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Lake City, City Manager Wendell Johnson Recommending Employee Xmas Bonus Tonight

LAKE CITY, FL –  City Manager Wendell Johnson, for the fourth year in a row, is suggesting to the City Council a Xmas bonus for the City’s full and part time employees. This year City Manager Johnson is estimating the cost to be $24,000.

City Manager Johnson doesn’t call it a Xmas Bonus. He calls it a “one time annual token of appreciation.”

City Manager Johnson began asking the City Council to fund this Xmas Bonus in 2009. The City Agenda Packets were not made available at that time and it is not clear how much this cost the City or from where the money came.

In 2010, CM Johnson explained his request this way. “A nominal level of monetary appreciation customarily provided to employees on an annual basis during December... The City offered this benefit for the first time during 2009.”

The financial impact to the City in 2010 was estimated to be $24,000 and according to the City Manager, the money was taken from the Contingency Fund.

In 2011, the budget impact was estimated to be $21,000 and according to the City Manager the source of funds was now a funded item in each department’s personnel budget.

This year the financial impact is again “approximately $24,000.” The source of funds is claimed to come from the annual budget and continues to be a funded item in each department’s personnel budget.

Throughout the four years of the bonus the amounts have been $50 for part time employees and those with less than a year of employment and $100 for other full time employees.

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