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Lake City Fire Chief Randal “Randy” Burnham: A straight-up guy who backed his men 100%

Fire Chief Randy Burnham at the July 28 union negotiation.
Chief Burnham (right) at the July 28,2021 union negotiation.

LAKE CITY, FL – Thirty-plus-year veteran Lake City Fire Fighter Randall “Randy” Burnham lost his fight against the COVID this past Sunday. Chief Burnham spent his 30 plus year career with the Lake City Fire Department working his way through the ranks to become chief.

Chief Burnham was a straight shooter and a leader who lead from the front. He understood the practical realities of leadership and public relations. He played the political game when he had too, but always put his men, the Department, and the citizens of Lake City, first.

A year ago, during the IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) negotiations, Chief Burnham backed his men 100%, something he did with energy. You can read about that here: Fire Chief Randall Burnham Sets the Record Straight.

During this year's union negotiations, he worked out a step system that will finally bring the Department into the 21st century.

Chief Burnham will be missed.

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