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Lakeshore Hospital Authority

Busted - $100,000 a year Hosp Auth Chief
Berry too lazy to legally park – again

Columbia County Observer Photo: Photo by Jeffords/April 21, 2011

The newly crowned $100,000 a year Czar of the Lakeshore Hospital Authority, former Republican chieftain and good ol' boy, Jackson P. Berry, just can't seem to get it right. Even though the Lakeshore Hospital Authority has ample off street parking, Mr. Berry found it necessary to park his giant gas guzzler the wrong way and in the traffic lane this past Thursday – again. This time the Lake City Police Department gave him a ticket.

Not much has changed in two years.

Since 2009, Mr. Berry has made it a habit to park the wrong way outside of the Hospital Authority headquarters. Blocking a lane of traffic and causing his vehicle to be a general nuisance is not Mr. Berry's concern. Apparently, he is just too lazy and above the law to park where he is supposed to park.

In order to get around Mr. Berry's vehicle, one must drive into the on coming traffic.

Confidential sources have advised the Observer that Mr. Berry was not happy about his parking ticket.

The buzz at Thursday night's County Commission meeting was that Mr. Berry spent a lot of time making phone calls to see if he could get his parking ticket fixed. So far it appears that he hasn't and he is not happy.

The arrows point to the parking. You be the judge.
Observer Photo by Jeffords.

After two years of wantonly violating the law and causing a general traffic hazard, Mr. Berry should just pay up and begin parking where he is supposed to park, in the parking lot with and like everyone else.

A request for a copy of the summons has been made to the Lake City Police Department.

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On April 4, cunga of Lake City wrote:

If Lake City and the County are so concerned about the parking why is it that they allow all of the landscapers to park illegally. This has been a problem around here to long and no one will ticket these people.


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