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Image of hand coming out of the sea with caption: Lake City 2021, the year that was. It was not a good yearLake City 2021: The Number One Story in Columbia County Was Lake City

Old Lake City Logo with caption: Choosing a city manager: Lake City's most important decision since the civil warCity Council Picks Two City Manager Finalists: Councilman Hill Has a Favorite, Sampson Calls a Dead Heat, Witt & Jefferson Agree on Top Two

Chicks and eggs with caption: City Manager Search: After everyone goes home, the City Council hatches a planLake City’s City Manager Search Turns Into A Surprise After Everyone Goes Home

Photo of cloud over river with caption: City Manager Mike Williams submits resignation. Paul Dyal to run city as city manager search progressesInterim City Manager Mike Williams Submits Resignation, Paul Dyal to Run City as City Manager Search Progresses

Renee Narloch appears at the City CouncilHeadhunter Takes Center Stage In City Manager Search. Councilman Hill: Only Council Member to Share His Requirements for City Manager

Photo of hand coming out of the sea with caption: Lake City is looking for a city manager, tonight a desperate city council weighs inCity Manager Search: Tonight the Public Get Its First Look at the Candidates and the Headhunter

Photos of city council members and city attorney with caption: Lake City's District 144 seat stays vacant. City Council and attorney delay-delay-delayBefaithful Coker Further Delayed in Taking Her Seat on City Council. City Atty Fails to Respond in Time to Judge’s “Order to Show Cause”

Map of Florida graphic with Judge David W. Fina and copy: Florida has its eye on Lake City. Veteran Circuit Court Judge David W. Fina will determine what Florida seesCity Council Votes to Keep Councilmember Befaithful Coker From Taking Her Seat: Chooses Litigation to Keep Seat Vacant

City Attorney Koberlein Squeaks in Under the Wire With Request for Council Advice; City Clerk Publishes Improper Notice

Photo of apple with bites missing and caption: Judge to Lake City: Stop! No more botes of the apple. The City couldn't get that right, either.Judge Squashes City’s Third Bite at the Apple: Orders City to explain why Befaithful Coker should not take her seat on the City Council

Image of circus clown with copy: the Lake City Circus ContinuesLake City FL: Filling a Vacated City Council Seat Has the Council Flying By the Seat of Its Pants

Photo of the earth rising from the moon with caption: Lake City lost in space.Befaithful Coker Robbed of City Council Seat: Lake City Makes Up the Rules as it Goes Along

Befaithful Coker at the meeting's conclusion, with daughter Victoria and son Michael.Befaithful Coker Fills Vacated Lake City, City Council Seat on Sixth Motion:  Stick-to-itiveness and a do-over paid dividends


Vacated Council Seat Now Down to 3 Candidates. Chasteen Drops Out. City Manager Reconsiders When He Found Out

Photo of the Marx Brothers on the phone with the caption: Lake City Florida - Is the City Council Listening? Is Anyone Taking the Council Seriously?Befaithful Coker Sues Lake City for Sunshine Law Violation & Other Things: Does It Understand?

Woman whisppering with caption: Vacated City Council Seat Filled by Secret BallotVacated City Council Seat Filled By Secret Ballot: 'Good Ole' Boy' Stephen A. Douglas Gets the Nod

Photo of thinking woman with caption: Tonight the council will vote to fill its empty seat. It will demonstrate what it collectively thinks are important qualifications for a city council member.Tonight At 5 pm the Lake City Council Will Select One of Five Candidates to Fill Its Vacated Seat

Photo of empty chair with caption: 4 City Councilmen will vote to fill one empty seatThe Clock Is Counting Down: 4 Councilmen Will Choose a Member to Fill the Vacated Council Seat

Vanessa George with caption: Not everyone saw "Olustee" in the same lightLC’s Olustee Festival: Controversy Highlights the Granting of the Festival Permit and its Name

Battle of Olustee: What really happenedCity Council Approves Olustee Battle Festival Permit (3-1):  The Battle of Olustee, this is what really happened

