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 Lake City News 2024

James D. Carter, Jr. Takes City Council Seat: The Only One in the District Who Wanted To Serve

Lake City City Manager Search 2024: Ranking the Candidates & Next Steps - Tuesday In City Hall

Use the information in this story to rate the candidates

Lake City City Manager Search, Applicants-Part II Final Nine Applicants Released – City Council Gives  Search the Silent Treatment

LC City Manager Search, Applicants – Part I First 13, Where They’re From, Education, Present Positions & Resumes

Mayor Witt did not add a discussion about the City Manager Search for Monday night's Council meeting.

Lake City Mayor Stephen Witt: How Much Did He Know About the City Attorney Resignation & When Did He Know It?

Mayor Witt's comments do not jive with the facts.

Lake City City Attorney Resigns This Afternoon – City Council This Evening – Mums the Word

Dyal Severance Issue  tipped over the apple cart

 Lake City News 2023

Councilman Todd Sampson Joined the Avalanche of Florida Municipal Resignations. He said, "It's a matter of protecting my family."

Lake City, Florida: Pay Issues and Resigned City Manager Paul Dyal Severance Issues Headline Tonight’s Special Council Meeting

Ex-Lake City City Manager Paul Dyal's $ 1/4 Million Resignation Payout Questioned. After 9 Months on the Job, the City Council Is Asking Questions.

Lake City City Manager – The Search Is On. Resigned City Manager Dyal, A Diversion

LC Mayor Witt: Did He Collude With Interim City Manager Dyal to Keep the City In the Dark About Mr. Dyal’s Trip To Alaska?

LCPD Patrol Officers to Sergeants Get $9,500 Raise –  Now Have Parity With Sheriff’s Office – $45k Starting Salary

Paul Dyal Out As City Manager, Dee Johnson In As Interim. City Attorney Willing To Ignore City Purchasing Policy To Acquire Headhunter Services

Lake City City Manager Paul Dyal Resigns: Gave His Required 1 Month Notice Today

Forward Thinking By the County 5 Gives Lake City the Opportunity for Federal Help With Hurricane Idalia Cleanup

Lake City Spirals Out of Control – Again. The September 5 Council Meeting Degenerated Into Audience Outbursts and Racist Name Calling

Florida’s Premiere Dysfunctional Government Has the Rug Pulled Back By Councilwoman Chevella Young – It Was Not a Pretty Sight

City Council 6 pm Tonight: Will This Be Another Popcorn Night As Lake City Weighs In On Issues That Affect Its Reputation Across FL?

City Attorney Finds Council Appointment Of Sylvester Warren to P&Z Unconstitutional, Then Keeps His Opinion Out of the Public Eye.

Lake City Florida: Another Popcorn Night Coming Up. This Time It's the P&Z. Will the Council Follow City Manager Dyal and Remove Sylvester Warren?

Richardson Community Center Improvement Grant Still in Limbo – Meeting Scheduled With DEO – City Manager Claims He’s Out of the Loop

City Councilman Todd Sampson Wanted To Plan for the Future – City Manager Dyal and Councilman Jernigan Took Exception

Richardson Community Center:  After Months of Ill Feelings, City & County Sit Down to Hash Out the Future of the Iconic Community Center

Lake City Rejects City Manager's Thumbs Down on $2 Mil Richardson CDBG Grant, Then Rejects His Attempt To Dump County Building Official

Richardson Community Center: City Council Doesn’t Buckle Under To County 5 Extortion

Lake City Building Officialdom: Columbia Cnty Remains City Building Inspector - For Now

Lake City Mayor Loses Control – Allows Vile & Uncontrolled Meeting Behavior Once Again

City Manager Paul Dyal Cancels City/County Interlocal – Does Damage Control. Did Anyone Believe Him?

Lake City's Religious Leaders, After Years of Shootings, Crime, and Drugs, Are Waking Up & Organizing

HAECO Outmaneuvers Lake City: 20 Year Sweetheart Lease To Save HAECO Millions; Economic Development At Airport Threatened

Lake City Reaching for the Lowest Common Denominator: Lowers Requirements for Assistant City Manager, 4-1

Lake City City Manager Search Over: 18 Months After It Began a 4-1 Vote For Ex-Utility Director Paul Dyal Leaves Most Questions Unanswered

Lake City City Manager Search:  No Background Check; No Credit Check; No Code of Ethics For City Manager Paul Dyal

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