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Lake Shore Hospital Authority

LSHA: 4 Years, $3 Mil Later, Down to 16 Clients, the Gov’s Illegal Board Is Handing Off the Latest Batch of Prospects to Manager Dale Williams

LSHA: On the Docket – Meridian Behavioral Health. Will Political Expediency Stand In the Way of Common Sense & Quality Behavioral Care?

LSHA: Meridian Deal for Vacated Hospital Lingering. CEO Don Savoie MIA.

Meridian Behavioral Health Took Center Stage at the LSHA: Former Employee, Counselor, and Clients Gave Meridian the Thumbs Down

LSHA: Meridian Behavioral Services On the Docket Tonight. Looking Past the Meridian Glitz & Outsized Salaries, Is It Providing Quality Services & Care?

Meridian Behavorial Healh Care: Voices to be heardThere Are Voices To Be Heard Before the Vacated LSHA Hospital Is Gifted To Meridian

LSHA: After 3 Years & 3 Mil Dollars, Illegally Constituted Authority Board Agrees to Deed Hospital to Meridian

Lake Shore Hospital Authority: Bleeding $50,000 Plus a Month of Public Money – The Bleed Goes On

LSHA: Gov's Board Working On How To Give Free Rent & a Ton of Medical Equipment To a For-Profit Corporation

LSHA: After Two-and-a-Half Years, Board May Stop Bleeding the Public's Money – Agrees To Hammer Out Agreement With Meridian

Meridian & the LSHA: Meridian – Will It Answer Questions & Listen to the Public About Its Planned Renovation of the Vacated Auth Hosp?

Lake Shore Hospital Authority: After the Innuendo, Misinformation & Foot-Dragging About Meridian, the Observer Did an On-Site Tour

LSHA: Governor’s Board Breezes Through Monthly Meeting in 18 Minutes. Foot Dragging Cost County Taxpayers Millions & Rising

LSHA: 13-Year Veteran Governor's Board Member Loretta Chancy Explains Her Hope Bridges Vote – Peacock Is Back In the Game

Part II: With barely an exception, a board member not voting is against the law in Florida. That includes the LSHA.

LSHA: Gov's Bd Squandering Public Funds. Pt-Time Auth Mngr Sees Nothing Wrong With Going Into Business With Defunct Business – Chaos

Part I: In the civilized world of government, silence is acquiescence.

LSHA: Illegally Constituted Gov’s Authority Board Refuses to Vet Main Contender for Vacated Hospital – Or Did It?

Hope Bridges’ Willie Peacock, using another LLC, Well Care, recently agreed to settle a lawsuit for $33 million.

LSHA Pt-III: Governor's Board Ignores Meridian Proposal, Considers Bulldozing Lake Shore Hosp

Dale Williams: N Florida legend and Executive Director of the Lake Shore Hospital AuthorityLSHA Pt-II, Gov’s Board Sitting on $21 Million: Undated Docs – No Background Checks

Brandon Beil: LSHA Board ChairmanLSHA: Pt-I. Board Chairman Brandon Beil Ignores FL Legislation Along With Everybody Else

LSHA-Meridian, Part III: Community Activist and Former Drug Dealer Opposes the Meridian Plan

LSHA: Gov's. Bd. Hears Third Hospital Proposal. Meridian Will Provide Everything from Inpatient Care to Counseling – Drug Rehab to Primary Care

Young woman with head in hands with caption: There is a world wide mental health crisis. Some Lake City merchants are saying: Not in my backyard.Lake Shore Hospital Authority: Tonight, Governor’s Board To Hear Hospital Proposal from Meridian Behavioral Health Care:  Part I

Willie Peacock presents to the Lake Shore Hospital Authority in March 2022Lake Shore Hospital Authority:  Willie Peacock – Who will he be tonight? What will he promise?

LSHA: Florida Gateway College Has a Plan for a Downtown Health Care Campus

LSHA: With an Illegally Constituted Board, Part-Time Exec Dir Dale Williams Wants to Begin Searching for a Hospital Tennant All Over AgainLSHA: With an Illegally Constituted Board, Part-Time Exec Dir Dale Williams Wants to Begin Searching for a Hospital Tennant All Over Again

Lake Shore Hospital Authority: Dragging Its Feet on Medical Care, Putting a Hold on the Rush to Reclaim Downtown Property From the City

Lake Shore Hospital Board membersLSHA Tonight:  Jacksonville’s ACE Medical to Make a Presentation to Your Neighbors, the Governor’s Hospital Authority Board

Lake Shore Hospital Authority:  Foot Dragging By Governor's Board Costing County Taxpayers $80k Plus a Month

Lake Shore Hospital Authority Has Been Striking Out For Years. Sitting on a $23 Mil Cash Stash, Now It Has a Chance to Get It Right

LSHA: Gov's Board Approves $7.5 mil Investment No One Asks About the Rate, Ignores FL Statutes

LSHA: With  Shands at Lake Shore Going Down for the Count, Not One Word On Tonight's Agenda About Its Eminent Demise or the Future

Lake Shore Hospital Authority Chairman Brandon Beil: "I will recommend no tax for next year."

