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Lake Shore Hosp Authority

Salaries Over Time: the tale of the tape

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The info-graphic, assembled by the Observer, is from the budget documents of the Lake Shore Hospital Authority. It shows the salaries for the last 5 fiscal years.


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The Executive Director - Manager Berry

The Executive Director is Manager Jack Berry, whose job title was changed so that his retirement pay could be jacked up. As one can see, beginning in FY2015, which begins on October 1, 2014, Mr. Berry's retirement is costing Columbia County's tax payers $16,897. It is believed that Mr. Berry takes his retirement pay in cash. He also takes his health insurance in cash, giving him a cash total , before taxes, etc., of $103,000.

Mr. Berry has recently stated that he does not maintain a day planner of any kind. His movements during his work day are kept top secret.

His violations of the public records law and recently the sunshine law have been documented.

Administrative Director to Administrative Assistant:
A 38% reduction in pay for the same job

The Administrative Director, was long time Authority veteran Sue Fraze. For years she ran the Authority and made it possible for Mr. Berry to come and go as he pleased. It appears her work load left Mr. Berry with nothing much to do most of the time. He appears to be the only public official in Columbia County that has no need to keep track of is appointments.

The line for Administrative Assistant is new. If she doesn't change her mind, this position which is tentatively going to Sonja Meads of the Chamber of Commerce, has the same duties as Ms. Fraze, with a very large salary reduction, which based on Ms. Meads salary as the Administrative Assistant, is 38%.

Cynthia Watson and Courtney Bryan

The other two columns, Financial Assistant Counselor and Secretary/Receptionist represent the jobs of Cynthia Watson and Courtney Bryan, respectively.


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