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Another Lake Shore Hosp Auth Mess: LSHA Making Second Attempt to Deal With Bungled RFP

Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board member Janet Creel and Authority Manager, Dale Williams
Board member Janet Creel (left), Authority Manager Dale Williams (right)

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COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Again, on the Lake Shore Hospital Authority (LSHA) docket tonight is the wrangling over the Authority' bungled request for proposal (RFP) to allocate 6 CD's totaling $5,167,819.81 of LSHA money, money that belongs to the people of Columbia County.


list of CD's
The list of CD's that were being re-financed. Enlarge

LSHA Board members are appointed by the Governor.

On February 11, 2019, the Governor's Board, instead of allocating $5 mil as clearly pointed out in the RFP, reinvested just about every last dime of Authority money, $14,015,459.

The recommendation to do this was made by Authority Manager Dale Williams and inside-outside-auditor-accountant-financial advisor (all one person) Richard Powell.

The gory details of the Governor's Board debacle can be found in this article: Columbia Bank vs. Lake Shore Hospital Authority - Bid Protest About More Than Money

Coming Tonight at 5:15 pm

Tonight's Authority agenda has the "Bid Protest" front and center on the docket.

The Authority agenda also has this note: "Note – A Settlement of the Bid Protest MAY BE discussed and approved."

According to Columbia Bank's attorney, Joel Foreman, Columbia Bank has not submitted any settlement proposal to the Authority.

Making up "stuff" is nothing new at the Lake Shore Hospital Authority.


The Governor's LSHA Board members are the following: Brandon Biel, Lory Chancy, Janet Creel, Stephen Douglas, Jay Swisher, and Dr. Mark Thompson.

The conversation should be interesting.

Attorney Fred Koberlein, Jr. The person to keep one's eye on is LSHA Attorney, Fred Koberlein, Jr., who intentionally speaks so softly that many times he cannot be heard from a few feet away. While this is a clear violation of Florida's Sunshine Law, this appears to never have bothered the Authority Attorney, or the Governor's Board.

Attorney Joel Foreman will be presenting Columbia Bank's bid protest.

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