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Bondi's Pretending FL's Clerks of Court Exempt From US Constitution: That's Chutzpah

FL's Politician of the Year: Refurbished Rick Scott

SVTA Board Should Bring Back the Team That Brought it Back from the Brink of Bankruptcy

Florida's 2014 Top 10 Environmental Stories

Florida's Political Ditch Diggers of 2014

Torture & War: Sen. McCain Speaks With Authority

We're Back To Blaming the Victims for Rape

President Jeb Planning More Neocon Wars

It's Payback Time: What Will FL GOP Contributors Expect for Their Millions?

Professional Parliamentarian, C. Alan Jennings, Weighs in on The County 5's Bloodless Coup

Attorney/Author Jim Slaughter Informs About Robert's Rules After The 5's Bloodless Coup

Evolving Through the Stigma of Mental Illness: When Biology Backfires

Nowhere Are We More 'Separate and Unequal' Than in Florida

It’s Happened Again: A Sick Person Goes to a College Campus, Pulls Out a Gun, Starts Firing

Earthjustice Supports the President: Immigrants will have put the food on our Thanksgiving tables

Lake City's Blanche Hotel: Another Pruitt-Igoe?

Pipes vs. Parks: Did Voters Envision Sewage Plants When They Voted For Amendment 1?

The Environment Got 1.4 Million More Voters Than Scott: Now Is the Time for Vigilance

FL Is Number 1 in the Election Cycle – Surprised? More Money Spent Than Any Other State

Painting Rick Scott Green: We aren’t that stupid – I hope

FL Const. Amendment 3: "partisan political power grab of Florida's judiciary at the highest level"

Crony Capitalists Have Control Over the Government, Stock Market, Mass Media

Epidemic Freaking Me Out: But What If Stupidity Is Airborne?

Commonality of Ferguson, Sanford, Tallahassee
Those Paid To Control Crime: The Police

A Tenured Professorship For FSU's New President: The Height of Hypocrisy

Crist's Electric Fan: Did it short circuit Scott's reelection plans?

FSU’s Presidential ‘Choice’: Florida Cronyism Really Works

Florida's New Normals?:
Ray Rice, Jameis Winston, Rick Scott

FSU Presidential Search: a Farce

Needed: Higher Education, Not Higher Student Debt

I Had The Displeasure of Having To Ride SVTA

Former Suwannee Valley TA Operations Director: Team SVTA Accomplished Its Mission

For The Dogs: It's Time to Separate Greyhound Racing From Other Gambling

Greyhound Racetracks: A Plan To Turn Them Into Casinos In The Name of "Dog Saftey"

Florida: A Man-Made Disaster - Monument to Greed - Lust for Power - Bad Taste - Stupidity

Protect Florida's Future: Ban Fracking

Rick Scott: "Don't Be Askin' Me!"

A Gift To Have a Declaration Of Independence
An Ingratitude Not To Live By It

SCOTUS: Good For The Goose, Not Good For The Gander

Obama Not Born in US, Trump Has Proof

Uncontested Elections Are Un-American and Unacceptable

In FL: Poor People Whose Woes Are of a Civil Nature Are On Their Own

Bondi's Bogus Same-Sex Couple Rationale

Government in the shadows, not the sunshine

Remembering Maya Angelou: Fiery Poet of Peace


Scott and His Senior Staff Have Operated in Secrecy For Too Long

Enterprise Florida's Wasteful Spending Needs to be Investigated

Rick Scott “Chomps” The Youth Vote With UF Decision

Alveda King Remembers President Mandela's Courage and His Smile


Olustee: "I'm disappointed in "tit for tat". Enough is enough"

Olustee Descendant: Let their spirits rest. No new monuments

Shocked to find your publication

We Love Our Bugs: Microbes eat oil

Girl Scout graphicGirl Scouts: Build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place

Fairy Tales in Columbia County? A land give away? Nope, just business as usual.

Suwannee River Water Management District Promotes Water Conservation

Greenville, SC:  Dedicated public servants stuck to their plan.

Boondoggle in the Boondocks: Stop the Columbia County Events Center Madness Now

Boondoggle in the Boondocks: County Resident Gives Proposed Events Center the thumbs down

Columbia County Charter Amendments: Just Vote No

You Can't Ever Stop Being Vigilant: The Role of Alternative Media In Protecting Democracy

Agenda 21: Where is the tin foil hat? I may need it.

Lifeguard Ambulance, A Good Deal For Columbia County? Former union president weighs in

Columbia County EMS:
Time to stop reinventing the wheel

Time to Cut Federal Spending: ATF, An Antiquated Agency

Don’t Let Big Government Choose Your News

Raised to respect the law - A crowd about to riot?

Waste Pro, Columbia County's Carter Speaks: "Our word was our bond."

US Rep Dennis Kucinich: Am Wealth Stolen - Political Theater Diverts Attention

Scott's Medicaid Plan - No good for Florida

New York weighs in on Commissioner DuPree's pool

Florida Judge Ruled Correctly - Islamic Law Must Be Used

Sebring weighs in on
Commissioner DuPree's death trap

Economic reality, the next disaster

Growth and Prosperity
Public policy often based on unsupported assumptions

RV parking in Lake City
Time is of the essence to improve the image

Corruption in Columbia County
Remain quiet - nothing will happen

Cap and Trade coming to Florida

Gangster Government

Sounds like Lake City has fishy deal

We adhere to the highest ethical standards

Terry RauchJust use your "Common Sense"

Pastor moving in the right direction

Government Out of Control

Who’s Buried in the History Books?

Energize with Nuclear Power

Florida Crown Workforce Board -- To good to leave

Skinner_2_2008George Skinner, former Columbia Cnty Com., weighs in on the Florida Crown controversy.

Lake Shore Hospital Authority

Special to the Observer

Bogus Allegations:
The Injustice of Guilty until Proven Innocent

Is Going to College Worth the Investment?

Even for Cashiers, College Pays Off