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City Manager Search Stories

LC Mayor Witt: Did He Collude With Interim City Manager Dyal to Keep the City In the Dark About Mr. Dyal’s Trip To Alaska?

LC City Manager Search: Interim City Manager Paul Dyal Gets Nod for City Manager Position – No Vetting Allowed

LC City Manager Search: Mayor Steve Witt – Did He Have a Hidden Search Agenda?

Photo of rollercoaster with caption: Lake City City Manager Search. After nine month rollercoaster ride headhunter terminated.LC City Manager Search: After 9 Mo. Rollercoaster Ride – Headhunter Contract Terminated

Photo of weeds on beach island with caption: Headhunter Renee Narloch heads into the weeds as Lake City City Manager search continuesLC City Manager Search: Headhunter back with another 12th-hour presentation – three more candidates – one new – two old

Photo of human brain with caption: still no city manager for Lake City. City's brain trust - out of options and no solutionsLC City Manager Search: Mayor Wants to Interview Candidates Without Looking at Resumes, Headhunter – Out of Steam

Photo of light bulb with caption: Lake City City Council has an epiphany. City's top job now worth $160,000LC City Manager Search: Looking for a Job, $160k Now the Top Pay - City Council Has an Epiphany

LC City Manager Search: Tonight, The City Council May Decide How Much Its City Manager Is Worth?

Photo of Lloyd Austin III with a caption explaing that to some in Lake City, he would not be qualified to be City ManagerLC City Manager Search: Flying by the Seat of Its Pants – New Requirements Could Be Problematic

Sunset with caption: will Lake City have a city manager when the sun sets tonight?LC City Manager Search: Can An X-Army Colonel Get Lake City Aimed in the Right Direction? Tonight the City Council Will Decide

LC City Manager Search: Monday Night, a Turing Point for Some, a Dead End for Others

LC City Manager Search: Councilman Sampson Put Former Top Tier Pick Back on the Table

Photo of person looking through binoculars, with caption: Lake City's City Manager Search, "We need all the help we can get," Councilman Eugene JeffersonLake City City Manager Search: News Stories “Make the City Look Pretty Bad

Photo of fish gasping for air with caption: Lake City's Brain Trust Gasping for Air. 9 Months Searching - Still No City ManagerLake City City Manager Search: 9 Months and Still No City Manager – Not an Inch Closer

Photo of storm clouds with woman looking at brewing storm, with caption: Third Interim City Manager says, "No Mas." Paul Dyal Wants Out. City Council has no plan - no one to take the helm.Lake City’s Interim City Manager Says ‘No Mas’ Wants Out – Asks Council to Find New Interim

Lake City, FL – New Police Chief, New Fire Chief: How Did That Happen?

Lake City City Manager Search Drags On: Headhunter Renee Narloch Looking for New Candidates & Searching Among Those Rejected

Lake City City Manager Search: Almost 8 Months and Counting – Starting Over

Photo of black board with copy: It back to the drawing board for Lake City. City Manager Candidate Thomas Thomas withdrawsLC City Manager Candidate Thomas Withdraws:  It’s Back to the Drawing Board -- Pt-VII

Photo of police light with copy: Lake City Manager search coming down to the wire. LCPD on the move.LC City Manager Search, Thomas Thomas Pt – VI: Unbending on $140k Salary Demand, LCPD Hits the Road to Chase Down Info on Thomas & Family

Image of arrows with copy: LC City Manager Search, Finding Direction, Still a ProblemLC City Manager Search, Thomas Thomas Pt – V: Council Nixes Thomas $140k Salary Request, Agrees With Others – Negotiations Continue

Business and planning graphic with caption: Negotiations have begun, Thomas Thomas - a counter proposalLC City Manager Search, Thomas Thomas Pt – IV: Thomas Nixes City Offer & Sixth Month Eval – Wants $140k, Strict Eval Terms, & Signing Bonus

photo of question mark with copy: Lake City, City Manager SearchLake City, City Manager Search, Thomas Thomas Pt - III: Council Offers No. 1 Candidate $120k in 2010 Money – What is Thomas Thomas to do?

