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Lake City City Manager Search, Applicants-Part II Final Nine Applicants Released – City Council Gives  Search the Silent Treatment

Lake City City Council w-headline: Last night in City Hall...

widget-city-manager-storiesLAKE CITY, FL – Last night in City Hall, one might have wondered if the Mossad had a wrap on the Lake City City Manager search applications. The HR Manager released nine more applications on Monday afternoon, making a total of twenty-two applicants. Not one word was mentioned by the Council members, the Mayor, or the Interim City Manager regarding the City Manager search.

Feb. 7, 2024, 2:30 pm
Update via HR Dir BillieJo Bible

Council members did not request to view the applications as they were submitted. Applications are being printed for the Council. The Council will decide who to interview and when. Two applicants withdrew: Justin Shaw and Collin Mays. The position was advertised on govtjobs.com, employflorida.com, and the city website. The Florida League of Cities ignored the City's request to advertise the position.

Also absent from the evening’s agenda was any mention of the City Manager search.

As metioned in Part-I, the minimum qualifications are in the City Manager job description and the City Charter (§ 401), which states: "The city council shall appoint a city manager for an indefinite term. The compensation of the city manager shall be fixed by the council. The city manager shall hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited four (4) year college or university and have either ten (10) years of progressively responsible experience in municipal or corporate management in a senior management position or any equivalent combination of training and experience.”

Link to Applicant spread sheet

All the candidates are college graduates: six have master’s degrees.

The nine applicants all reside in Florida, with five having Lake City addresses.

Of the latest group of applicants, only one did not provide all the requested information (an application), Leroy Marshall, a well-known and highly regarded SRWMD engineer.

Interim City Manager Dee Johnson: He did not apply

link to Lake City City Manager applicationsInterim City Manager Dee Johnson did not apply. He does not meet the requirements to be City Manager, and even if he finally attained a college degree, he does have the experience to do the job.

Lake City Mayor Steve Witt continues to allow Council meetings to careen out of control, continuing to allow community activist Sylvester Warren to comment whenever he wants – about whatever he wants. Incredibly, Mr. Warren, during one of his trips to the microphone, was the only one who mentioned the City Manager search during the meeting.


The next Lake City City Manager will have their hands full.

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