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Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Jackson P "Jack" Berry, The Only Dinosaur Left In Columbia County  

The Lake Shore Hosp Auth Calendar has half an agenda hidden somewhere. (Click here to enlarge)

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Lake Shore Hospital Authority's Jackson P "Jack" Berry, the overpaid past Republican Chieftain whose political appointment put him at the helm of a job created just for him, that of General Manager of the Authority, continues to dig in and not make agenda material available on the internet before its monthly board meetings, unless one counts half an agenda visible in Authority's Google calendar. Good luck finding that.

Link:  Read more about the Lake Shore Hosp Auth here.

With the support of the Authority's Board members, the Authority continues to be the only municipal corporation in Columbia County that refuses to make its agenda information readily available to the public before its meetings.

Who are the Board members that support Mr. Berry's Neanderthal policy?

Board Chairman Mr. Koby Adams:  Appointed by Gov Crist. In the real-estate business; presently Florida House Representative Elizabeth Porter's Chief of Staff. Mr. Adams was the only member of the last County Charter Review Commission to vote against making this sort of information available to the people before meetings. The measure was left to the voters and received 82% of the vote.

Board member Ms. Lori Chancy:  Appointed by Gov Crist. Is a nurse and works in the health care industry. Her husband is a past chieftain of the Republican Party.

Board member Mr. Stephen Douglas:  Appointed by Gov Crist. A businessman in the storage business. Does business with various governmental agencies; member of the Columbia County Economic Development Committee; asked for agenda material to be delivered electronically by the Authority; blown off by Mr. Berry.

Board member Dr. Waseem Kahn:  Appointed by Gov Crist. Represents the medical profession on the Authority; sometimes asks hard questions. The medical profession is moving toward a 2014/15 EMR, Electronic Medical Records Mandate.

Board member Mr. Bruce Naylor:  Appointed by Gov Crist. Retired banker; retired from a profession that could not work without electronic records; asks hard questions from time to time; supplicant in front of Mr. Berry.

Board member Mr. Mark Vann:  Appointed by Gov Crist. Businessman in the flooring business. Installed the only ceramic floor tile roof (on the LSHA bldg) in Columbia County. Also serves on the County Economic Development Committee, whose documents are made electronically available to everyone before meetings.


The six members on the Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board were all appointed by former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, a Governor whose respect and support of Florida's Sunshine Law and the spirit of open government was a hallmark of his governorship.

The Board members on the Hospital Authority, all community leaders in their own right, would do well to take note of that.

Updated April 12, 2012: fixed spelling: Gov. Crist

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