LCs City Manager Search, Thomas Thomas (Pt-II): face-to-face, mostly out of the public’s eye – Thomas Thomas is the one – maybe

Lake City City Manager candidate Thomas Thomas meets Glenel Bowden and Lester McCullumLake City’s City Manager Search, Cheese & Crackers II: Thomas Thomas meets a handful of citizens

Illustration of black hole with caption: Lake City city manager search. More trouble - more questionsLake City's City Manager Search: More Questions In Another Lake City Mess – Glen Adams Part-III

Photo of City Manager Candidate Glen Adams in Lake City, City HallLake City, City Manager Candidate Glen Adams: His Philosophy ‘Teamwork & Wins’ – His motto, "Do it right the first time"  (Part-II)

Lake City's City Manager Search Continues With Cheese & Crackers – Where’s the Community?  (Part-I)

Photo of wrench with Caption: Wrench thrown into city manager search. Another 12th hour reveal by city managementLC’s City Manager Search Goes Sideways: Candidate Interviews Split – Public Kept in the Dark – Two Councilmen Not Happy - One MIA

Woman in middle of road with map. Caption: Lake City is choosing a city manager. What's the plan?Lake City’s City Council Is About To Choose a New City Manager: What Is It Going To Do? How Is It Going To Do It?

Image of hand coming out of the sea with caption: Lake City 2021, the year that was. It was not a good yearLake City 2021: The Number One Story in Columbia County Was Lake City

Old Lake City Logo with caption: Choosing a city manager: Lake City's most important decision since the civil warCity Council Picks Two City Manager Finalists: Councilman Hill Has a Favorite, Sampson Calls a Dead Heat, Witt & Jefferson Agree on Top Two

Chicks and eggs with caption: City Manager Search: After everyone goes home, the City Council hatches a planLake City’s City Manager Search Turns Into A Surprise After Everyone Goes Home

Photo of cloud over river with caption: City Manager Mike Williams submits resignation. Paul Dyal to run city as city manager search progressesInterim City Manager Mike Williams Submits Resignation, Paul Dyal to Run City as City Manager Search Progresses

Renee Narloch appears at the City CouncilHeadhunter Takes Center Stage In City Manager Search. Councilman Hill: Only Council Member to Share His Requirements for City Manager

Photo of hand coming out of the sea with caption: Lake City is looking for a city manager, tonight a desperate city council weighs inCity Manager Search: Tonight the Public Get Its First Look at the Candidates and the Headhunter

Photo of Mike Williams in City Hall audience, with caption: It's official – again – Mikee Williams is interim Lake City, City Manager, but not withouut a couple of bumps in the roadIt’s Official – Again – Mike Williams Is Interim LC, City Manager, But Not Without a Couple of Bumps in the Road

Interim City Manager Mike Williams with caption: Interim City Manager Mike Williams at the Police Union negotiations last Thursday. Has the LCPD completed his background check?On the LC Docket Tonight, Mike Williams for Interim City Manager: Where Is His Application?

Lake City Council ChambersMike Williams Gets Nod for Interim City Manager: MIA at the meeting & no resume. Councilman Hill, “That’s How They Do Business in Lake City.”

Ami Fields photo with caption: Interim City Manager, a promise lost of Greek proportionsInterim LC City Manager Ami Fields Resigns, Un-Resigns, Resigns Again: Today 9 am – Next Steps

photo of Lake City Interim City Manager Ami Fields with caption: Interim City ManageInterim Lake City, City Manager Stays Put: Coup Fizzles After Mayor Admits All He Has Is “Hearsay”

Mayor Steve Witt and Councilman Chris Greene with caption: Only Mayor Witt and Councilman Greene recognized the inadequacy of the contractCity Council Approves Ami Fields Interim City Manager Contract (3-2): Contract is Incomplete

A full house in Lake City, City HallReplacing the City Manager:  Pt I – Helfenberger Officially Gone; Foot Dragging City Attorney and City Council Costs Taxpayers Thousands

City Councilman Jake Hill makes a point.Replacing the City Manager: Pt II - Councilman Greene Wants a Headhunter; City Atty Predicts Fields “Likely to be Next City Manager”

Ami FieldsOn the City Docket Tonight: Council to Decide Next Steps For a Permanent City Manager

City Attorney Fred Koberlein Took 'Poetic License' with City Manager Joe Helfenberger’s Suspension Language. How Much Is Too Much?

Eugene Jefferson and Joe Helfengerger with caption: Would the City Manager stay? All eyes were on veteran councilman Eugene JeffersonCity Manager Joe Helfenberger Suspended for 45 Days Pending a Final Resolution for His Removal

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