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Lake City City Manager Race Down to Two: Lake City Police Chief Gerald Butler & Former Pasco County Asst. County Administrator Don Rosenthal

Lake City City Manager candidates Don Rosenthal and Gerald Butler

LAKE CITY, FL – The Lake City City Manager race is now down to two finalists: Lake City Police Chief Gerald Butler and former Pasco Assistant County Administrator Don Rosenthal.

Two weeks ago, there were three finalists for the position of Lake City City Manager. and the City Clerk was trying to wade through the divergent ideas of some City Council members.

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Last night at 5:19 pm, Juan Guerra, who had interesting and qualifying credentials, notified the City that he had found another job.

Mr. Guerra wrote:

Hello Audrey,

I have already accepted a new position and am no longer in the job market. Please thank the elected officials for their consideration on me, I sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you,
Juan Guerra

Mr. Guerra had gathered interest from those who spent the time to review his qualifications.

link to butler infoFoot dragging and dilly-dallying by the City Council and the interjection of the City's new City Attorney, Clay Martin, who has no problem running roughshod over Florida’s Sunshine Law, have the City Manager search in limbo.

So far, there is no definitive final schedule to continue the search.

Rosenthal infoCouncilman Jernigan’s Council unapproved, but Clay Martin approved sole tour with the candidates has yet to be approved by the City Council.

The interview schedule is wrapped around the City Attorney's availability schedule, even though the Folds & Walker law firm has a gaggle of attorneys and is not bashful in billing the City for their time.

There is no City plan of action nor a Clay Martin plan if one of the two final candidates drops out.

Lake City does not learn from its history.

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