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 Lake City News 2022

Train car on the tracks with caption: Lake City City Manager Search. Headed off the rails before the new head hunter is on-boardLC City Manager Search: Community Activist, Former Council Member, Mayor & City Council Look to Side-Step Head Hunter Colin Baenziger

Photo of rollercoaster with caption: Lake City City Manager Search. After nine month rollercoaster ride headhunter terminated.LC City Manager Search: After 9 Mo. Rollercoaster Ride – Headhunter Contract Terminated

Photo of weeds on beach island with caption: Headhunter Renee Narloch heads into the weeds as Lake City City Manager search continuesLC City Manager Search: Headhunter back with another 12th-hour presentation – three more candidates – one new – two old

Photo of human brain with caption: still no city manager for Lake City. City's brain trust - out of options and no solutionsLC City Manager Search: Mayor Wants to Interview Candidates Without Looking at Resumes, Headhunter – Out of Steam

Photo of light bulb with caption: Lake City City Council has an epiphany. City's top job now worth $160,000LC City Manager Search: Looking for a Job, $160k Now the Top Pay - City Council Has an Epiphany

LC City Manager Search: Tonight, The City Council May Decide How Much Its City Manager Is Worth?

Photo of Lloyd Austin III with a caption explaing that to some in Lake City, he would not be qualified to be City ManagerLC City Manager Search: Flying by the Seat of Its Pants – New Requirements Could Be Problematic

Sunset with caption: will Lake City have a city manager when the sun sets tonight?LC City Manager Search: Can An X-Army Colonel Get Lake City Aimed in the Right Direction? Tonight the City Council Will Decide

LC City Manager Search: Monday Night, a Turing Point for Some, a Dead End for Others

LC City Manager Search: Councilman Sampson Put Former Top Tier Pick Back on the Table

Photo of person looking through binoculars, with caption: Lake City's City Manager Search, "We need all the help we can get," Councilman Eugene JeffersonLake City City Manager Search: News Stories “Make the City Look Pretty Bad"

facing photos of Paull Dyal and Todd Sampson with caption: Lake City Utilities. Councilman Sampson keeping the door open. Interim City Manager Dyal keeping safety first.LC Utilities: Councilman Sampson Keeping County 5 Committee Seats Open – Interim CM Dyal Keeping LC Utilities Safe for All

Photo of fish gasping for air with caption: Lake City's Brain Trust Gasping for Air. 9 Months Searching - Still No City ManagerLake City City Manager Search: 9 Months and Still No City Manager – Not an Inch Closer

Photo of storm clouds with woman looking at brewing storm, with caption: Third Interim City Manager says, "No Mas." Paul Dyal Wants Out. City Council has no plan - no one to take the helm.Lake City’s Interim City Manager Says ‘No Mas’ Wants Out – Asks Council to Find New Interim

Lake City, FL – New Police Chief, New Fire Chief: How Did That Happen?

Lake City City Manager Search Drags On: Headhunter Renee Narloch Looking for New Candidates & Searching Among Those Rejected

Lake City City Manager Search: Almost 8 Months and Counting – Starting Over

Lake City Police Department Makes the Grade: Re-Accreditation Successful

Photo: Lake City City Hall with standing room only with one attendee covering his face with his hat. Caption: Lake City, City Hall, February 22, 2022. Standing room only - who has the gun?LC City Council: Packing a Gun At Council Meetings – Not a good thing to do, Part I

Photo of black board with copy: It back to the drawing board for Lake City. City Manager Candidate Thomas Thomas withdrawsLC City Manager Candidate Thomas Withdraws:  It’s Back to the Drawing Board -- Pt-VII

Photo of police light with copy: Lake City Manager search coming down to the wire. LCPD on the move.LC City Manager Search, Thomas Thomas Pt – VI: Unbending on $140k Salary Demand, LCPD Hits the Road to Chase Down Info on Thomas & Family

Image of arrows with copy: LC City Manager Search, Finding Direction, Still a ProblemLC City Manager Search, Thomas Thomas Pt – V: Council Nixes Thomas $140k Salary Request, Agrees With Others – Negotiations Continue

Business and planning graphic with caption: Negotiations have begun, Thomas Thomas - a counter proposalLC City Manager Search, Thomas Thomas Pt – IV: Thomas Nixes City Offer & Sixth Month Eval – Wants $140k, Strict Eval Terms, & Signing Bonus

photo of question mark with copy: Lake City, City Manager SearchLake City, City Manager Search, Thomas Thomas Pt - III: Council Offers No. 1 Candidate $120k in 2010 Money – What is Thomas Thomas to do?

LCs City Manager Search, Thomas Thomas (Pt-II): face-to-face, mostly out of the public’s eye – Thomas Thomas is the one – maybe

Lake City City Manager candidate Thomas Thomas meets Glenel Bowden and Lester McCullumLake City’s City Manager Search, Cheese & Crackers II: Thomas Thomas meets a handful of citizens

Illustration of black hole with caption: Lake City city manager search. More trouble - more questionsLake City's City Manager Search: More Questions In Another Lake City Mess – Glen Adams Part-III

Photo of City Manager Candidate Glen Adams in Lake City, City HallLake City, City Manager Candidate Glen Adams: His Philosophy ‘Teamwork & Wins’ – His motto, "Do it right the first time"  (Part-II)

Lake City's City Manager Search Continues With Cheese & Crackers – Where’s the Community?  (Part-I)

Photo of wrench with Caption: Wrench thrown into city manager search. Another 12th hour reveal by city managementLC’s City Manager Search Goes Sideways: Candidate Interviews Split – Public Kept in the Dark – Two Councilmen Not Happy - One MIA

Woman in middle of road with map. Caption: Lake City is choosing a city manager. What's the plan?Lake City’s City Council Is About To Choose a New City Manager: What Is It Going To Do? How Is It Going To Do It?

Image of hand coming out of the sea with caption: Lake City 2021, the year that was. It was not a good yearLake City 2021: The Number One Story in Columbia County Was Lake City

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