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Holiday Celebration: See a Drunk - Dial *FHP

Suwannee Valley TA Pays $257,318 in Exempt OT
DOT OIG Wants an Explanation

Taking the Bite Out of Holiday Dangers for Pets

Columbia County 5 Bails Out Suwannee Valley TA After It Runs Out of Money - Again: Gives $50,000

Posted December 18, 2014  03:25 pm | (2 comments)

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – The Suwannee Valley Transit Authority (SVTA) was front and center at the Columbia County Commission (County 5 or The 5) last night. Once again, the SVTA ran out of money. Records that were not made available to the public in advance of the meeting, in violation of the County Charter, show that on December 1 the SVTA was $50,600 behind in its bills. The request from the SVTA for a $50,000 grant from Columbia County's taxpayers made it onto the County's agenda. There was no explanation how it got there.

Family & Holidays: Sometimes Less is More

FDOT's Petihomme Enlightens Planning Council on Fed Funds for Hometown Projects

Billions Available for FL Gulf Restoration
National Wildlife Federation Has a Plan

Report Highlights Unsafe Toys in Time for Xmas

Florida HIV Cases Rank 2nd Highest in Nation

Holiday Air Travel? Know Your Passenger Rights

FL PSC Decision on Energy Efficiency Expected Today

FL Walmart Workers Join Fight for Better Wages, Working Conditions

Obama's Executive Order Could Affect Up to 900,000 Florida Immigrants

Helping FL's Youngest Residents - A Family Affair

445,000 FL Children Uninsured

No Rest For the Weary: Eyes on FL for 2016

It's Halloween: Expert Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Florida's Monarchs On the Move

Impact of Affordable Care Act: Health Care Costs Down

Medical Marijuana Supporters Continue Fight for Amendment 2

FPL Seeks Public Funds to Fight Clean Water Rules

FL Low Wage Airport Workers: Ebola Concern

Happy Birthday Clean Water Act: Legislation Turned 42 Saturday

North FL Broadband Authority:  The Termination   Bad Feelings – No Kind Words – Broke

"Koch Sisters" Use Notorious Name as Platform

North Florida Broadband Authority
$30,000,000 Stimulus Project On Death Row

North Florida Broadband Authority: Lake City Manager Wendell Johnson Recommends 'Abandon Ship'

Funding To Protect Ichetucknee Springs
Tax Dollars Doing What They Are Supposed To Do

Looking For A Career Change? Tech Jobs Leading the Way

Sunshine State Ranks Low in Happiness

Calls for More Funding for Childhood Cancer Research

Health Coverage Gap Impacts Florida Parents

Conservation Dollars Available for Florida Farmers

BP Found "Grossly Negligent" in 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

EEOC Sues Two Florida Firms for Sexual Harassment:
Alleged - Farmworker Women Subjected to Rape, Coerced Sex, Groping and Verbal Abuse

Jellyfish Invade FL Beaches: The Sting of Climate Change

I Had The Displeasure of Having To Ride SVTA

Dental Problems Number One Reason FL Kids Miss School

Suwannee Valley TA: In Disarray Since 2011, The SVTA Remains Severely Challenged

Scott Leading Crist In AARP Voter Survey

Clean-Energy Groups Question FL's Solar Plan

Robin Williams' Star Power Shines Light on Suicide, Depression

New Research Gives Floridians Something to Smile About

"National Breastfeeding Month" is Here

Human, Economic Health On the Line with EPA Rules, Say Supporters

SRWMD Launches Springs Dashboard With Manatee Springs - More To Come

Feds Report Social Security On Solid Ground, Disability Insurance Trust Fund - Immediate Issues

US Senator Bill NelsonU.S. Senator Bill Nelson Update: July 28, 2013

Controversy Surrounds FL's Tax Credit Scholarship Program

2 teens arrested for torturing a gopher tortoise

Florida Sea Turtles: "Frozen" in Migration Race

Gluten-Free Doesn't Automatically Mean a Healthy Choice

Acid in the Ocean? FL Reefs Swallow Bitter Pill of Carbon Pollution

Drilling Toward Disaster?
Concern Over Proposed Gulf Drill Sites

Florida Missing the Boat With Medicaid Expansion

Avoid Summer Tragedy: Never Leave Kids In Cars

North Central Florida Regional Planning Council: Quietly Funneling Millions Into the Region

Avoiding Boaters: Not Much of a Holiday for Manatees or Sea Turtles

SRWMD: Rainfall 25% Higher Than Average

FL Drinking Water Quality: EPA – In or Out?

