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Year-End Tax Tips from an Expert

Lake City Applebee's Unveils New Kids Menu with More Healthy Meals
Sunday Family Day: all kids LiveWell meals are $1.99

A Wild Success: The Endangered Species Act at 40

800,000 Floridians: Will They Have Health Care?

A Lifesaving Gift: Give Blood This Holiday Season

75,000 Floridians Could Lose Unemployment Benefits Dec. 28

EEOC LogoFlorida Company To Pay $80K Settlement In EEOC Hiring Discrimination Case
Company Refused to Hire Qualified Applicant Based on Age

Biomass in FL: An Embarrassment of Riches?

Holiday Giving: Shop Wisely for a Reputable Charity

Report: Fewer Uninsured Children In Florida

Dozens of FL Children Thankful for Family This Thanksgiving

Under Observation – A Costly Concern for FL Seniors

Suwannee Valley Transit Authority (SVTA): Governing Bd Meets in Locked Building. Safety Issues Kept Under Lock and Key

Report: First Eight Years Indicate a Child's Success

FL Prepaid College Plan Annual Open Enrollment Has Begun

Vacant Judgeships = Long Wait for Florida Scales of Justice

Elimination of Florida local sick time laws: Opponents ask, "What's Next?"

Privacy Advocates Marching On Washington This Weekend

US Senator Bill NelsonU.S. Senator Bill Nelson Update - Oct. 24, 2013

Affordable Care Act: New Tool in Fight Against Breast Cancer

Florida Leads the Nation in Death Sentencing Counties in 2012

North Florida Broadband Authority:
Final Act of Desperation, $30 mil Obama Stimulus Network going for $4 mil

Momentum Builds for Florida Conservation Vote

Floridians Have Access to Health Exchange Despite State Actions

September 30, 2013  03:15 am | Public News Service

Suwannee Valley Transit Authority Grievance Committee: Other Complaints & Retaliation (Part II)

Suwannee Valley Transit Authority Grievance Committee Meets: Complaints upheld (Part I)

Rider's Representative Retaliated Against

Fla's Rainy Summer Spreading Toxic Algae to Florida Waters

Teen Birth Rates Down, But is Every FL Teen Getting the Facts?

Who in Florida Needs a Raise? Minimum Wage Myths

slime sceneToxic Slime and Algae Turning Some Florida Beaches Into Ghost Towns

Citizens to Rally Against Pollution on Sept. 1

Graphic:  Hunger knows no seasonFlorida Food Banks Prepare for Fallout: Food Stamp (SNAP) Benefits Decreasing This Fall

University of Miami Janitors and Landscapers Vote to Strike: It's about a living wage

Want to appeal your property assessment? Special Magistrate Fred Rossiter will show you how

Want to appeal your property assessment? Special Magistrate Fred Rossiter will show you how: Introduction

Future of Florida Seafood in Jeopardy: Lawmakers Asked to Act

Toxic Algae Outbreak Sliming SE FL Waters With Green Slime: EPA Wiggling Out of Agreement   Where are Florida's leaders?

Where are Florida's leaders?

Silent Protest Greets Travelers at FL Airport: Union Files Charges

Killer Whales in Captivity? "Blackfish" Documentary Makes Splash

Orlando's SeaWorld the subject of a documentary film.

Suwannee Valley Transit Authority (SVTA):
In 2014 it is estimated that 40% of the tri county SVTA population will be eligible for Transportation for the Disadvantaged.

Animal Advocates Closely Watching Farm Bill

SVTA Williams; Airth; PraSuwannee Valley Transit Authority (SVTA): Operations Manager Gets 13% Pay Raise

DEO Appeals Referee finds SVTA management created a "hostile work environment." Unemployment claim upheld.

Loggerhead Turtle TracksSharing the Beach: Nesting Season for Sea Turtles

Fisheating CreekEarth Justice Attorneys Prevail: Landmark case preserves public access to Fisheating Creek

Lykes Brothers Co. Pressured Florida to Bar Public’s Right To Use River

Gulf Cleanup: "Shrimp With No Eyes. Crabs With No Claws. No Surprise and Predictable"

A Call For A Twenty-First-Century Solution In Oil Spill Response


North Florida Broadband Authority: Tower Climber Sues - Not paying vendors - Nothing new for the NFBA

Pentagon: Climate Change a Threat to National Security - 29 major military installations in FL

Free Foreclosure Defense Program Extended To July 31st

Oil soaked wildlifeTime to Speak Up About Gulf Restoration

Pork Giant's Sale to China Could Put Pig Promises in Jeopardy: Dark side to makin' bacon

giving CPRFloridians Urged to Take Life Saving Measures into Own Hands

father and daughterCollege Savings Days: Florida has a special offer for parents and families for the next 30 days

Lower FL Unemployment Rate Isn't the Whole Story: Working poor still seek assistance

crying babyInfant Stress Linked to Behavior Problems Later in Life

Fight for "Compassionate" Immigration Reform in Florida

North Florida Broadband Authority:
Stimulus funded 800 lb gorilla puts squeeze on financially strapped Bradford County Schools

