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SRWMD Makes A Surprise Visit to the Columbia County 5 About FEMA Flood Maps – It Would Have Been Nice If the Public Knew

County 5 Extends Idalia Debris Pickup Deadline to October 1. Still Have Trees, Limbs, Branches – You Can Deposit Them In the County Right-a-Way

Forward Thinking By the County 5 Gives Lake City the Opportunity for Federal Help With Hurricane Idalia Cleanup

Columbia County to Receive Federal Help With Hurricane Idalia Cleanup. FEMA to Pay 75% For Trees & Tree Parts Left Along the County Right-of-Way

County Chairman Rocky Ford Resigns From Joint Fort White – Columbia County Utility Committee

Fort White Gwynn Farms Subdivision: Citizens Gather

Florida Gateway College Announces Free Childcare For College Students & Employees

Fort White Gwynn Farms Major Subdivision: Twists, Turns, & More Questions Than Answers for the Town Council – Pt. II

Fort White Town Council: South Columbia County Growth On Tap Tonight

North Central FL Counties Meet To Discuss Forming a Regional Utility Consortium. Greg Bailey, Pres. of NFPS Thinks – The Time Is Right

CCSO: Deputies Refuse To Seek Entry Into Garbage & Fly Infested Residence In Which At Least One Infant Is Believed To Reside

Columbia County Economic Development:
Staz Guntek, County Legislative Expert  Reports

HCA's Lake City Hospital Celebrates $36 mil Expanded Emergency Room – Part of Planned $141 mil Expansion

Columbia County Recreation: Waste-Fraud-Abuse Par For the County 5 – County Recreation Planning – Still No Plan After 15 Years?

Richardson Community Center:  After Months of Ill Feelings, City & County Sit Down to Hash Out the Future of the Iconic Community Center

Richardson Community Center: Columbia County Moving Back the Hands of Time on Race Relations

Paula Vann: TDC Director Moving Up Into the Corporate World & Out of Columbia County Government

Lake City Building Officialdom: Columbia Cnty Remains City Building Inspector - For Now

City Manager Paul Dyal Cancels City/County Interlocal – Does Damage Control. Did Anyone Believe Him?

Chris Doolan, Lobbyist & Florida Legend: Speaks Against Term Limit Bills Filed in Tallahassee

Chief Engineer Leroy MarshallSRWMD & FEMA Will Be On Hand To Discuss Flood Map Updates: A $14 Million Project & Counting

Columbia County Is Searching For an Economic Development Director

Dr. Martin Luther King Observance, Lake City

Columbia County 5: “Of the People, By the People, For the People,” Out the Window, Along with Rules & Fairness