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Bill CotterellFlorida Commission on Ethics: Chaining the Toothless Watchdog

Bill CotterellIf You Are Govenor DeSantis, How Do You Pick a Supreme Ct. Judge? Ans: By Blocking Out the Sun

Eileen MorilleauLake City Council Should Be Respected – More Importantly – So Should the Citizens

Larry LevittAnother Trump Presidency: What Would It Mean For Health Care?

brain thinkingFlorida Voters Should Have the Right to Vote On Abortion

There Are Voices To Be Heard Before the Vacated LSHA Hospital Is Gifted To Meridian Behavorial Health Care

luke newmanFlorida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Says “No” to Circuit Court Consolidation

luke newmanFACDL: "Governor Exceeded His Authority," Removes Another Elected State Atty

Morris PearlPatriotic Millionaires: Supports The IRS Making It Easy For You To File Your Taxes – For Free. Tax Prep Giants Are Lobbying Against This

Debbie DelandFlorida NOW:  In spite of the Majority of the U.S. Supremes, Racial Equity & Diversity In Higher Education Is A National Imperative

luke newmanFL Assoc of Criminal Defense Lawyers: Governor’s Veto Of Record Expungement Legislation – Wrong

Debbie DelandFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis & His Legislative Supermajority Bring A New Jim Crow To Florida

Sadif KnightGov Signs HB 1: The Potential Impact of Universal Vouchers is a “Looming Risk to Florida”

sarah ovaskaThe Free Press and Public Discourse in Florida Must Be Protected

Bobby BlockGov. DeSantis Inspired Re-Write of Established 1st Amdt. Law: Bad for Florida – Bad for America

AJ-Hernandez-AndersonSPLC Action Fund Calls Governor DeSantis' Latest Immigration Proposals Misguided

Carol WeissertFlorida Legislature’s Proposed Amendment 2 Should be Rejected

Parkland Jury: No Elected Official or Candidate Should Ever Castigate a Jury for Its Decision

LSHA: Retired Gen. Says, “Build a Medical College, Keep Taxes Low & Working in a Powerful Way”

Tom WellsTom Wells: Democratic Candidate for Congress in Florida's 3rd Congressional District, “I am heeding the warning of Benjamin Franklin”

Governor DeSantis Exceeds His Authority: Suspending Elected 13th Judicial Circuit SA Is Political Meddling

Manuel AsensioManuel Asensio: “Congress is a dirty rotten mess? Where is the debate in FL’s 3rd CD?”

Lecia BrooksMary McLeod Bethune – A Life of Dignity & Public Service Honored in National Statuary Hall

Maragret HuangOverturning Roe v. Wade Will Roll Back the Human Rights of Many in the Deep South

Ramsey DarwishFlorida No. 2 In Drug Overdose Deaths
Can It Do Something Different?

Debbie DelandFlorida NOW Vows to Continue to Fight for a Woman’s Right to Choose

Jack GenbergFL Gov. & Legislature Openly Discriminate Against Communities of Color Through New Voting Map

Jude FaccidomoThe United State’s Supremes: Practicing Criminal Defense An Asset for Supreme Court Nominee

sadif-knnkghtFloridians Must Have a Say In State Allocation of Federal ARPA Billions

sadif-knnkghtFlorida Lawmakers Must Act Fast to Leverage Federal Dollars Toward Skyrocketing Demand for Behavioral Health Services

Photo: Diane Roberts, FloridaAmerican Freedom: Who Does President Joe Biden Think He Is Forcing Life Saving Vaccines & Libtard Facemasks On People?

sadif-knnkghtSupreme Court Decision on ACA: Big Win for Floridians

Quint StuderHow to Communicate When an Employee Leaves
Essential: a Standard Operating Procedure

PBS Newshour logoChauvin-Floyd: "A Defining Moment for Policing" – "What We Need Is Transformation"

Jane Orient, M.D.Equity: What Does Anti-Racism Mean for Your Medical Care?

Daniel SweatAsst. Lake City Manager Daniel Sweat Resigns. His Resignation Letter Will Live as His Legacy About His Views of Lake City and His Co-Workers

sadif-knnkghtFL's Plan for Fed COVID Aid Should Boost Those Hit Hardest by Recession, Advance Equitable Policies, Set the Stage for Long-Term Recovery

Photo: Diane Roberts, FloridaSen. Baxley’s Big Idea: Taking scholarship money away from college kids who want to major in useless subjects like art, history, philosophy

sun-sentinel logoThe Real Threat to Free Speech? Florida's Courts

Nadine StrossenDoes the First Amendment Apply to Social Media Companies?

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