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Sebring weighs in on Commissioner DuPree's death trap

I live in Sebring, Florida. Thanks to a friend that lives in Lake City I became interested in your on-line newspaper back in January, when I became aware of the economic development trainee moving to this area as a CEO - Amazing!

I just read your Thursday, March 17th article: County Commissioner DuPree's Pool-A back yard death trap.

I have friends, who had a fenced yard, with "Private Property-No Trespassing" signs properly placed and a locked gate. While they were on vacation in 2006, their five year old neighbor, who could not swim, climbed the fence, got in the pool, could not get out and drowned. Very tragic!

After reading your article, I called my long time friend that lives in Lake City about the article and some additional back-up information. I received an ear full about the infamous County Commissioner DuPree and the story pertaining to another Columbia County Building Inspector and a project that resulted in a Building Inspector's resignation. After what I heard, I am not sure why that inspector did not end up in jail.

How this rogue Commissioner ever got elected and more importantly has not been recalled or indicted is amazing. I guess when you live in a rural area, where everyone is married to a friend or fellow good ol' boy or gal, you end up with this type of unscrupulous individual as a czar or dictator.

Someone in Columbia County needs to step up to the plate and launch a handful of darts toward the State's Attorney General, the FBI, and the IRS! Where they stick is where it gets played out!

Perhaps your county will have the same resolve as our western neighbors in Wauchula, in Hardee County had several weeks ago, where Governor Scott removed a handful of City Commissioners from office.

I may have to come out of retirement and write a sitcom and maybe even title it "The Land of Oz," as my friend calls Columbia County, although the "DuPree death trap" event is certainly not one of the funny ones.

I know one thing, after reading about "DuPree's death trap," I could not, nor would I ever live in Columbia County.

I have advised several friends looking to move further north in Florida to avoid Columbia County at all costs!

Keep up the excellent reporting.

Trevor (last name withheld by the Observer)
Sebring, Fl

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