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Photo of  prison cell with caption: New prison rules for Florida: no handwritten letters: there is backlashFlorida Prisons Ban Greeting Cards and Handwritten Letters: there is backlash

Manatees under water with caption: Manatees: Around for 60 million years. Will Florida's politicians finally do them in?Pollution Killing Manatees:  Earthjustice To EPA ‘Stop the Pollution’ or ‘We’ll See You in Court’

Photo of hands painted in LBQT colors with headline: Florida Department of Education: What is it thinking?SPLC Condemns Removal of FL Dept of Ed LGBQT Anti Bullying Portal: Urges Immediate Return

Statue of Chief Ousamequin of the Wampanoag Nation, overlooking Plymouth Bay, with Caption: The first Thanksgiving. The Wampanoags help was followed by years of a slow, unfolding genocideThe Wampanoags Helped the Pilgrims Survive for Their First Thanksgiving – They Still Regret It

Chispa-Florida: Igniting the movement. Advancing climate justiceAdvocates Call Build Back Better Essential For Environmental Justice

Fire fighters putting out large fire with caption: OSHA is about workplace safety. Governor calls for legislature to evaluate pulling outFlorida Unions: Pulling Out of OSHA Would Risk Health and Safety of Millions

Battle of Olustee: What really happenedCity Council Approves Olustee Battle Festival Permit (3-1):  The Battle of Olustee, this is what really happened

container of vegetables with caption: Florida's food insecure kids eligible for $375 benefitFL Finally Applies for Critical Children's Grocery Benefit: Approved For More than a $Billion

frying pan with scrabble letters inside which spell hungerFL Poised to Pass Up Millions in Fed Food Assist. Over 2 Mil Low Income Children At Risk


Compliance Issues Continue to Plague the SVTA: Following the law and its own rules continues to be problematic

Photo of FL Supreme Court with copy: Will COVID be the un-wanted problem to move Florida's courts a quantum leap forward?With COVID Cases Surging in FL and Its Jails, FACDL Calls For a Return to ZOOM

Ariel photo of Duke Energy's Columbia County solar farm, with headline: Duke Energy solar farm in Columbia County. Duke's One Millionth solar panel is here.Duke Energy 'All-In' On Solar Power. New Florida Solar Farms Will Install 3-Millionth Solar Panel


FWC 2021-2022 decalsThe Wait is Over: FWC’s 2021-2022 Manatee and Sea Turtle Decals Are Here


Nature as Econ Developemnt: Apalachicola, Other Estuarine Reserves Help Power Local Economies

Proposal Would Guarantee Access to Abortion Across U.S.

Hurricane Season Is Here, FL Dept. of Health: “Make a Storm Disaster Plan - Now”

Florida Sued Over New ‘Big Tech’ Social Media Law

Fourth Kayaktivism Event Scheduled for Saturday, May 29, on the Santa Fe River: Depleting the Springs and Plastic is the Issue

After 40% drop in 2020 visitors, Florida’s Tourism Industry Rebounding

Florida TaxWatch ‘Budget Turkeys’: Down, But Still Too Much Murk in Project Spending

Global Prayer Challenge On the Anniversary of George Floyd's Death


Third Federal Lawsuit Filed Against New Florida Vote-By-Mail Restrictions

Innovation: Broward College Strives for Better Workforce Recovery

FL, With the 5th Lowest National Unemployment Benefit, Leaves Laid-Off Workers to Make Do as Businesses Get Relief

Florida Senate Boosts Unemployment Benefits – Showdown Set With House, Governor DeSantis

bee photo by KP Bandyopadhyay - Unsplash, with copy: bees have been around for 60 million years. They are in trouble.Earth Day: Environmentalists Push to Save Bees

Tampa Bay Braces for Algal Outbreak After Toxic Wastewater Leak

Mother and Child in black and white with copy: Florida, among the top states in the nation in uninsured childresFlorida Missing Out On Available Medicaid Funding in COVID-19 Relief Package

Middle school student attacks muslim student as administrators look onViolence – Bullying Condemned After Chiefland Middle School Girl Assaulted in Cafeteria: Did Administrators Look On?

Florida Vaccine Favoritism: Text Messages, Hospital Statement Give Legs to Claims Against DeSantis

New Report: Average Wage Theft Rate in Florida Will Persist Without More Vigorous Enforcement

images of trump supporter storming capitol and police riot in Selma, 1965Florida 'Anti-Riot' Bill May Be DOA in FL Senate, Advances in House

Snowy Plover mother on nest.  FWC photoFWC: You Can Help Protect Florida's Nesting Waterbirds

Chief Judge Feagle’s Term Unanimously Extended, Judge’s Updated Court COVID-19 Plan Released

Picture of  legal notices copy: legal notices, not so easy to readFlorida Legal Notice Law Breezing Through House, Senate Will Be the Decider

Florida Bill Targets Facebook, Twitter, and More After Decisions to Ban or Suspend Pres. Trump

Schwarzenegger Compares Capitol Mob Violence to Kristallnacht Destruction by Nazis In Viral Video

Air Force Veterans of Plutonium Dust Disaster Win Class Action Standing In Law Suit Against the VA

Conservationists Decry Trump's Rollback of Migratory-Bird Protections

Trump's Invaders Capture the Capitol Rotunda

Governor DeSantic watches folks get vaccinated at UF HealthGovernor DeSantis: CDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Priorities a "Huge Mistake"

Florida Whistleblower outside her front door with hands up.FL Whistleblower Rebekah Jones Sues, Claims Seizure of Computer Equipment Was "Retaliation"