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County Blows Off Residents Who Wish To Speak: Commissioners Nash and DePratter speak out

North Florida Broadband Authority: Columbia County Pulls Out of Obama Funded Stimulus Project

DuPree's $28,000,000 Events Center:  Boondoggle in the boondocks put off for another day

North Florida Broadband Authority: The NFBA road show traveled to an unprepared Columbia County with misinformation, half truths, and just plain lies

Columbia County's $28,000,000 Events Center: Com DuPree's parting shot at County taxpayers

County Passes $96 mil Budget: 500+ south end families paying millions in inflated fire insurance rates ignored again

Columbia County Florida: Big gov't economics are at home at the county commission

Columbia County Florida, A Rural Area Of Critical Economic Concern: Flooded All Over

Columbia County Sheriff Patrol Deputies:
Paid less for doing more

Columbia County vs the International Assoc. of Fire Fighters: Union issues again

School Board Looking For County Residents To Take Over Cost Of Running District Pool

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter: He sat by while Deputy violated citizen's rights

Columbia County Residents and Others Get Reprieve From More Speech Regulation

Ellisville Boondoggle Continues:  Columbia County set to offer $5,000 for $159 plot of land

Columbia County's Consent Agenda: A way to give raises to the favored with a never ending contract 

Dist V Com Scarlet Frisina Breaks Tie: Votes to put residents on hook for $300,000 loan to Suwannee Valley Transit Authority. Collateral – what's that?

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter: In the shadows with shady numbers

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter Standing Up For His Deputies? The 3 yr tale of the tape

Columbia County IT Director Resigns
County beginning search for new IT guru

North Central Florida Water Working Group Gathering Steam:  St. John's Dir says – Spend the money on solutions, not wars

Suwannee River Water Management District blown off Water Working Group agenda again: Was it an oversight or will they listen?

County Commission to have own meeting room
Com DuPree balks at infrastructure neglect

Columbia County – Will it build a Miracle Field where all the children can play?

County Commission News:  Changing of the Guard - Big Red Rules - That's Politics

Columbia County's Westside Community Center:  Previously funded, now in limbo - maybe not a bad idea

Water Wars - Columbia County FL: County Chairman removes Water Management District Directors from agenda

Water Wars - Columbia County FL: Tri County Water Powwow brings out a crowd and sheds light on the issues

Columbia County Florida Redistricting: The public need not apply

Columbia County Florida: Evil spirits are at it again, this time in the CM's annual report

County Charter Under Attack -  County Manager looks to strip internet access of meeting material

Columbia County Passes $91,198,049 Budget  without a word of discussion

Columbia County's 1st Budget Hearing
"I'd like to thank everybody for comin."

Columbia County passes unfair fire assessments
Small property owners burned again

Columbia County vs. Florida Crown Workforce Board: Here we go again?

Columbia County's Westside Library Branch
Com DuPree Asks: Keep it open or shut it down?

Columbia County votes to buy French
Throws FL based company under the bus

Commissioner DuPree Budget
Work Shops Over - For Now

County Commission Slams Taxpayers:
Residents on hook for roads in subdivisions with no homes

Here they go again: The Columbia County
Good ol' Boy $1,519,600 mitigation do over

Columbia County Florida: The $1,519,600
mitigation amnesia challenge

Columbia County privatizes EMS -- Com DePratter: It's "Economic Development."

Columbia County Commissioner accuses citizen of "Plunderin around" his personal equipment.

Columbia County - EMS Union Face Off
County refusing to back off pay cut

Pop Warner Football scores a $10,000
touchdown as County funds tighten

Columbia County EMS -- What is it about no cost that the County does not get?

Columbia County Commission Nixes
Buy Local Reinvest Day Proclamation

New York weighs in on Commissioner
DuPree's pool

Columbia County Commissioner's pool remains a death trap - State turns deaf ear

County Commissioner DuPree's Pool: A back yard death trap

Columbia County leaves residents in the dark:  Appearance at Suwannee River Water Management kept secret

Columbia County EMS - The county ranking committee meets - Union disqualified

Privatizing EMS - Not the right thing to do
The Union Speaks

Columbia County EMS - Public or Private
An expert speaks

Florida Gov looking to keep jobs in Florida
Columbia County looking to send them away

Columbia County operating outside the law
Here they go again

Columbia County's hit man takes aim at EMS
County looks to bust the union and bust out Lake City

County fathers leave most in dark about $750,000 CDBG residential rehab grant

County Commission grants ambulance monopoly. Eliminates competition again

Economic Development the Columbia County Way, in their very own words.

County & IDA Drop the Ball - Again
IDA meeting cancelled last minute - public not advised

County Jettisons Lake City Committees
Com DuPree decrees "No County participation"

Ladies night at the County Commission

Columbia County IDA
Continues sub par under County management

Sheriff puts car power before manpower
Gets a $171,580 good old boy give back

Columbia County's invitation only library dedication a success

Fort White Public Library
Private dedication today at 10

County Manager Dale WilliamsCounty Manager Dale Williams issues mystery health insurance memo

County Utility Committee - Here they go again, but with a nice change

Homeless County Commission Calls The Cops

Columbia County Economic Development - Making it up as they go along

County holds final budget hearing
Welcome to Death Valley

The Great Columbia County Fire Rate Rip Off Continues

County Manager to present Annual Report Ellisville Boondoggle – $120,000 subsidy 

Ronald WilliamsEllisville Utility Boondoggle brings out worst in Columbia County Commission

County Manager Dale WilliamsEllisville Utility Hearing
More County slight of hand

CAFU member Patrick LeeEllisville - No time for a costly utility project
Lake City out of compliance?

Commissioner Ronald WilliamsCom Ronald Williams running again
First out of the gate for 2013

Commissioner Jody DuPreeJuly 1st Columbia County agenda update
Westside Community Center on the docket

Lake City Planning for Future
Downtown - County MIA

$277,000 and Counting - The Hon P. DeWitt Cason, the man that signs the checks speaks out

Citizens Against Forced Utilities celebrates - Stands tough against County Commission

Citizens Against Forced Utilities tell Columbia County CAFU turning in petitions"Don't tread on me."

County Manager Dale WilliamsEnhanced Public Notice
Dale Williams - "It is good government"

The man in charge is Com Jody DuPree.

Columbia County Still Floundering Around
Ellisville Utility Boondoggle Continues 

County Manager Dale WilliamsFrom County Manager Dale Williams
A request that "touches the heart"

County Commission treats its own like dogs
Commissioner Scarlet FrisinaEllisville Utility Boondoggle Continues

Finally - Columbia County has dueling rate studies. Planning - what's that?

Columbia County, FL (posted March 25, 2010 4:45 pm)

Mandatory hookup on cRonald Williams (left) Jody DuPree (right)ounty docket tonight Ellisville Utility Boondoggle Continues

Board Chairman Ronald WilliamsEMS Request for Proposals
Columbia County doesn't get it - again

Board Chairman Ronald WilliamsFlorida Crown - Columbia County
Time for a little mercy from the big wheels in Tallahassee

Board Chairman Ronald WilliamsColumbia County Florida - Celebrating Black History Month by driving the children to drugs

County IT Director Todd Manning
Mr. Manning spends much of his time at meetings playing solitaire and ...

Technologically challenged county weighs IT request for public funds for home use.

County utility boondoggle moving into high gear • DuPree bans city participation

County Commission digs in, puts children at risk - approves unsafe library

Columbia County Commissioners MIA
for their first scheduled Board Meeting

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