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Florida Gateway College "FGC" Holds 35th Annual College Night – Tonight

Sylvester Warren and College President Larry Barrett
Photo: via Sylvester Warren | Sylvester Warren (left), College President Larry Barrett (right)

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Tonight, Lake City’s Community College, FGC, is holding its 35 annual college night. The event was announced to the media on August 21 via press release, only 3 days ago.

College President Larry Barrett told the Observer he wasn’t sure why the press release was released so late. He said, “The event was promoted on social media.”

The value of a college education is a hotly debated issue in many parts of America. In Florida, with the state now honing in on courses that provide self-enrichment, an expanded worldview, and historical perspectives, many people are taking a second look at Florida colleges.

The Florida Gateway College Board and its President fly below the radar when it comes to explaining course changes and the value of an education.

An examination of the FGC Board minutes, if they can be found, would show that the value of an education is not a topic of discussion at all.

The college executive team discusses sports, Sponge Boy Bob, concerts, and field trips, but never the nitty-gritty of an education or its value.

Tonight, FGC has invited a slew of colleges to attend its Annual College Night.

A list of those colleges is here. It is not alphabetical, so if you don’t see the college you are looking for, look again.

Last on the list is Nova Southeastern University, where President Barrett earned his doctorate.

If you are looking to become a college president or have never thought of it before, it is a job that pays very well and offers a benefit package that is available only to the very few.

For anyone who thinks educational achievement doesn't pay off, Dr. Barrett may offer a different opinion, even if he, his executive team, and the College Board don’t mention it.

The lead graphic of this article shows two men who took two different paths.

One advanced through education, the other through crime.

Every time one of Mr. Warren’s relatives earns a degree, he has celebrated that on his social media presence.

It is not clear if President Barrett will be attending tonight’s event.

Sylvester Warren should be.

And if you have any questions about the value of post-secondary school education, stop by the old Lake City Community College tonight, where many of Columbia County’s glitterati got their start, and ask a lot of questions.

Unlike Florida Gateway’s College Board, these folks will answer your questions.

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