In 2014 Blacks Don't Vote On The Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board: There Are None

U.S. Magistrate Sentences Two Men For Harassing Manatees: YouTube Video Removes All Doubt

Enjoy a Safe July 4th: Leave Fireworks to the Professionals!

World Sea Turtle Day: FL Plays Major Role

Florida Labor Backs Crist for Governor

Gulf Power Faces Lawsuit for Coal-Ash

Conservationists: Overturning Net Ban is Fishing for Trouble

Wanted: Candidate - Career Politicians Need Not Apply

North Central Florida Regional Planning Council: Executive Director Presents Year End Wrap Up

Chemical Legislation: Reading Between Lines, Underneath Label

Look Both Ways: Report Highlights Pedestrian Dangers in FL Cities

Suwannee Valley TA: Dialysis Patients Riding On Saturday for Another Month

Protecting Florida's Migrant Birds: For Many the Trip Begins in Canada

FOILED – A Plan to Depose the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council and Replace it With the SVTA

US Senator Bill NelsonU.S. Sen. Bill Nelson
Update May 1, 2014

Suwannee Valley Transit Authority: Here They Go Again - Good Government, What's That?

'Internet Freedom' Showdown Brewing

FL's Strategic Plan for Economic Development Updated by DEO's Noel Munson

Florida: 13th on the list of Fortune 500 companies

Suwannee Valley Transit Authority Administrator and Director of Operations Resign

Compensating Wrongly Convicted James Richardson

Feds Net Illegal Traffickers of Florida Marine Life: US Attorney Prosecutes Michigan Residents

Today is Federal Tax Day: Floridians No. 15 on List of Federal Tax Payers

FL Reviews Sentencing Law for Juveniles:
A Punishment That Fits the Crime

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio Update April 5, 2013

Report Shines Light on Racial Disparities for FL Children

US Senator Bill NelsonU.S. Sen. Bill Nelson Update April 3, 2014

FL DOT: High Mileage Cars Affecting Revenue

Last Day for Public Comments to “Free Lolita”

FL Water Protection: Proposed Rule Would Close Gap

Some FL Pharmacies Dispensing Contraception Misinformation

Spring Cleaning in Florida, Get Rid of the Clutter

Suwannee Valley TA Under Microscope: OIG (Office of the Inspector General) Called In To Investigate

Suwannee Valley TA Moves Into 21st Century Commissioner Nash Says, "No Mas" to Secrecy
Suwannee County Com. Gamble seconds the motion

249,000 Eligible FL Children Missing Breakfast

Florida Biologists Hope For Another Busy Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Citizen Watchdog Group:
Florida Fracking Bill Is Tip of ALEC Iceberg

Chris Doolin, Veteran Lobbyist, Answers a Few Questions About Florida's Small Counties

Veteran Consultant/Lobbyist Presents Major Issues Confronting FL's 37 Small Counties

Biologists Rescue Panther Kitten In Collier County

U.S. Sup Ct: Time for Cameras in Nation's Highest Court

Reminder: Check Child Safety Seats

Conservationists: Overturning Net Ban is Fishing for Trouble

EPA: No More Shades of Gray for Coal Ash in FL

Florida - One of the Top States In Income Inequality & Lack of Upward Financial Mobility For African Americans

Fate of “Nosey” the FL Circus Elephant in USDA’s Hands

Florida's Amdt. 1 On Nov. Ballot

More Than Half of FL Fourth-Graders Aren't Reading at Grade Level

Florida: The Best Day To Fill It Up

Florida Citizens Unite in the Fight for Clean Water

FL House Rep. Keith Perry Speaks at North Central Florida Regional Planning Council

Obamacare Signups Soar, But Knowledge Gap Still Exists

Top 10 most dangerous jobs. It’s not police officers & firefighters

Excessive Drinking in FL Costs Billions
Added Dangers for Women Who Binge Drink