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North Florida Broadband Authority: Suwannee County tells the NFBA – One more strike and you're out

North Florida Broadband Authority: Wracked by gross mismanagement from the feds on down, the NFBA has become the poster child for non disclosure

North Florida Broadband Authority: More bad news. Last Mile Wifi CEO, "I knew they were going to extort me."

It's Flu Season: Are we scrubbing the good guys away?

Florida Water Wins: EPA Sets Pollution Limits

North Florida Broadband Authority: NFBA failed to make the grade in Gilchrist County

$4.5 Billion BP Settlement Called a “Down Payment” for Florida

"Guns & Butter" Debate May Put Vets at Risk

FL Latinos in Democrat Camp

Posted Nov 09, 2012  11:25 am | Public News Service

North Florida Broadband Authority: Columbia County Pulls Out of Obama Funded Stimulus Project

All Eyes On Florida As Election Looms

Florida's Infrastructure Fails To Make the Grade in New Report

Florida Families Can Prepare for College Costs Now

Educators Push for Bully Free Florida

BP Settlement Should Happen in Public Forum, say Environmentalists

Ethics Reform In Florida: Will it be for real this time? Integrity FL is encouraged

Good News That Everyone in FL Can Appreciate: Final presidential debate in innovative performing arts center, Lynn University, Boca Raton

North Florida Broadband Authority: The NFBA road show traveled to an unprepared Columbia County with misinformation, half truths, and just plain lies

Push for Amendment to Protect FL's Environment

Millions of Tax $ Spent to Fill Lake Okeechobee Tributary

North Florida Broadband Authority: Woebegotten Stimulus funded authority gets another black eye. No one bids to service the $30 mil 14 county network.

Florida #1 for Complaints of Sick Puppy Purchases: Buyer Beware

FL Religious Leaders Address the "Moral Dimension" of Hunger

North Florida Broadband Auth: Another County pulls out. Dixie says throwing away money a major issue.

What You Might Not Know About Generic Drugspills

Lake Shore Hosp Authority's Berry Attacks 1st Amendment & Observer. FL Southern Christian Leadership Conference: "We will stand by you."

USDA Reports More Hungry Households in Florida

North Florida Broadband Authority: NFBA road shows moves to Lake City for a double dose of free money

North Central Florida Regional Planning Council: A tough job, in a tough region, in tough times

Romney is GOP Nominee, but Paul Supporters Stay Strong

Campaign Money “Arms Race” Goes Nuclear

Tea Party Gears Up for RNC

Convention "Counter Events" Take Aim at Romney Platform

North Florida Broadband Authority:
Secrecy and a lawyer's spread sheet.
It's business as usual at the NFBA

Fight to Save Endangered Little Bird in Florida

Economic Worries Number One Issue for Most Active FL Voters

Alarm Clock: 5 minutes to midnightFEMA/SBA – Tropical Storm Debby Disaster Assistance: Sept. 4th witching hour approaches

Love is in the Air for Florida Sea Turtles

FL Doctors Asked to Screen for Domestic Violence

North Florida Broadband Authority:  Mainstreet Broadband, NFBA's touted business partner, goes bust

Animal-Fighting Law Takes Federal Stage

Small Business Mobile Assistance Center in Lake City Monday Morning at Lowes

North Florida Broadband Authority: Two cities say "no mas." Refuse free tower space to NFBA

Pressure Mounts to Protect Florida's Caloosahatchee River: Now up to courts

Push by Floridians to Raise Federal Minimum Wage

FEMA/SBA Disaster Recovery Centers Still Going Strong In FL: "If you need help, you must register."

Putting Children on the Campaign Radar in FL

Impact of Sup Ct Decision on Women's Health in Florida

Sea turtle escaping through TED opening (NOAA)Stronger Sea Turtle Protections Targeted by Congress

HIV Fading as a Health Threat, Infection Continues in FL

Integrity Florida Research Is Getting Results

Predicted Record Heat Brings Concerns Over Cooling Bills in FL

Progress Florida weighs in on Gov. Rick Scott’s assault on voting rights

All FL's Election Supervisors Suspend Gov's Voter Purge

Inside The Internet Porn Industry: Researchers set up adult Web sites to study online industry

Green Slime On the Santa Fe River

American Cancer Society Cautions Sunshine State About Skin Cancer

US Senator Bill NelsonU.S. Sen Bill Nelson - Update May 23, 2012

Dignified Burial for Veterans

Strokes Expected to Increase Among FL Baby Boomers

US Senator Bill NelsonU.S. Sen Bill Nelson - Update April 26, 2012

Sexual Assault in the Military

Autism Advice for School Success? Try Sunglasses

National Report: FL Ranks First in Pre-K Access to Children

Violence Against Women Act RepublicansViolence Against Women Act:  FL Sen. Bill Nelson Cosponsors Bill - FL Rep. Sandy Adams works to roll back protections

Will Social Security Last for Gens X, Y, Z?
Some say no; Some say fixes are minor

Survey Shows Americans Want Clean, Affordable Energy

It's "Summer Slime Season" in Florida: Campaign asks Florida to take action

Autism Advice for School Success? Try Sunglasses

Suwannee Valley Transit Authority (SVTA): Florida's Sunshine Laws - What's that?

