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Sports At Florida Gateway College: “Building Better People” & “A Good Deal For Everyone”

CDC Report: 30% of Black, Hispanic, & Multiracial Women Reported Mistreatment During Pregnancy and Delivery

Florida Gateway College "FGC" Holds 35th Annual College Night – Tonight

Florida Gateway College President Larry Barrett and Nadia Comăneci Florida Gateway College President Gets a Perfect Evaluation – Then a New Contract Worth $441,000

Florida Gateway College Announces Free Childcare For College Students & Employees

SRWMD Education Policy Enhances Opportunities for Employees. Latest Success Story – St. Leo MBA for Kristin Thompson

The “Great White" State of Florida Is Leading the Nation In Giving Those on Medicaid a Tough Time

North Central Florida Regional Planning Council: Keeping the Public Informed About Its Meeting Times – Not a Good Idea For Its Exec. Director

FL Has Long Been Treated As a Punchline: abortion bans, concealed carry w/o a permit, private school vouchers, and more – everyone is watching

A Real Dental Crisis in Florida: “People can neither access nor afford dental care.” Some are turning to dental tourism

Yesterday, Gov. DeSantis Signed Florida’s Record $117 Billion Spending Plan – Some Highlights

FL Ranks 31st in Child Well-Being: Inaccessible, Unaffordable Child Care Pushes Parents to the Breaking Point

Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders Impact Veterans

North Central FL Counties Meet To Discuss Forming a Regional Utility Consortium. Greg Bailey, Pres. of NFPS Thinks – The Time Is Right

New College of Florida:  Students Feel 'Trapped' in 'Hostile Takeover'

FL Lawmakers Getting Serious About Dental Health:  Add $500k for 2024 Mission of Mercy; $2 mil for Oral Health Education

HCA's Lake City Hospital Celebrates $36 mil Expanded Emergency Room – Part of Planned $141 mil Expansion

Community Health Fair – Macclenny: Saturday, April 29, 9:00 – 3:00. Health Exhibits, Food Trucks, Music, Entertainment for the Kids

Florida Policy Institute Renews Call for Occupational Licensing Reform During ‘Second Chance Month’

700 Square Miles of Coastal Habitat Being Protected off Florida’s West Coast

FL Lawmakers Consider Expanding Mobile Dental Units: Florida Last In Child Dental Care

U.S. Department of Justice Busy In Florida

New Report: Chain 'Dollar' Stores Harmful To Communities

House Passage of Universal Voucher Bill Has Critics Speaking Out

Thinking About Burning a Cross In Your Yard To Send a Message… Mississippi Man Sentenced for Federal Hate Crime for Cross Burning

National Nurses United Condemns FL Bill HB 999 As Sweeping Attack On Higher Education


Chris Doolan, Lobbyist & Florida Legend: Speaks Against Term Limit Bills Filed in Tallahassee

Chief Engineer Leroy MarshallSRWMD & FEMA Will Be On Hand To Discuss Flood Map Updates: A $14 Million Project & Counting

Florida’s Rate of Uninsured Children Could Rise If Leaders Don’t Act to Protect Coverage

LSHA: After Two-and-a-Half Years, Board May Stop Bleeding the Public's Money – Agrees To Hammer Out Agreement With Meridian

Florida’s School Voucher Program: New Proposed Legislation (HB 1) Would Funnel Billions From Florida's Public Schools

Two Marion County Fire Rescue Firefighters Dead to Suicide – Fire Chief Pleads That Folks Ask For and Get Help

St. Leo Univ. Earns Honors in 4 Categories of the 2023 U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Programs

25 Years of Online Experience Pays off for Saint Leo Students

HAECO Outmaneuvers Lake City: 20 Year Sweetheart Lease To Save HAECO Millions; Economic Development At Airport Threatened

AP African American Studies Banned in Florida Public Schools

Black History Month begins in 10 days.

Lake City Reaching for the Lowest Common Denominator: Lowers Requirements for Assistant City Manager, 4-1

A college degree: Now you see it - now you don't.

Dr. Martin Luther King Observance, Lake City