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New Report: Chain 'Dollar' Stores Harmful To Communities

House Passage of Universal Voucher Bill Has Critics Speaking Out

Thinking About Burning a Cross In Your Yard To Send a Message… Mississippi Man Sentenced for Federal Hate Crime for Cross Burning

National Nurses United Condemns FL Bill HB 999 As Sweeping Attack On Higher Education


Chris Doolan, Lobbyist & Florida Legend: Speaks Against Term Limit Bills Filed in Tallahassee

Chief Engineer Leroy MarshallSRWMD & FEMA Will Be On Hand To Discuss Flood Map Updates: A $14 Million Project & Counting

Florida’s Rate of Uninsured Children Could Rise If Leaders Don’t Act to Protect Coverage

LSHA: After Two-and-a-Half Years, Board May Stop Bleeding the Public's Money – Agrees To Hammer Out Agreement With Meridian

Florida’s School Voucher Program: New Proposed Legislation (HB 1) Would Funnel Billions From Florida's Public Schools

Two Marion County Fire Rescue Firefighters Dead to Suicide – Fire Chief Pleads That Folks Ask For and Get Help

St. Leo Univ. Earns Honors in 4 Categories of the 2023 U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Programs

25 Years of Online Experience Pays off for Saint Leo Students

HAECO Outmaneuvers Lake City: 20 Year Sweetheart Lease To Save HAECO Millions; Economic Development At Airport Threatened

AP African American Studies Banned in Florida Public Schools

Black History Month begins in 10 days.

Lake City Reaching for the Lowest Common Denominator: Lowers Requirements for Assistant City Manager, 4-1

A college degree: Now you see it - now you don't.

Dr. Martin Luther King Observance, Lake City