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LC City Manager Candidate Thomas Withdraws:  It’s Back to the Drawing Board -- Pt-VII

Photo of black board with copy: It back to the drawing board for Lake City. City Manager Candidate Thomas Thomas withdraws
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widget-city-manager-storiesLAKE CITY, FL – The Lake City City Manager search begins again with the withdrawal of City Manager candidate Thomas Thomas of Chicago. Monday evening, during the City Council meeting, the Council will be discussing its next steps.

At about 2 pm this afternoon, February 5, 2021, Renee Narloch of Narloch Associates contacted Council members by phone to tell them that finalist candidate Thomas Thomas had withdrawn his name.

City Manager candidate Thomas Thomas listens to the Lake City City Council
City Manager candidate Thomas Thomas during his in-person interview.

At 2:13 pm, Mr. Thomas emailed Ms. Narloch and made it official: "Renee, I would like to officially remove myself as a candidate for the City Manager of Lake City, FL. Please thank the Mayor and Council for considering me for this opportunity. Sincerely…"

Mr. Thomas did not give a reason.

A little before three o'clock, City Clerk Audrey Sikes emailed the City Councilmen and Mayor with the official news of Mr. Thomas' withdrawal.

It has also come to light that the second runner up for the position, Glen Adams, has taken another job. A confidential source told your reporter that Mr. Adams would not have worked in Lake City for the salary offered.

However, that is not news, as during the meet and greet for Mr. Adams, he told your reporter he thought the job was worth about $150,000.


The City and the City Council are in big trouble.

The elected leaders will have to come up with a workable plan of action and lead, not something they are used to.

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On Feb. 6, JB wrote:

Oof! Not good

On Feb. 6, SR wrote:

I should apply for consultant role to recruit them a manager. I couldn't do any worse than the lady who profited 20k for the last search?

On Feb. 6, 2022, JH wrote:

The salary that Mr. Thomas was asking is fair but that was the out that the Lake City clowncil needed because they couldn’t figure out a way to tell Mr. Thomas and the public that he was too smart, resolved and self directed for such a group of tyrannical clowns to handle, and that’s just it, they want some bafoon that they can “handle”, Befaithful Coker was not the conformist they wanted on clowncil, Mr. Adams was too arrogant and Mr. Thomas was not applying for his first rodeo gig. This local clowncil looks like and acts like a Biden family reunion, useful idiots being steered by whatever obscure power currents that actually run this community.

On Feb. 6, JT wrote:

That should slow them down.

On Feb. 6, RK wrote:

Why would anybody with the requried qualifications want to be an official part of the joke known as Lake City Government?

On Feb. 6, On Feb. 6, VA wrote:

Oh well, this is a weekend surprise. We'll see what happens.

On Feb. 5, DW wrote:


On Feb. 5, JQ wrote:

Not surprising. It's about leadership and they have none.

On Feb. 5, SR wrote:

What a shock - Not

On Feb. 5, FA wrote:

Why doesn't this surprise me, nothing surprises me anymore. Same circus different performers.

On Feb. 5, JJ wrote:

Why am I not surprised? Something about the cops questioning all your family and friends makes you think twice.

On Feb. 5, BB wrote

I read that in a group message this afternoon! Are we surprised?

On Feb. 5, JB wrote:

So the saga continues

On Feb. 5, JJ wrote:

So now the city is back to square 1??

On Feb. 5, JR wrote:


On Feb. 5, GH wrote:

Not surprised, he must be very smart.


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