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Florida News 2018 (scroll down)

ObamaCare (ACA) Sign Up Deadline Sat., Dec. 15 – Florida Impacted by Fed Cuts

Create a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard

FL State Parks Open Thanksgiving Weekend

Amendments to Florida's Constitution: Tuesday's Big Winners

Weyerhaeuser-Cnty Score Again: $10.2 Mil More Funneled Into Old Inland Port, Total Now $13.3mil

The Constitutional Amendments: "If you don't understand it, don't vote for it. Vote No."

Columbia Cnty Outpacing FL in Obesity, Health Dept/IFAS Promoting Healthy Changes

Duke  Estimates Hurricane Michael Could Cause 100,000 to 200,000 Power Outages in FL

Storm Tips & Safety Reminders

Nat. Hunting & Fishing Day Around the Corner Take Time to  Enjoy Fl's Natural Resources  

FPL Columbia County Solar Farm Under Construction

New Aquifer Alert System Unveiled as Levels Reach Record Breaking Highs: Flooding Danger

New Florida Park Service Website Launched Redesigned to Educate & Help Plan Trips

FDOT: Road Ranger Service Expands on I-10

Governor & Candidate Rick Scott: Finances, Irma, Pay to Play and More: Another Controversial Week

Adam Putnam Let His Donors Get Away With Spraying Pesticides on Their Workers

Florida Com on Ethics Elects Guy Norris Chair

Key Takeaway From Trump-DeSantis Rally: "Bad for the Republican Party”

Fake Women's Health Centers' Petition Balks at $4 Mil Approp

Duke Energy Florida Announces New Solar Power Plant in Columbia County

Florida Gateway College Awarded $673,000 in Performance Based Funding

New Decals Support FL’s Manatees & Sea Turtles

Murphy Looking for Aviation Acad Ans: Calls for Carswell, Barrett, HAECO to Appear at Com.

Aviation Academy Crash Lands: N Central FL's Rural Poor Take It On the Chin, Again

Cannabis Advocates Blame FL Officials for 'Reefer Madness'

Increased Youth Activism May Not Correspond to Voter Turnout

Florida: 8th Highest Combined Gas Tax in Nation

Gov Loses 1st Fed Appeal Ordering New Felon Vote Restoration Process: Could End up w/Supremes

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson Throws Hat in Ring For Florida House of Representatives, District 10

FGC in Top 17% of LPN Programs in FL: No. 15 in Ranked Programs

Conservation Groups Urge More Funding to Fix Wildlife Crisis

Federal Judge Enjoins Gov Scott From Enforcing FL's Unconstitutional Vote-Restoration Scheme

Native Plants Turn Backyards Into Nature Preserves

FL Senate Removes Plan to Arm Teachers, Keeps Option for Staff

Grieving Parkland Parents Urge Nation to Follow Florida's Lead

FL Legislature Passes Sweeping Gun Bill, Sends to Governor

FL Senate Removes Plan to Arm Teachers, Keeps Option for Staff

FL Legis Split on Texting-While-Driving Ban

FEA Urges Removal of Firearm Firms' Stock From Teacher Pension Plans

Take a Hike with the Doc: Get Lucky, Find a Flowering Herb

Pro Gun FL Legislature Considers Gun Reform Bill

Opponents Warn Offshore-Drilling Announcement is Sign of What's to Come

FL Community Health Centers Thankful for Federal Funding

FL Could Issue Gun Permits With Incomplete Background Checks

Clean Energy Advocate: Trump is Manipulating Solar Market

FL Groups Concerned Over Possible "Gifts" to Payday Lenders

Environmental Groups Question Motives for Florida Drilling Exemption

Progress FL Launches Ad Campaign Against Fake Clinics

FL House Speaker "Using Trump's Playbook" to Ban Sanctuary Cities

Trump Faces Opposition in FL Over Offshore Drilling

FWC Monitoring Sea Turtles, Manatees During the Freezing Florida Weather

Gov. Scott Urges North Florida Families to Prepare for Severe Cold Weather

Unions Ready to Defend Workers, Families in FL Legislature

Florida News 2017 (scroll down)

US Settles False Claims Allegations Against Haven Hospice

FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation (FWC) Charges Three with Six Felonies for Shark Dragging

Duke Energy Tips for the Holiday Season with Online Energy Calculators for Lighting & Cooking

Disaster Recover Center Opens for Four Days Beginning Today In Lake City

Groups Urge Probe Into Scott's Role in Nursing Home Deaths

Katelyn Potter Presents the SWIM Program
It's Your Water – You Can Contribute to the Plan

Lawmakers to Seek Answers as Florida Nursing-Home Death Toll Rises

FEMA Deadlines For Disaster Recovery Assistance

FL Risks Backsliding on Children's Health Coverage

After Irma, Solar Power Helped Keep FL Shining

DeVos Avoids Visiting Public Schools in FL's Capital

Florida Set to Resume Executions: 1st White to be Executed for Killing a Black Man

Comment Period Ending for Offshore Drilling

Mental Health Experts: Punishment Not the Way to Stop Overdoses

Show Support for FL's Manatees & Sea Turtles, Stick on a Decal

Suwannee River Water Mngt Dist Appoints Hugh Thomas New Executive Director

In Florida, Hunger Doesn't Take a Summer Break

Thousands of Floridians Oppose Seismic Airgun Testing & Drilling off FL's Coast

FL Wildlife Crossings Work for Animals & People

Suw River Water Management District Adopts Emergency Rule for Outstanding FL Springs

120,000 Florida Veteran's Health Benefits at Risk

Suwannee Valley TA: Com/Admin Sessions, Not Sure Where the Money Comes From

Frank Artiles Resigns From Florida Senate

FL House Approves Controversial State Retirement Changes

HAECO Ready in Col Cnty: "Moldin' Kids In a Certain Way to Provide a Workforce"

Equal Pay Still Years Away for Florida Women: "Cultural Shift Needed"

N Cent FL's Systemic Wkforce Dev Problems Has HAECO Reeling, Col Cnty in Confusion

SVTA: Col Cnty Comm'rs Nash & Phillips Put Cnty Residents Last  – Again

Suw Valley TA Chief Drops Ball Again: Advertises Bd Mtng W/Out Giving Name of Auth

Lawsuit  Seeks to Restore Former Felon's Voting Rights

House Speaker Richard Corcoran Keeps Winning: This Time It's the Florida Lottery

SVTA Chief Fails at End Run Around Law.  Improperly Noticed Mtng Canceled at 12th Hr

45 Percent of Florida Families Are Working Poor

Girls Got STEAM: Build Racecars

Floridians Speak Out Against Transgender Restrooms

As Immigrant Fears Rise, Rush to Citizenship Under Way

Florida Pipeline Protests Grow as Construction Continues

NCFRPC Chair Rick Davis Nixes Rubber Stamp Approval of Exec Dir's Recommended Appointment

Trump's Wall Builds Outrage, Fear Among Florida Immigrants

Iula Tribesman & Detector Dogs Help UF/IFAS/FWC Remove Pythons in FL

Florida Moms Rally Against EPA Nominee

Report: FL Women Worse Off Than Decade Ago