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Lake City Reporter, Columbia County's Hometown newspaper, got the wrong man

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Ellisville - Like the Plague - Is Spreading

Dear Commissioner Williams
I trust we are both with the Governor

The Observer responds to County Manager Dale Williams

Dear Dale (County Manager• Columbia County FL)

I hope the following responses to your 5/19 remarks will be helpful.

Columbia County is now playing musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic with the money of the working families of Columbia County. Money, which in these trying times, could very well be spent on something else. It is impossible for any rational human being to discern your continued purpose in this incredible financial irresponsibility.

It appears that Columbia County is the first county in the history of America to withdraw from a work force region. Florida Crown is a top performing region and winner of many awards. Instead of carrying on with this nonsense and illegally hiring attorneys, you should be inquiring about the procedure to get yourself back into the Region -7 Consortium, so that Columbia County has a voice.

Columbia County's insistence on limited notice is not in the interest of the working families of Columbia County or good government

Dear Ms. Roberts,

It is always nice speaking with you.

Yesterday afternoon we spoke about notice requirements for meetings of the County Commission, particularly special or emergency meetings and I am very disappointed.

... it is certainly advisable to give notice at such time and in such a manner as will enable the press and other interested members of the public to attend any meeting of the authority.
                          FL Attorney General

You explained that you notified folks of emergency meetings of the Columbia County Commission by putting a notice in the Lake City Reporter mailbox, which is located in the county commission office. You also explained that this was followed up by a phone call to the LCR office. You said this is the county's only notification. There are about 70,000 people in Columbia County.

by Craig Womer

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Columbia County - destined for more incompetence in Economic Development?

"Ex-Dixie officials sentenced to 3 years" in the Federal slammer ... Columbia County may not be far behind.