LSHA: Sitting on a Sea of Over $16,000,000 & a Lease That Nobody Wants - What's Next?

Photo of slience (woman with finger over lips); copy: Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board-Silence is its game.Shands Lake Shore 'On the Rocks' – Gov's Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board – 'Silence'

Dr. Mark Thompson, Lake City, FloridaLake City Downtown Revival to Continue: LSHA Declares 12 Parcels Surplus - Donate to City

City Manager Joe Helfenberger hold a  poster board.A New Downtown Lake City City Hall: 3 LSHA Gov Appointees Will be the Deciders on LC's Future

Richard Powell read the LSHA budgetLSHA: Sitting on a Cash Stash of Millions, Gov's Bd Unfamiliar With Expenditures Lowers Tax Rate

LSHA RFP: After Mystifying Explanations, Gov's Confused Board Says – "Columbia Bank – Sue Us"

Another Lake Shore Hosp Auth Mess: LSHA Making Second Attempt to Deal With Bungled RFP

Columbia Bank vs. Lake Shore Hosp Auth, Bid Protest About More Than Money

LSHA: Something Different – Locally Sourced Mexican Food May Be Making an Appearance

Auditor-Acct-Financial Advisor Abandons Ship  Then Gov's Board Rolls Back Proposed Increase

5:15 pm Tonight: Lake Shore Hosp Auth Unelected Republican Board on tap to Raise Taxes 61%

It's Tax Time & the Lake Shore Hosp Auth Wants Your Money & is Looking for Ways to Spend It

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Righting a Listing Ship, Part II: Koberlein Confused, Beil Wants Transparency

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Righting a Listing Ship,  Part I: New Director Taking on Neglected Repairs

Cake Walk For Former County Mgr Dale Williams: Gov's Board Top Pick for PT LSHA Manager

Curtain Comes Down on Berry Era: Gov Scott's LSHA Bd Will Select a New Auth Mgr

Governor Scott's LSHA Board Votes to Subsidize CHS, America's Largest Hospital Corporation

LSHA Meeting After 3 Month Hiatus: Is a full time Exec Dir/Manager Necessary or Desirable?

LSHA Board Remains "Free, White and Over 21" as Gov Scott Appoints 2 to Vacated Seats

Berry's LSHA Vanity Signs Now Front & Center $45k plus for signs - $738,000 plus for property 

Lake Shore Hosp Auth:  Manager Jack Berry & 2 Gal Staff Make Last Minute Score in Budget Season

Columbia Cnty Residents Funding Astronomical Admin Fee @ $3,561 Per LSHA Client + Med Costs

LSHA's Tossing of Cnty Econ Dev to Cost Cnty Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands in Lost Revenue

Gov's LSHA, Ruled by Ex Repo Man Jack Berry, Slams Col Cnty w/ 76% Econ Dev Hdq Rent Hike

Gov's LSHA Bd Looks the Other Way as Berry Violates the Sunshine Law, Again

Jack Berry Hwy Moves to Lake City, City Has No Plan or Funding Plan, Bogus Info Sent to FDOT

FDOT Explains the Ins & Outs of the Design, Const, Funding of the 'Jack Berry Hwy' & DOT Study

Confusion Reigns as Gov's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Bd Puts Kibosh on 'Jack Berry Hwy'

Jack Berry Hwy Crash Lands. Confusion, All Routes Rejected. The Next Step May Be the FL DOT's

Transparency Takes a Back Seat in Jack Berry Orchestrated Cnty-City-Hosp Auth Road Project

Visit by Hosp Auth Chief to Home Owner - Covered Up by County

The Jack Berry Highway: Will the Columbia Cnty 5 Allow This Tax Watch Turkey to Take Flight

Confusion, Whispering, Limited Sunshine at Gov Scott's Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board

Confusion, Whispering, Conflict of Interest: Gov Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth in Action

Cnty 5 Temporarily Nixes 'Jack Berry Hwy,' Nash Caves to Nephew, Legislative Turkey Lives

