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Interim City Manager Mike Williams Submits Resignation, Paul Dyal to Run City as City Manager Search Progresses

Photo of cloud over river with caption: City Manager Mike Williams submits resignation. Paul Dyal to run city as city manager search progresses
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LAKE CITY, FL – Interim City Manager Mike Williams finally said what most folks in the know already knew – he is leaving Lake City. On his way out, he has recommended City Utility Director Paul Dyal to run the City while the City Council searches for a full-time City Manager.

Hamilton County’s Mike Williams, a quintessential North Florida good ole’ boy, had made it clear to many across the County that his days were numbered leading Lake City. Shortly after taking his position, he shared his long-term back problems with your reporter.

Interim City Manager Williams is leaving as he came into Lake City with a questionable paper trail. December 31, 2021 is the effective resignation date.

Mike Williams resignation letterOn September 15, 2021, on the heels of the resignation of Interim City Manager Ami Fields, Mike Williams' name came out of the blue, and he was hired to run the City without showing up at the meeting in which he was hired.

See: Mike Williams Gets Nod for Interim City Manager: MIA at the meeting & no resume. Councilman Hill, “That’s How They Do Business in Lake City.”

While Lake City can hire no one without an application, Mike Williams bucked that trend. While the City Clerk provided a resume for the September 20 City Council meeting, his application was not.

See: On the LC Docket Tonight, Mike Williams for Interim City Manager: Where Is His Application?

On September 21, Mike Williams’ contract was approved by the City Council. Councilman Sampson moved that the City pay him based on $120k a year or $2,300 a week. Mr. Williams volunarily gave up receiving any benefits from the City it what was a five month agreement.

During his short tenure with the City, Mike Williams faced monumentally serious lingering morale problems among the workforce and the public.

While Mr. Williams tried to ease the management and workforce issues in the City, the backroom culture of North Florida worked against his and the City’s best interest. He didn’t make much headway.

Everybody Knew He Was Leaving

As mentioned in yesterday’s story, everyone in the know knew about Mr. Williams’ exit plan.

Sometime yesterday, Mike Williams submitted his letter of resignation. The Clerk did not clock it in, nor did Mr. Williams sign it.

Mike Williams came into Lake City under a cloud.


Now Mike Williams is leaving under a cloud of his own making.

Lake City, Florida, the saga continues.

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