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NCR logoNational Catholic Reporter Congratulates Joe Biden: "Looking forward to a dignified, honest leader"

Shaping a Better Future By Recognizing the Interdependence of the World

M-CORES: Proposed New Toll Roads Threaten Rural Florida and is a Bad Deal for Floridians

M-CORES: Paving Over Rural Florida

George, Breonna, Ahmaud, Trayvon  . . . What Now, White America?

The Ghost of Ché Guevara Guiding Us Through Covid-19: "Ché would be proud"

Kathy D'AntonioColumbia County, Florida & COVID-19: Do the County Fathers Have the Firefighters' Backs?

Time For Bold Action, Not Panic:  In the Age of CoViD-19, FDA Needs to Find Courage

jane orient MDDon’ts and Dos on Coronavirus

Stacie Rumenap'Stop Child Predators' Warns: "Parents Should Be On the Alert For 'Strangers' In Communities"

Photo: Diane Roberts, FloridaFLA 2019: "A State Run By Enablers, Bootlickers, And Some Possible Unindicted Co-Conspirators"

Wim LavenHail To The Chief – Thoughts for Veterans Day

Jim Tatum, Ph.D.Santa Fe River Turtles: Environment in Peril

Some Things We Should Not Have To Discuss With Our Kids – Ever

Citizen Constitutional Initiatives Under Attack by Florida Legislature

Today, Dr. Kings Words Ring True: "Nonviolence or Nonexistence"

John S. QuartermanValdosta: Water Quality Testing for Wastewater Spills Benefits Everyone On the Suwannee

Gov DeSantis Poised to Remake Sup Ct - African Am Representation Zero

Fed Dist Ct Ruling Must Be Overturned - Millions in FL Could Lose Health Insurance

Marion Hammer - The NRA's Waning Reign? A Relic of a Violent, Hateful Past

All Our Elections Must Be Like Columbia County's: Trustworthy

Invasion of the ‘Caravan Horde’: Fact – Fiction - Values

The Caravan of Migrants: What to Do?

In District 10 and All Around Florida, a Record of Working to Assure Clean Water for All of Us

A Convicted Murder's Opinion: The Case Against Amdt 4 on Felon Voting Rights Restoration

Rep. Gubernatorial Candidate DeSantis Robbing Voters of Debates with Democrat Gillum: Why?

Rick Scott: The Most Secretive Florida Gov in Modern Times

Today’s College Students Are Paying More for Less: America Can Do Better

Lake City's Mainstream Media: Lake City Reporter, A Growing Deception of News Coverage

Trump: The Most Anti-Woman President Ever

The Nonviolent American Revolution Which Led to the 4th of July Celebration of Independence Day

The Presidential Pardon Power:  What If Trump Offed Melania?

Oath To Uphold the Constitution: Is it Job One? Haspel's Nomination – Not Just About Her

Here We Go Again: a shooting, a white male perpetrator, a rejection, victim-blaming

Interrogations: Gina Haspel (CIA) - Adolf Eichmann (SS)

LSHA: County Residents Should Be Able to Send a Message to the Legis 'Keep it or Dissolve It'

The Expendables: There’s More to Life than Death

Floridians for Reproductive Freedom Denounce Gov Scott After Legitimizing Fake Women's Clinics

I Love My Southern Roots, But --- The South Needs to Rise Again

In Light of Parkland Mass Shooting
Columbia County 5 Refuses to Ask for Cease Fire

Affordable Housing Crisis in Florida

The Need for a Cultural Shift on Gender-based Violence

FGC's Lawrence Barrett: Good News at FCG - Still Work to be Done

First Amdt Foundation: Grave Concerns About FL Constitution Privacy Proposal

County Should Help Restore the Blanche

Patriotism Is More Than Flag Waving

Florida's Hard Choices After Mega-Storm

Hollywood Hills Deaths a Horrifying Outrage

Richard Corcoran's Tourism Threat Isn't Bluff

Mr. Speaker, "Thank you for your support of transparency and accountability"

Pardoning Arpaio: The Power Is Not the Right

Bureaucratic Rule Puts Critical Health Care Services to More FL Uninsured in Jeopardy