LSHA Mystery Workshop Cancelled

Gov's LSHA Bd:  8 min Meeting, Nothing on Agenda, No Questions 'Sort-of,' Berry Turns His Back

Lake Shore Hosp Auth:  Jack Berry's Minimalist Agenda Shows Nothing Going On

LSHA Final Budget Hearing Concludes in Chaos Board Double-Dribbles, Budget Not Approved

LSHA Final Budget Hearing a Train Wreck
No Questions Allowed

LSHA Final Budget Hearing Tonight Berry Digs In, Delays Public Records - Again

Another Year Where the LSHA Can't Get It Right

Helter-Skelter at the LSHA, Berry Rudeness Un-Checked, Koberlein Legal Logic Questionable

LSHA Budget Hearing Tonight, Meridian Looking for $60,000 on top of County's $225k Annual Gift

Refusing to Speak About the Missing Monument  for 5 Weeks, Berry Blows: "Maybe they'll shut up"

Lake DeSoto Deforestation Complete, "Chainsaw" Jack & Gov Scott's Hosp Auth Bd Silent

LSHA's "Chainsaw Jack" Claimed Vindication Before Clear Cutting Began

City Manager Johnson Brings Clarity to Lake DeSoto Trees and "Jack Berry Hwy"

Lake Shore Hosp Auth / Lake DeSoto Hawks
Berry Wants People "to Have the Truth"

Procurement Mayhem at Gov Scott's LSHA May Give Lake DeSoto Hawk Habitat a Reprieve

FWC Rules: "Chain Saw" Jack Berry & Gov Scott's Board Must Save Tree with Hawks Nest, For Now

LSHA: Helping the Indigent with Pens, Pencils, Pedometers & Unhealthy Food

"Chain Saw Jack" Berry & Gov's LSHA Board Vote to Cut Down Lake DeSoto Trees

LSHA Defib Photo Op "Great for Exposure" – Not Great for Safety – Recipients Leave Empty Handed

Hosp Auth Board Ignores Charter – Ron Foreman:
Giving Away Defibrillators "Great for exposure"

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Board Ignores Charter
Berry: "Radiates that he can give out money"

Public Record Issues & Rudeness Continue to Plague the Lake Shore Hospital Authority in 2015

Badgegate: Facts & Figures Don't Add Up at the Lake Shore Hospital Authority

LSHA - $5,000 for a badge ID program, $1,500 for the camera • Procurement: What's That?

After a Throw of the Dice, 4 Judges in 2 Courts Agreed, the LSHA Broke the Public Records Law

Atny Bobby Case about importance of the decision: Pt II

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Threw the Dice, 1st DCA  Upheld Public Records Law & Public's Rights

The inside story of the LSHA decision to appeal: Part I

Lake Shore Hosp. Auth.: Public in the Dark – $300,000 Later, Public Records Still an Issue

Tonight, Gov. Scott's & Jack Berry's Lake Shore Hosp. Auth.: What's going on is anybody's guess

Gov. Scott's Hand-Picked Lake Shore Hospital Authority: Trouble Following the Law, Again

LSHA's Berry & His Two Employees Score 3% Raises. Governor's Board Oblivious to CPI

LSHA Berry Raise on the Hosp Auth Docket Tonight Will the Gov's. Board Jack Him Up?

Gov. Scott's LSHA Board Out of Compliance on Eve of Final Budget Hearing: Refuses to post budget

Gov. Scott's LSHA Board Has 8 Minute Meeting: Refuses to post meeting agenda – Why?

Floating on a Sea of Cash, LSHA's Berry Digs In: Refuses to Post Budget for Tonight's Hearing

Berry Announces $1,000 County Bonuses at Lake Shore Hosp Authority's Faux Budget Wk. Shop

Gov. Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Has Public Dancing in the Dark, Again

Berry Pulls Agendas off LSHA Website; Authority Chair Blows off 1st DCA Unanimous Opinion

LSHA's Berry Must Comply With Public Records Law: 1st DCA Upholds Lower Court Decision

Hosp Auth Board Member Vann's Resignation Kept Secret – Revealed After 11 Minute Meeting

      Also: Eye On...

