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Girls Got STEAM: Build Racecars

It's important for girls to embrace the exciting world of STEAM-related fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and math. See how Ford brought the awesomeness of car racing to hundreds of Girl Scouts from councils in New Jersey, Detroit, Miami and Dallas!

As part of Ford Motor Company’s collaboration with four Girl Scouts Councils, young girls from across America had the chance to explore STEAM-related fields through the four Ford Girls’ Fast Track Races events.

Girls’ Fast Track Races, Powered by Ford, is designed to provide encouragement and motivation to the four participating councils as they work to build their own race cars.  The goal of the race is to provide hands-on experience in vehicle engineering and design to hundreds of Brownies and Juniors from each of the participating councils as they build their own cars.

“Working together on this event today is just an outstanding way for us to show our innovation and support for girls in STEAM,” said Alison Bazil, business manager for vehicle components and system engineering for Ford Motor Company. “The Girl Scouts’ mission is to instill girls with courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place.”It gives participants the opportunity to connect and compete at the highest level — all while sparking creativity to ensure a brighter future, not just for Ford, but for the entire community.

“We want to build the girls’ confidence in their STEAM abilities by introducing them to different experiences like this, and to different STEAM professionals,” said Barb Sosin, director of council programs for the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan. “Ford has allowed us to provide this opportunity to the girls that they may not have otherwise had, and we’re very appreciative of Ford’s sponsorship of this event.”Teaming up with the four Girl Scouts councils made sense for Ford, as the company knows diversity is imperative to future innovations. “This is just a collaboration made in heaven, between what Ford is wanting to do and what Girl Scouts is all about,” said Bazil.

In addition to offering guidance to the girls on their vehicles, Ford Motor Company engineers are judges in a design competition, where the cars are judged based on workmanship and creativity. Two design trophies are awarded in addition to trophies for the fastest Brownie and Junior cars.

Ford is excited to do even more for STEAM Education in 2017.  Please visit the Ford STEAM Experience website for more information!

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