Richard Corcoran: Why (CRAs) Community Redevelopment Agencies Have to Go

Heading For a Defining Showdown in the Battle Against Hatred

Weed: I've Seen It Affect Young Minds

Restore Voting Rights to Those Who Have Paid Their Debt

Rape Kits Delayed is Justice Denied, Part 5: Westeros Edition

In Our America: Watching Things Crumble Is Not An Option

Time To Speak Up for Florida Panther

On Being Too Much: Chipping Away at Antiquated Notions

Back from the Rockies, I'm inspired to prepare my students for the 21st Century & a STEM Career

Fighting Our Modern-Day Slavery

The 4th of July: A Holiday of Values

Florida Wildlife Crossings Work for Animals & People

Trump Should Act on US Sen Nelson & Rubio's Appeal to Fill FL Federal Judgeships

Will Trump be Dumped? Impeachment

Keeping Trump AliveA Strange Consensus

Florida GOP Gives NRA Another 'Gun Rights' Victory: What's Next?

Will Trump be Dumped? The 25th Amendment

County Econ Dev Chief: The Lake City Reporter Should Keep Writing - One Day It May Get It Right

FL Budget Agreement: When Quid Pro Quo Turns Into Quid Pro No...

Tal Gets Special Session, Public Gets the Bill

A Feminist Perspective on Trumpcare: The AHCA & Gender Bias

Richard Corcoran: Don't Believe Hyperbole, Hysterics From Budget Critics

Computer Virus: WannaCry? No

Judges Are Not Politicians, Nor Should They Play Politics

Elian Gonzalez, a Painful Chapter in Cuban-Am History

Florida's Legacy of Hate: Groveland

FL Senate Needs to Act on Auto Insurance Reform

Why Children Die:  Alphabet Soup of Agencies Can't Drain the Swamp

Why Children Die: Clues in the Resignation Letters

Let's Hope Someone Loves Frank Artiles Enough To Get Him Some Help

There's Only One Ethical Course for the FL Senate to Take: Ethics?

DeVos Sends Clear Signal: Student Loan Borrowers Won't Get a Break

FL's Opioid Crisis, Showtime at the Kabuki Theater

Lawmakers Seizing Chance to Expand Gun Use Under Cover of "Stand Your Ground"

Why Children Die (Part II)Clues in the Claims Bills

Why Children Die (Part I):  If Everybody's Responsible, Nobody's Responsible

VISIT clueless tourism officials in Brevard Cnty

Time To Get Rid of Red Light Cameras – Turn Up the Heat on Texting

Rape Kits Delayed Is Justice Denied: Part III

If You're Old Enough to Get Married, You're Old Enough to Have a Will

Burnout – Work-Life Balance – Negative Consequences

'Stand Your Ground' Lacks Common Sense, Legalizes Lethal Impulse

Jackie Pons to Taxpayers: D-R-O-P Dead (pt II)

Bad Nursing Homes Benefit From AHCA's Passive-Aggressive War on Transparency

Grieving Octogenarian Does Heartbreaking Heavy Lifting Gov't Won’t

Rubio Wimps Out on Town Halls: Surprised?

Hail Britannia: U.K. Could Teach U.S. a Thing or Two About Running Gov't

Florida's Heroin Epidemic A Public Health Crisis

FL Econ Dev Incentives: To Be or Not To Be?

Boys Are Smarter: Even Six-Year Olds Know That

Rape Kits Delayed Is Justice Denied

President Trump, You Won – Move On

Gov Scott Can't Condone Cuba's 'Oppressive Behavior':  What About China?

Florida's Children Live and Die at the Corner of 'Dickens & Orwell'

"Little Marco" Trump Was Right

Obama's Electoral Legacy: After 8 Years - Trump

Obama's Legacy: Foolish Hope of a 'Post-Racial' America

Ed Sec Betsey DeVos Could Mean More FL Charter Schools

FL's "Agricultural Economics" Leaves Rotting Foods - Empty Stomachs

Rubio Keeps Promise to Stand Up to Trump

Trump's Dream Team for Economic Success

Conservatives Outraged Streep Calls Out Trump

The Rep Better Idea for Obamacare: Let's Hear It

Office of Congressional Ethics More Important Than Ever

It's Resolution Time, Even at Work

In Her 80s, Susan Brownmiller Continues to Inspire

Can We Just Get 2016 Over With, Please?

Special to the Observer

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