loses

Wolfson Children's Specialty Center:
Up and running in Lake City

Government Subsidized Free Enterprise Is Alive and Well In Lake City/Columbia County Florida

Lake City Gateway Airport Enters The 21st Century With A New And Improved Air Terminal

Kathy Kersey retires after 28 years of Florida gov't service: "In FL it's a little bit different"

Florida In The Sunshine Takes A Beating In Lake City. City Manager Johnson holds staff meeting?

Businesswoman Invests $300,000 In New Lake City Business. Building Czar Threatens Immediate Shutdown

Lake City's Sunshine Girl, Audrey Sikes: Will she let the sun shine in?

Lake City FL PD: Another African American Cop - Another Federal Law Suit

Lake City Police Department: Capt Robert Smith Fired - Another Police Capt Goes Down

Lake City vs Maeweather: CM Johnson has the last word. Keep him suspended – Let him reapply

Lake City vs Maeweather Hole In The Wall: Is it as simple as black and white?

Lake City Council Rules Against City Manager, Grants Business Owner An Appeal

Lake City Florida: Gangs 101

Lake City Downtown Redevelopment Plan Approved: Now will the work begin?

Lake City, City Manager Wendell Johnson looks to make White Elephant deal with troubled North Florida Broadband Authority

Earline Parker Dies - LCPD Officer Now Involved In Death: The Ultimate Harm – No Foul?

Lake City Police Chief Praises Department
Residents come out to support the Chief and CM

LCPD:  Cedar Park Investigation Concluded
Orlando PD and Gateway College exonerate LCPD

LCPD Capt John Blanchard Resigns:  Did City Manager Johnson make him a deal?

LCPD Capt John Blanchard: Innocent until proven guilty FDLE, Florida's paper tiger, involved in another mess

Lake City Police Dept Under Fire: Black/white impartiality and wrongdoing questioned

Lake City saved as 900 Floridians to lose jobs
Food Lion shutting down FL stores

Lake City's New Master Plan Moving Into Primetime: "Now we have to follow through"

Lake City Police Department's K-9 Trooper Whereabouts of death unsolved

Lake City Aviators tell Lake City: Raise the rates to the stratosphere; we're flying out of here.

LCPD: Internal Affairs Investigation finds Trooper Death No Accident

Lake City going high tech with advanced electronic radio controlled water meters

Lake City Report - Nov 4, 2011
Preparing for the Holidays & utilities on tap

Lake City KO's Utility Impact Fees: Will declare 1 year moratorium

Post police shooting press conference: Chief Gilmore and Sheriff Hunter wrap it up

Lake City Florida: Police harking back to a bygone era - When will it change?

LSHA Berry's Lobbying Pays Off
City Gives Hosp Auth and HMA free ride

Shared funding of Lake City road improvement project off the table. Will LSHA Berry's lobbying pay off?

Lake City Report - Sept 2, 2011
City Budget and Franklin Street on tap

Lake City Report - Aug 26, 2011
City Budget and NFBA on tap

Lake City Report - Aug 19, 2011
Downtown Community Development on top

City Manager Wendell Johnson tames the health insurance beast for the second year

Lake City Report - August 5, 2011
City Health Care tops the bill this week

Fire Hydrants Take Center Stage In Lake City
City Manager Johnson's claims - dubious

Lake City Owns 643 Fire Hydrants In Columbia County. In 2008 it stopped inspecting them and didn't tell anybody.

Lake City Report - July 29, 2011
Workshops over, City Manager lays out the budget

In Wake Of K-9 Officers Death, PETA Offers Tips To Lake City Area Residents For Safeguarding Animals In Hot Weather

SuperValue at Target Dist. Center Shutting Down
140 workers to loose jobs by September 18th

Major update July 27, 2011 12:16 pm - workers to be rehired

Lake City Police Department's K-9 Officer "Trooper" found dead

Lake City Sliders - $700 short of their $8,000 goal - On the road to Richmond

Lake City holding the line on taxes
Employee Pension Fund Deficit: $477,000

Columbia County, FL (Posted July 19, 2011  07:00 am)

Lake City Report - July 15, 2011
Street repair and Customer Service's Duncan

The Collision Over Traffic Cameras:  Time for some straight talk about traffic safety from Lake City, City Manager Wendell Johnson

Lake City Report - July 8, 2011
Pipeline Safety and Broadband on tap

City Manager's plan gives half of city employees 3%.
Johnson calls it a subsidy in 3-2 squeaker – or was it?

Lake City Manager Puts 3% on the table
Constitutional Officers and County Manager weigh in

Main Streets Bring Out the Best of the USA
Is Lake City Florida Up To The Task?

AMERICA - All over America downtowns are in revival. Recently, Lake City, the capital city of what is considered by many the most corrupt County in Florida, has stepped up to the plate, hired some really smart folks to come up with a plan, and has some folks dreaming that there could be a bright future for Lake City. Time will tell if City Manager Wendell Johnson and the City Council are up to the task of putting downtown Lake City on the map, or if once again Columbia County's infamous Good Ol' Boys will prevail.  (Photo: Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau)

Lake City Report - July 1, 2011
Energy conservation pays dividends

Lake City Report - June 24, 2011
City gearing up for budget discussions

Lake City Manager proposing 3% raise for City Council members and others in FRS

Lake City Report - June 17, 2011
Traffic light cameras & employee computers

Lake City Report - June 10, 2011
Historical Society and the Blanche on tap

Lake City Report - June 3, 2011
FCCMA and Tax Value Projections on top

NFBA logoLake City Report - May 27, 2011
CM Johnson's NFBA update

Lake City Report - May 20, 2011
Money and Health - It's that time of year

Lake City votes 4-1 to pay Columbia County Commissioner on defaulted contract 

Lake City Report - May 13, 2011
Lake Desoto Farmer's Market is here

Lake City Report - May 6, 2011
The Lake City Project Report on tap

Lake City Report - April 30, 2011
Lake Desoto Farmer's Market coming next week

Lake City – Doing what municipalities are supposed to do

Lake City Report - April 15, 2011
Final CRA expansion hearing Monday

Lake City Report - April 8, 2011
The Lake City Project Report on tap

Columbia County Combined Communications At Critical Mass

Lake City Report - April 1, 2011
2010 Independent City Audit - Done

Two more people shot in Lake City

Lake City Report - March 25, 2011
Tax Credits and Community Redevelopment

City moving ahead with redevelopment
County playing catch-up

Lake City Report - Mar 18, 2011
Working hard on the farmer's market

Lake City Report - March 4, 2011
Hospital access and the museum on tap

Lake City Report - Feb 25, 2011
Downtown on top for the City Manager

Lake City EMS Countdown - City weighingCouncilman George Ward next move

Shots fired at Red Lobster - Robbery Investigation

Lake City Report - Feb 11, 2011
Streets - streets - everywhere

Increasing her skills, Jill Milton receives Certificate of Achievement from Villanova

Lake City Community Redevelopment
Ramping Up To Clean Up

RV parking at Lake City's Walmart
An issue soon to be gone with the wind

Lake City Chamber meeting Monday
RV - Walmart parking on tap

Lake City Report - Jan 28, 2011
City hits $171,479 energy savings home run

Lake City gets national RV
black eye, boycott possible

Lake City Report - Jan 21, 2011
City water studying going hi tech

Lake City deep sixes firefighter's contract
City Manager tells the union, "Nothing will change."

Lake City Report - Jan 14, 2011
CRA expanding & employee awards

Lake City Report - Jan 07, 2011
City employee computer program improving skills / Major Project Report update

LCPD: Woman threatened with gun

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