Gov. Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Board & Manager Berry: In Violation of the Law, Again

Shands/Lake Shore Hosp Auth Ladies Night Out: Paid With Columbia County Taxpayer Dollars

The Great Lake Shore Hosp Auth Land Give-a-way. Financed by Columbia Cnty Tax Payers, City Scores

Lake City Reporter: A Newspaper You Can't Trust
Handmaidens to Columbia County's Good Ole' Boys

LSHA's Berry and LC's Johnson Ignoring the Needs of the Handicapped on the Authority Campus

Associated Press Features Trouble With Public Records at the Lake Shore Hospital Authority

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Berry Recommends Keeping Threat of Cyberstalking Civil Action Alive

Gov Scott's LSHA Board Votes to Prosecute Citizen for Cyberstalking Without Seeing Evidence

LSHA Board - LCPD Agree: Quoting Official Minutes & Agendas is Cyber Stalking in Columbia County

LSHA Public Record Issues Again. Public Paying to Buy Auth Manager Berry Clothes

LSHA Berry to Gov. Scott's Board: Pull Down the Shade on Florida's Sunshine

LSHA Berry Digs In: Refuses to Answer Questions, Makes Record Inspection a Trial

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Gov. Scott's Board Nixes Closing, Berry Shuts Down the Auth – Anyway

LSHA's Berry Says, "Guardian Angel" Posted Ad on Craigslist – Impersonated Hospital Authority

Gov. Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Bd: Web Design on the Docket Tonight – Another Rubber Stamp?

$4,950 so the indigent can view the website on their iPhones?

Gov. Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Board Chooses an Attorney:  No RFP, No RFQ, No Advertising

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Authority Manager Berry Keeps Authority Out of Compliance

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Berry Calls Cops - Again
LCPD: "They can kick out whoever they want."

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Jack Berry Takes Credit  Lake City Reporter Prints Lie

Hospital Auth Budget Presentation a Bust; Loyalty Deserves Money; Meeting Goes Deep South Ugly

Hosp Auth Gives $1,000 Cash Bonuses - Just Tip of the Iceberg:  Berry Hires Away 12 Yr. LC Chamber Employee To Replace Deposed Veteran

Lake Shore Hosp Authority
Salaries Over Time: the tale of the tape

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Chairman Tosses Resident: Tells Her, "Keep your mouth closed"

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Violation of the Law and Public Trust Requires Action By the State Attorney

County 5 Reschedule Board Meeting On Night of Lake Shore Hosp Auth Budget Hearing: Why?

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Manager & Gov. Scott's Board Clamp Down: Built In Fees Imposed To View Agenda Materials

DOH & WellFlorida Partner With Survey To Improve Health Outcomes In Columbia County

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Scott-Appointed Board Nixes Questions – Approves Nonexistent Agenda

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: $13 mil White Elephant For Sale? $4,000,000 Lost In Vacant Land Value

First Amendment Foundation Finds Berry's Withholding of His Credit Report, Wrong

Lake Shore Hosp Authority's Berry Terminates 18 Year Veteran Authority Employee, Sue Fraze

In 2014 Blacks Don't Vote On The Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board: There Are None

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Replays May 2013: Local OB/GYN Wants Prefab Office Downtown
Over a year later, Berry has no plan

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Transparency – What's That? Scott Appointed Bd Answerable to Nobody

Saggy Boobs, Droopy Eyes, Mommy Makeovers:
What the legislature had in mind for the Lake Shore Hospital Authority?

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Chieftain Shot Down Trying To Score Republicans a Free Room

Berry: "Don't shoot Paul Revere. I don't see anything wrong with it."

Lake Shore Hosp Authority:
Hospital sale public hearing a bust Taxpayers may be screwed

County tax payers could be paying for the next 26 years

Rep. Porter's Chief Aid & LSHA Bd Enact Secret Rules: Lake City Reporter Whitewashes Story

Department of Revenue Rules Hospital Authority in Violation of Law: Berry's signature on documents

Accountability a Major Issue – Public Records Access Restricted Despite Authority Workload Decline

Lakeshore Hosp Authority: To sell or not to sell HMA is in the driver's seat

Board members reinventing history

Lakeshore Hosp Authority's Governor Appointed Board backs off tax increase for another year

Pays HMA with tax money and reserves

Lakeshore Hosp Auth Governor Appointed Bd to Decide Whether to Clobber Columbia County, Again

55.9% tax hike on the table; last night before photo ban

Lakeshore Hosp Auth DUO of Berry & Adams foiled by FL Governor and Legislature

Public comments must be allowed, but Authority bans photos

Lakeshore Hosp Auth:  Hosp Chieftain Berry gets raise, tells Board, "I would rather not have a contract."

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Public Slammed - 55.9% Proposed Tax Increase, Employees get 5% Raise

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Bd Member Resigns
Berry & Khan Keep Public in Dark For Two Months

Generator shop debrisLake Shore Hosp Auth: $230,000 downtown eyesore may fall. Where are the doctors?

