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Abortion Access Designated Amendment 4 On 2024 Ballot

Women supporting Florida's Amendment 4 - Abortion Access
Photo via Floridians Protecting Freedom | Columbia County Observer graphic

SARASOTA – Floridians Protecting Freedom has received notification from the Florida Division of Elections that its initiative, giving Floridians the chance to vote to limit government interference with abortion, will officially be Amendment 4 on the 2024 General Election ballot, pending Supreme Court review. On January 26, the Florida Division of Elections verified 993,387 petitions submitted by the campaign, more than 100,000 more than the 891,523 needed by February 1, 2024.

Campaign Director Lauren Brenzel said, “Today, our campaign to limit government interference with abortion reached a historic milestone with the assignment of an official ballot number. This November, Floridians should have the chance to vote for Amendment 4 to return control of our bodies and futures back to us, where these personal decisions belong.”

So far, out of seven states that have voted on abortion access since Roe v. Wade was overturned, all seven have affirmed support, including conservative states like Kansas, Kentucky, and, most recently, Ohio. Florida is poised to follow suit.

After eight months of collecting petitions, Floridians Protecting Freedom has close to 1 million validated signatures from Floridians who want to see this amendment on the ballot. Friday marked the official end of the first phase of the campaign, qualifying for ballot placement. The next step is Supreme Court review.

Once the Florida Supreme Court confirms the ballot title and summary meet the requirements to go to voters, the final hurdle will have been crossed.

According to the press release, the amendment’s sponsor, Floridians Protecting Freedom, looks forward to the Court's favorable ruling and then will make sure every Floridian knows they will have the chance in November to vote to restore their freedom to once again control their own bodies, their own health care, and their own futures.

The official letter and certificate from the Florida Division of Elections is here.

Valid petition signatures by district – county are here. Columbia County is in District 3.

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