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Lake Shore Hosp Authority

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Bd Member Resigns
Berry & Khan Keep Public in Dark For Two Months

Recently, Mr. Naylor's questions and remarks were becoming more pointed and critical.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – The Governor appointed board of the Lake Shore Hospital Authority had been running one member short for over two years until June 17th when board member and former bank president Bruce Naylor resigned in a two sentence email to Hosp Auth Manager Jack Berry: "I resign my position as Trustee of the Lake Shore Hospital Authority effective June 17, 2013. I wish the Authority and Trustees the best in its future endeavors." Mr. Naylor was appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist in 2008.

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Shortly after taking office in 2011, Governor Scott began looking into eliminating the state's Hospital Authorities, which are special taxing districts. If that had happened the Lake Shore Hospital Authority would have gone away without any regret from the majority of Columbia County taxpayers, who have seen former Republican leader and political operative Jack Berry's specially created Authority Manager position morph from a non essential 24hr a week part time job into a make work full time position which costs Columbia County taxpayers just under $100,000 a year.

At the July 15th Authority meeting, a month after his resignation, not a word was mentioned about Mr. Naylor's resignation.

Mr. Naylor's picture had been taken down from the Authority lobby and website.

Recently, Mr. Naylor's questions and remarks were becoming more pointed and critical.

On July 19th your reporter asked Mr. Naylor why he resigned.

Mr. Naylor explained it this way, "It was just my work schedule. It started getting in the way more and more. I couldn't participate the way I wanted to. It was a good experience. It's time for somebody else to do it."

The Observer asked, "Do you think it's time for the whole Hospital Authority to go away?"

Mr. Naylor answered, "I have no comment."


Representative Elizabeth Porter's Chief of Staff and Authority Board member Koby Adams eliminated public comment from the meeting agendas making it impossible to ask why no one mentioned the resignation of Mr. Naylor.

It will be interesting to see if at tonight's Authority meeting Board President Khan or Manager Berry mention that Mr. Naylor is no longer on the Board and anyone interested in being considered for the board should contact the governor.

In the good ole' boy world of the legendary Columbia County that is not likely to happen.

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