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Forward Thinking By the County 5 Gives Lake City the Opportunity for Federal Help With Hurricane Idalia Cleanup

LAKE CITY, FL – Forward thinking by the County 5 enabled it to arrange for FEMA help in the post-hurricane Idalia cleanup. Follow-up action by Columbia County management will allow for Lake City to be included in the FEMA reimbursement plan. However, there is a caveat.

As reported last week, Columbia County contracted with Ceres Environmental, one of the world's largest disaster recovery groups, to facilitate the organic debris pickup in Columbia County.

The County 5 put personalities aside and agreed to inquire about adding Lake City to the County’s agreement for FEMA help and reimbursement.

At last Thursday evening's County 5 meeting, County Manager David Kraus announced that the County had contacted the County’s consultants to add Lake City to the County’s debris pickup program.

Synergy Disaster Recovery responded to the County on September 5 with pro forma interlocal agreements, which, when approved, will allow Lake City to avail itself to work with the County and avail itself of federal help.

The County forwarded the agreements to the City’s attorney during Thursday’s County 5 September 7 meeting.

At 2:45 pm today, September 11, the City still does not have a copy of the proposed interlocal.

Lake City is scheduled to meet at 6 pm tonight. On its agenda is the interlocal approval.

The caveat: The City Council must approve the interlocal, which is scheduled for County approval at tomorrow’s 9 am emergency County 5 meeting.

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