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Urban renewal and building doctor's offices on spec - its new job?

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: $4,000,000 spent in real-estate spending spree - still no plan

Jack Berry on cell phoneLake Shore Hosp Auth: More Abbott and Costello, Who's on First? Now it’s Jack Berry's cell phone.

Lake Shore Hosp Auth:  Jackson P. "Jack" Berry. A public official who can't take the heat.

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Jackson P. "Jack" Berry. Ethics Issues Again. Fails to File Financial Disclosures for 2010 & 2011

Jackckson P. "Jack" BerryLake Shore Hosp Auth: Land buying spree to haunt taxpayers. Berry, "Give em' the land."

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Board Member: "Jack's in the paper. I want to talk about it."

Jackson P Berry pointing his fingerLake Shore Hosp Auth – On the Docket Tonight: Jackson P. Berry asks for "Rules of Protection"

Lake Shore Hosp Auth final budget hearing:
$8 mil + approved without comments or surprises

Lake Shore Hosp Authority: Notice to Jackson P. Berry regarding pending litigation

Lake Shore Hosp Authority's Berry Attacks 1st Amendment & Observer. FL Southern Christian Leadership Conference: "We will stand by you."

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Insurance Woes: Could be a wakeup call instead of business as usual.

Berry reads budgetLake Shore Hosp Auth:  Auth Manager, Jackson P. "Jack" Berry, proposes effective 44% tax hike

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Manager Jackson P "Jack" Berry, "Uninsurable": Threatens to sue

Lake Shore Hospital Authority:
Secret procurement - No public comments allowed

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Jackson P "Jack" Berry, The Only Dinosaur Left In Columbia County

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Chief Busted: Cries to judge, complains of persecution, sees invisible cars?

Lakeshore Hospital Authority Water Woes:
Berry tells Hosp Auth, "Talkin' to the City is like talkin' to the wall."

Shared funding of Lake City road improvement project off the table. Will LSHA Berry's lobbying pay off?

Board members to decide on 50% tax hike
Lakeshore Hosp Auth budget workshop a sham

Lakeshore Hosp Auth Manager Obliterates Bid Process Two Columbia County Commissioners win bids  

Columbia County's Lakeshore Hospital Authority: Maintaining Secrecy 

The Lakeshore Hosp Authority & HMA
Following in the footsteps of Gov Scott?

Cancer Survivor Reeves: I knew it wasn't goin to do me any good - they're all good old boys (Part II)

Cancer Survivor tells Columbia County's Lakeshore Hosp Authority: I'll take it to the Governor (Tomorrow: Part II)

Columbia County's Lakeshore Hosp Auth:
Open and Transparent - Not them 

Columbia County's Lakeshore Hosp Auth strikes again
Hosp Chieftain makes 48% profit on health benefits

Busted - $100,000 a year Hosp Auth Chief
Berry too lazy to legally park – again

Lakeshore Hospital Authority - Former repo man Berry KO's qualified applicant

Lakeshore Hospital Authority's sweetheart deal gets sweeter.  Berry now to cost $100,000 a year

Lakeshore Hosp Authority gives Berry the nod 6 to 1, ignores unprofessionalism

Lake Shore Hosp Authority ignores Berry's contract
Is Berry's signature worth the paper it is written on?

Lake Shore Hosp Authority
On the Monday docket - here they go again

Lake Shore Hosp Authority floating on a sea of cash
Charles BriscoeFinal budget hearing today at 05:30 pm

Lake Shore Hospital Authority
Digs In - Competition Out

Lake Shore Hospital Authority
The Shands merger on the record


Former Chairman Jack BerryHospital Authority KO's working families
Republican Chief gets sweetheart deal

Former Chairman Jack BerryBerry gets a bye instead of boot
Education references not checked

Good ole boy and former Republican Chief gets Hospital Authority Nod

Former Chairman Jack BerryCall it a manager - call it a director. Call it another LSHA way to squander taxpayer dollars

LSHA cans self appreciation dinner - maybe?

LSHA & Shands at Lake Shore ignore ADA
Physically challenged are 2nd class

Old & New LSHA bosses refuse to comply with ADA wheel chair requirements.

LSHA Berry nixes ADA compliance

Jack Berry blows under pressure
Throws Observer out of illegal meeting

Racist Remark Proves Chairman Jack Berry Unfit For Public Office: "Free, White, and Over 21"

2008-0811_JBLake Shore Hospital Authority Clams Up Berry Defies Public Accountability

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