David Young, Lake City Director of Growth ManagemengLake City Growth Management Director David Young Resigns: His departure does not look like a good thing for Lake City

Lake City negotiating team and Fraternal Order of Police negotiating teamLCPD Union and LC Getting Closer to a Game Changing Agreement – Fair Pay & Retaining Officers Priority No. 1

Photo of Mike Williams in City Hall audience, with caption: It's official – again – Mikee Williams is interim Lake City, City Manager, but not withouut a couple of bumps in the roadIt’s Official – Again – Mike Williams Is Interim LC, City Manager, But Not Without a Couple of Bumps in the Road

Interim City Manager Mike Williams with caption: Interim City Manager Mike Williams at the Police Union negotiations last Thursday. Has the LCPD completed his background check?On the LC Docket Tonight, Mike Williams for Interim City Manager: Where Is His Application?

Lake City Council ChambersMike Williams Gets Nod for Interim City Manager: MIA at the meeting & no resume. Councilman Hill, “That’s How They Do Business in Lake City.”

Ami Fields photo with caption: Interim City Manager, a promise lost of Greek proportionsInterim LC City Manager Ami Fields Resigns, Un-Resigns, Resigns Again: Today 9 am – Next Steps

photo of Lake City Interim City Manager Ami Fields with caption: Interim City ManageInterim Lake City, City Manager Stays Put: Coup Fizzles After Mayor Admits All He Has Is “Hearsay”

Fire Chief Randy Burnham at the July 28 union negotiation.Lake City Fire Chief Randall “Randy” Burnham: A straight-up guy who backed his men 100%

photo of City Council with caption: More confusion at the city counci. Now it's raises for city workersAll City Workers To Get $15hr – Almost; City Council Confused About Other City Raises

Photo of Lake City Interim City Manager Ami Fields with captionCity $60 Mil Budget Hearing Kicks off at 4 pm. Salaries, Staffing, & Other Things May Be Discussed. Will the City Manager Speak Out?

City Councilman Chris Greene reads from his TRIM notice.Councilman Greene Leads Sneak Attack to Cancel Budget Workshop; Important Issues Pushed Aside; Public & Employees Left in the Lurch

Mayor Steve Witt and Councilman Chris Greene with caption: Only Mayor Witt and Councilman Greene recognized the inadequacy of the contractCity Council Approves Ami Fields Interim City Manager Contract (3-2): Contract is Incomplete

City Clerk Audrey Sikes and Fire Chief Randy Burnham with copy: Fire Chief calls a truce with City Clerk Audrey Sikes, withdraws complaint.Fire Chief Calls a Truce With City Clerk, Withdraws Complaint, No Investigation: “I didn’t want to put that burden on the taxpayers.”

A full house in Lake City, City HallReplacing the City Manager:  Pt I – Helfenberger Officially Gone; Foot Dragging City Attorney and City Council Costs Taxpayers Thousands

City Councilman Jake Hill makes a point.Replacing the City Manager: Pt II - Councilman Greene Wants a Headhunter; City Atty Predicts Fields “Likely to be Next City Manager”

Ami FieldsOn the City Docket Tonight: Council to Decide Next Steps For a Permanent City Manager

Lake City, City Hall: Elsa May Cause Evacuation As Winds Rise

City Manager Joe HelfenbergerCity Manager Helfenberger Responds to City Council Allegations: He Will Not Litigate if City Honors His Contract

City Attorney Fred Koberlein Took 'Poetic License' with City Manager Joe Helfenberger’s Suspension Language. How Much Is Too Much?