National Report: FL Ranks First in Pre-K Access to Children

North Florida Broadband Authority: Taylor County Says Goodbye, "I don't think our county should be involved."

Protection of Ocklawaha River and Wildlife One Step Closer

North Florida Broadband Authority: Perry Pulls Out, City Manager tells Council, "It's just out of whack"

North Florida Broadband Authority: Bradford County Says "No Mas" – Pulls Out

SRWMD Launches New Web Site: Cool – Slick – Packed With Information

Renewed Fight to Save Ocklawaha River and Wildlife

North Florida Broadband Authority: Operating in the shadows with the help of the Feds, the NFBA saga continues

US Senator Bill NelsonU.S. Sen Bill Nelson - Update March 28, 2012

Suwannee Valley Transit Authority (SVTA) Train Wreck Continues: Accounting still questionable - Vendors still not being paid

BP Gulf Oil Spill: Are Dolphins Sick and Dying Because of Exposure? NOAA is looking for answers

State Attorney Skip Jarvis: Did he delay producing public records? The District Court of Appeals Wants To Know

US Senator Bill NelsonU.S. Senator Bill Nelson - Update March 21, 2012

National Conversation on Social Security and Medicare Starts in Florida

Concerns Grow Over Florida's "Jurassic Park" Bill

Florida Leaders Organized For Water (FLOW): The word is out, "Our water is critical to all of us."

Miami's Great Divide: The Poorest Clean Offices of the Richest

Gulf Coast RESTORE Act Passes Big Hurdle

N FL Regional Water Supply Partnership: The controversy continues – Who will be the right stakeholders in the tent?

Regional Water Meeting Tonight: SRWMD, SJRWMD & DEP getting their act together in a state with no state wide water policy

FL: More Kids Growing Up In Poor Neighborhoods

Lake City, City Manager Wendell Johnson looks to make White Elephant deal with troubled North Florida Broadband Authority

Florida Group Helps Seabirds Find Safety On Shore

North Florida Broadband Authority: Propped up by the Feds, financed by the American People - Who can you trust?

Florida Public Land Up For Grabs?

Florida Legislators want to grant themselves absolute immunity until the end of time

Largest U.S. Private-Prison Deal Defeated in Florida’s Senate

Enhanced NOAA Weather Radar Coming To Northeast Florida and S.E. Georgia

FL Still At Bottom Of Senior Care Barrel   

FL Women Speak Out Against Repeal of Affordable Care Act:  “Being a woman is not a preexisting condition”

FL Housing Crisis Opens a Unique Job Market

TALLAHASSEE , FL - Florida real estate developers were selling houses as fast as they could build them until the bottom fell out of the market. Now, hundreds of new homes and condos stand empty, threatened with decay and vandalism. What can property owners do to preserve their investment until a house is sold? Some are turning to a unique publication, Gary Dunn's Caretaker Gazette. 

Florida's Exclusive Underwater Burial Ground

US Senator Bill NelsonU.S. Senator Bill Nelson - Update Feb 2, 2012

Barbs Fly in FL Private Prison Conflict  

Recording the Police: Is it a crime?
Chicago police sued over eavesdropping arrest

Progress Florida submits 11,000+ signatures in opposition to GOP’s Voter Suppression Act

Open Enrollment Ending: Sign Up for FL College Savings Plans 

North Central Florida Water Working Group Gathering Steam:  St. John's Dir says – Spend the money on solutions, not wars

Suwannee River Water Management District blown off Water Working Group agenda again: Was it an oversight or will they listen?

FL Wildlife Federation Pushing State Restoration Act

What's the 'State Of The State' of Florida? It depends.

2012 Gasoline Price Projections -- Going Up

Boston police admit arrest for videotaping was wrong

North Florida Broadband Authority:
"Sunlight is the best disinfectant." Not for them

SRWMD receiving $1.8M to assist FEMA with better flood hazard data

FL Evangelical Leaders Launch Young Voters' Outreach  

Push for Legalizing Casinos in 2012