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Lake Shore Hospital Authority

Lake Shore Hosp Authority
On the Monday docket - here they go again

It should prove to be interesting at Monday night's Lake Shore Hospital Authority monthly meeting. Obama style financing and Columbia County's infamous Jack Berry top the Authority chart.

UF clinic funding - Obama Financing

stories are here.

Obama Financing: Mr. Berry and at least one Board member want to bring Obama financing to the Authority.

With over 60% of Columbia County's public school students on free and reduced lunch, the real measure of poverty in the County, it will be interesting to see how much public money Mr. Berry and the Authority plan to pump into these University of Florida clinics to support UF's private patients.

Authority Manager Position

The good old boy Hosp. Board is looking to pick your pockets again.

The agenda calls this new business, but it is not. It is old business, which was brought up at the tail end of the last meeting.

The Authority will examine whether the past Republican Chief, Board member and repo man Jack Berry, continues on the public dole in his unneeded job as Authority Manager.

This part time job pays Mr. Berry $50,000 plus for 24 hours a week.

The docket doesn't say it, but it appears the Board will discuss whether or not Mr. Berry goes full time - with more benefits - at some yet undetermined amount, in a job fully funded by the working families of Columbia County.

Falsified Credentials?

It is still unknown if Mr. Berry falsified his credentials on his resume.

The Hospital Authority Board has dug in and continues to either not obtain or keep secret Mr. Berry's DD214.

 Mr. Berry's claim of  military "Medical Administration" experience between 1960 and 1968 has gone unchecked or has been checked and may be being covered up by the Governor appointed board.

Lake City's print paper, The Lake City Reporter and mouthpiece of the County's good old boys, has been aware of the situation since the beginning.

The  publisher, Todd Wilson, is listed on Mr. Berry's resume as a reference.

When the hapless past Lake City Manager, Scott Reynolds, falsified his credentials, Mr. Wilson couldn't get enough of it, and ran story after story.

This time, the Lake City Reporter's Mr. Wilson doesn't want any of it.

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