Columbia Cnty Econ Dev: Water to Plum Creek-Weyerhauser-Mega Industrial Park? 15 Years & Counting

Lake City Utilities back in the game

Eugene Jefferson and Joe Helfengerger with caption: Would the City Manager stay? All eyes were on veteran councilman Eugene JeffersonCity Manager Joe Helfenberger Suspended for 45 Days Pending a Final Resolution for His Removal

Town of Fort White To Get $75k From Columbia County Taxpayers For the Privilege of Providing It With Clean Water

Columbia County Courts and Others Getting Back to Normal, ‘Sort Of’

City Manager Joe Helfenberger Terminates HR Director. Other Directors Ask Him to Reconsider: Public Records and IT Security the Issues

City Attorney Fred Koberlein, Jr. and Winnie the PoohCity Attorney Fred Koberlein Invokes the Winnie-the-Pooh ‘Factor’ To Explain Fuzzy Resolution Title & Mystery $84k Prefab Building

Columbia County: Civilian Review of the Sheriff’s Office Nixed – Sheriff Say’s He Does It Himself

Lake City Medical Center Investing Additional $36 Mil In Improvements

Fourth Kayaktivism Event Scheduled for Saturday, May 29, on the Santa Fe River: Depleting the Springs and Plastic is the Issue

City Manager Joe Helfenberger Terminates HR Director. Other Directors Ask Him to Reconsider: Public Records and IT Security the Issues

City Attorney Fred Koberlein Invokes the Winnie-the-Pooh ‘Factor’ To Explain Fuzzy Resolution Title & Mystery $84k Prefab Building

photo of police with caption: a plan for police oversight for Lake City.Lake City Police Advisory Review Board: Councilman Sampson Has a Plan

Lake City Police Advisory Review Board: The Workshop – It Wasn’t Pretty

Mandy Rand Zooming to the cloudLake City IT: 3 Men Couldn’t Do What LC’s Former IT Director ‘Could,' Proving It Takes a Woman

Woman reflected in computer monitor with caption: Gone: women in Lake City IT. Councilman with 5 daughters want a report.With the Departure of Lake City IT Director Mandy Rand, Prof. Florida/N. FL Women Not Surprised at Her Treatment

State of the Art Green House Coming to Lake City. Green Life Farms Will Grow 3 mil Pounds of Environmentally Friendly Produce Yearly

Lake City IT Director Quits - Tells City Manager: “Another attack would destroy my career, jeopardize the City and my family.”

Mother and community activist Bea Faithful Coker addresses the City Council and Chief Gilmore. Columbia County Observer photos and graphicLake City Police Chief Argatha Gilmore Makes It Clear, She Answers to Nobody in Lake City

Olustee - ‘Second Thoughts’: Commissioner Robby Hollingsworth Shows Up At City Council, “It’s kinda’ strange, but here I am.”

Lake City Utility Advisory Committee Back on Track Again. City Administration and Attorney Faux Pas Cause Consternation – Confusion

Lake City – Columbia County, Utility Progress: While They Met About Gas – The Theme Was Cooperation

Daniel Sweat attending his first City meeting, with copy: Daniel Sweat, LC Assistant City Manager, left no stone unturned in his resignation letterAsst. Lake City Manager Daniel Sweat Resigns. His Resignation Letter Will Live as His Legacy About His Views of Lake City and His Co-Workers

Lake City’s Assistant City Manager Under Investigation: Will he dodge the bullet again?

Photo of Olustee battlel obelisk with copy: Olustee Battle Obelisk in a downtown Lake City park, owned by Columbia County. What is the County's next step?Lake City Legal Opinion: Olustee Park – Home of Confederate Monument – Owned By Columbia County

City Councilman Todd Sampson and Commissioner Rocky FordLake City & Columbia County Finally Smoke a Utility Peace Pipe. Agree to Cooperate

Lake City Turns Back the Clock on Utility Cooperation – Digs In For a Utility War: Is it too late for cooperation?

Lake City Residents Looking for Police Oversight By a Civilian Complaint Review Board, Not an Advisory Council

Lake City Vice Mayor Appears Before the County 5 to Discuss City Utility Policy & the City Budget: His Appearance Not Sanctioned by the City Council

Lake City & Columbia County: Finally, On the Cusp of Getting Their Utility Act Together

Lake City's Resolutions, Ordinances Have Issues: City Attorney Koberlein Invents New Legal Term

Lake City Not the Regional Utility Anymore: It's Now Up To the City Council Decide What It Wants the Utility to Be - Time Is Running Out

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