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Supreme Court Decision on ACA: Big Win for Floridians

picture of the U.S. Supreme Ct. with ACA symbol and copy which reads: Supreme Court Decision on ACA, big win for Floridians
ACA medical symbol: Gordon Johnson | Composite graphic by the Observer

The opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court will preserve coverage for 23 million Americans by ending the lawsuit brought by Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody and 17 other attorneys general to gut the Affordable Care Act, or ACA.

This decision is very good news for the millions of Floridians with pre-existing conditions, like asthma, heart disease, and high blood pressure, and the 2 million Floridians who have health care coverage through the federal marketplace.

It’s time to end attacks on the ACA. The landmark federal law, enacted in 2010, has helped remove barriers to coverage and care for people with disabilities, people of color, and those with low income.

Now, with the lawsuit in the rearview mirror, it’s time for Congress to focus on strengthening the ACA by closing the health care coverage gap for 2.2 million uninsured adults across the country and enacting permanent ACA marketplace reforms to make insurance coverage more affordable. 

Sadaf Knight  has over 11 years of experience in public policy research, advocacy and nonprofit management. She is CEO of Florida Policy Institute

Florida Policy Institute is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing state policies and budgets that improve the economic mobility and quality of life for all Floridians.

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