Mother and babySudden Infant Death Syndrome: Bed Sharing Safely. Breastfeeding Significantly Reduces Risk

Children from HelpUsAdopt.orgMaking Mother’s Day, By Making Adoption Affordable

Wheelchair w/person imageWheelchair Attendants Exposed to Blood, Body Fluids: Complaint Filed - Unsafe Conditions

Yesterday was the deadline for the Plan B morning after pill: What's a Pharmacist to Do?

warehouse workerFlorida Workers Fight Back Against Wage Theft

Oscar the dog in trashFlorida Animal Cruelty Bill Heads to Governor's Desk

Corexit BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Effects Marine LifeA Deadly Paradox: Scientists Discover Agent Used in Gulf Spill Cleanup Is Destroying Marine Life 

Got ethics? Written on black board.FL Legislature Sends Ethics Reform to Governor: Does this give you more confidence?

Obama Broadband Grant Recipient, FRBA, Sued by Tampa Based Internet Company, Rapid Systems, Inc. for $25,000,000

MoneyProposed Deficit Cuts Target Seniors, Veterans, People with Disabilities, Those on Social Security

FL Leaders Organized for Water (FLOW): Once a torrent, now  a drip. Saturday meeting cancelled.

Rallying for Immigration Reform – and Gay & Lesbian Couples’ Inclusion

3 Years After BP Oil Spill:  1,700 Sea Turtles Dead or Injured. Dolphins Still Dying in Gulf

Haven Hospice Challenges North FL: "I challenge all of you to appoint a health care surrogate."

EEOC LogoWaffle House Settles EEOC Retaliation Lawsuit: Federal Agency Charged Restaurant Fired Employee for Complaining About Customer Harassment

Florida's First Fairytale: The Fountain of Youth

Planned Parenthood to FL Lawmakers:
Bring Focus Back to Women's Health

North Florida Broadband Authority:
Gilchrist County pulls the plug on the NFBA in another unanimous vote

North Florida Broadband Authority:  NFBA calls Washington for reinforcements. The workshop w/the Feds. Cheerleading without substance.

North Florida Broadband Authority:
NFBA calls Washington for reinforcements. First stop Fanning Springs. The run up.

Environmentalists: EPA and Florida DEP Struck "Back Room Deal"

FL Families Still Struggle to Put Food on Table

US Senator Bill NelsonSen Bill Nelson Update: March 14, 2013

FL Leaders Organized for Water (FLOW): "We’re gridlocked. We’re not gettin' anything done.”

North Florida Broadband Authority:
Gilchrist County becomes the eighth county to pull out. "I don't like the way the NFBA does its business," Com. D. Ray Harrison Jr.

New Study Shows Fewer FL Youth Locked-up - FL second highest in nation

North Central FL Regional Planning Council:
Army Lt. Col. Stresses the Importance of Education.

77% of high school students can't make the grade.

North Florida Broadband Authority:
Federal hearing may answer what is the measure of success at the NFBA

BP Oil Disaster Trial Set for Today

North Florida Broadband Authority:
Baker County becomes the 7th north central Florida county to pull out of Obama stimulus funded NFBA

North Florida Broadband Authority:
Feds put failing stimulus funded NFBA on life support. 3yrs and $28+ mil later, 60 customers, $15k a month revenue and no revenue model.

Air Methods Makes Agreement With HCA: State of the art EMS chopper coming to Lake City

FL Leaders Organized for Water (FLOW): After over a year of meetings, is the rush over FLOW now a trickle?

Tax Refunds For Some Delayed: IRS Says It Was the Fiscal Cliff

FL Gov & Cabinet Sued: The charge, "Sweetheart Deal" in the Everglades

US Senator Bill NelsonSen Bill Nelson Update: February 7, 2013

battered wmanRubio Joins Seven Senators To Block Violence Against Women Act

February is Heart Month: Heart Disease #1 Killer of Women

Florida's Voting Ban: 130 yrs old. Dates back to after Civil War

US Senator Bill NelsonSen Bill Nelson Update: January 30, 2013

North Florida Broadband Authority: Former Board Clerk sues NFBA for wrongful termination

Florida Animal Fighting Law May Get Tougher. Congress Considers Federal Legislation

Florida Audubon: Development Puts Everglade Birds at Risk

North Florida Broadband Authority:
$30 mil later N. Central Florida Regional Planning Council - clueless

Abortion Rights Law Turns 40: Most Americans Want to Keep it Legal

Florida Report Card on School Breakfast: Progress with Room for Improvement

Dead fish in North NaplesEnvironmentalists: Florida Isn't Ready to Manage Its Waterways

US Senator Bill NelsonSen Bill Nelson Update: 1st of the year, end of 112th congress

North Florida Broadband Authority:
After General Counsel's response, FL's Public Record Laws remain the latest casualty

North Florida Broadband Authority:
FL's Public Record Laws the latest casualty

North Florida Broadband Authority:
Foot dragging, lack of info cause Suwannee Cnty to call "strike 3" on the NFBA – They're out