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July 1st Columbia County agenda update

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Westside Community Center

In the works for months, as of 04:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon, the county manager's self performance report is still not ready.

Commissioner Jody DuPreeThis project, which has recently been instigated by rogue commissioner and Jack Berry protégé, Jody DuPree, is an example of good old boy cronyism gone mad. Of course, the laws regarding many aspects of this Com DuPree project have apparently been violated both in fact and spirit -- nothing new at the Columbia County Commission. (photo: Com DuPree)

Eminent Domain

This item has the barest and usual vague explanation on the agenda. The back up material is for the most part, useless and of course -- the cost of this whole thing is nowhere to be found.

The Columbia County Utility Committee

The Ellisville Utility Boondoggle continues under incompetent leadership, which has cost and continues to cost the working families and taxpayers of Columbia County and the nation untold hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The County Utility Committee is recommending that Brian Armstrong, the County outside utility counsel, to be the Hearing Officer for a rate hearing concerning the utility rates at Eastside Village. It is not clear how Mr. Armstrong, who gets paid by the county, can be impartial.

Human Resources

The County is recommending changing the part time position at the Tourist Development Council to a full time position. It appears that the Director of the TDC, Harvey Campbell, is going on sick leave for three or four months and apparently feels that the person presently filling the part time spot is qualified to fill in for him in his absence. Mr. Campbell is making approx. $60,000 a year plus benefits.

It is not clear at this time why the position has not be advertised.

correction: "West" corrected to read  "Eastside" Village.

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