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On the LC Docket Tonight, Mike Williams for Interim City Manager: Where Is His Application?

Interim City Manager Mike Williams with caption: Interim City Manager Mike Williams at the Police Union negotiations last Thursday. Has the LCPD completed his background check?

LAKE CITY, FL – Lake City’s continuing interim city manager saga continued at 5:41 pm Friday evening when the City Clerk updated the City’s Monday evening agenda material to include a resume by Mike Williams. Mike Williams was chosen out of the blue this past Wednesday to run the City.


The rumor-laden sudden unexplained on-again-off-again-on-again departure of Interim City Manager Ami Fields on September 14 left the City scrambling with no one at the City’s helm and no plan.

At 9 am on September 15, the City Council met in an emergency session. Out of the blue, without a resume or application, or a personal appearance , it chose (3-1) former Chamber of Commerce president Mike Williams to run the City.

The City Council agreed it was going to ask the County to perform a background check. The County refused, and the LCPD will be doing the Mike Williams background check.

At 7:46 pm on September 15, the City Clerk received the Mike Williams resume.

At 5:41 pm Friday, September 17, the City Clerk posted the Mike Williams resume with other additions to the meeting material for this evening (September 20).

The Mike Williams Application, Nowhere To Be Found

While one usually cannot be hired without an application that provides valuable information that among other things authorizes a background check and the penalties for falsifying information, the Mike Williams application was not provided.

It is not clear if Mr. Williams completed an application.

Past city manager applicants completed the Lake City application for employment.

The application is essential because it certifies that all information provided is true and correct.

The application puts it this way:

I hereby certify that all the information given on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and I understand that any false information given on this application shall constitute cause to withdraw the application from consideration for any position with the City of Lake City or termination of employment with the City of Lake City. Inquiry as to past employment or any on the job performance may be conducted and all past and current employers will be contacted. I release the City of Lake City and any past or current employers and other individuals contacted from any liability for release of information regarding my employment.

Applicant Signature:         Date:

Also required in the application is a “Record Check Authorization.” The Authorization reiterates that the applicant's information is "true and complete and authorizes the "City to investigate all statements" contained in the application.

This has also not been provided and if there has been background investigation, its extent is unknown.


Lake City, Florida: business as usual

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