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County News 2016 (scroll down)

Czar Power: County 5 Chair Loads the Bases, Nash Out as Econ Dev Advisory Bd Chief

Columbia County 5 Approves $25,000 for Ten Pages of TDC Web Content

Columbia County 5 Passes Medical Marijuana Moratorium: Did Anyone Read the Ordinance?

On Tap at the County 5 Tonight: Cnty Attorney Joel Foreman's Medical Marijuana Moratorium

Econ Dev Strategic Plan Committee Meets: More Interested in Massaging the Truth Than Telling It

Fort White Students Take Learning Outdoors

Cancer Mortality in N. Central FL: Col/Hamilton Cnty Health Dept  Administrator Comments

Mob-Like Settlement Agreement Leaves Former FSU QB Kelly Lowrey's Reputation Mired in Murk

Highest Cancer Mortality Death Rates in Florida? New Report Finds North Central Florida on Top

Atny Foreman's Rules Coming in December Robert's Rules, Still too Complicated for The 5

Joel ForemanCnty Attny Joel Foreman is Center Stage Tonight at the Infamous County 5: Rules - Rules - Rules

Columbia Cnty Econ Dev Incentives: Home-Grown, Mom-and-Pops, Small Business Need Not Apply

Clean Water Rally a Success
The Columbia County 5: Will it Wake Up?

After Giving Away Millions, Columbia County Economic Development Incentives May be Heading Into Prime Time

The LC Reporter:  Working Hard to Turn the Cnty 5 into a Good Ole' Boys Club of All Boys

$225,000 Contract Approved by County 5 Without County Attorney Foreman's Review

Dig These Girls Thursday Night in Pink. It's the Annual Col v. Suw High Girls Volley Ball Shoot Out
Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Embarrassment Continues at the County 5
A Board That Doesn't Need Rules

School District Warns: Don't Drink the Water
4 Hrs Later, Lake City Police Dept. Sends an Email

Former FSU Quarterback, Kelly Lowrey, Still Passing for Touchdowns for Columbia County

Court Moderates Canvassing Board Record Inspection Dispute, Election May Be Contested

The County 5, Homeless for Decades, Violators of the Sunshine Law

Taxpayers on the Hook - $10,000 No Strings Attached, Cnty Econ Dev: FSU's Hendry Scores

First Cnty 5 Budgt Hearing, a Bust - Sheriff MIA $1.9mil on Consent Agenda - Space Watching

Columbia County Election Results

Lifeguard v Columbia County – Over
Judge Johnson Rules: This Case is Moot

College Night Tonight at Florida Gateway College, Where Dreams Begin for Everyone

Whistle Blower Act Violations Claimed, Kelly Lowrey, Former Star Quarterback, Sues the Cnty 5

Lifeguard Ambulance vs. The Cnty 5 – It's Now up to Judge Leandra Johnson:  Part II, Court Hearing

Lifeguard Ambulance vs. The Cnty 5 – It's Now up to Judge Leandra Johnson:  Part I, the run-up

Posted August 22, 2016  02:40 pm

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – On April 21, 2016, as the Lifeguard v. Columbia County procurement scandal was lifting off the launch pad into litigation heaven, veteran District 1 Commissioner Ronald Williams told the County 5, "Mr. Chairman, I move that we take staff recommendation and let the hell fly where it may." This past Thursday, August 18, 2016, veteran Circuit Court Judge Leandra Johnson heard the oral arguments in Lifeguard Ambulance vs. Columbia County.

Nash Doubles Down on County Management Team, Ignores Inexperience, Personnel Issues, Lawsuits

CCFR Rescues Itty-Bitty Baby Horse From Hole

Kelly Lowrey, the Man Who Knows Too Much, Puts County on Notice: "You've defamed me"

Cnty Chair Reverses Vote - Love's Wins - Confusion Part II of Economic Development the County 5 Way

Cnty Chair Throws Econ Dev Advisory Bd Under Bus Part I of Economic Development the County 5 Way

County 5 Poised To Give Away Another $ Million Plus Incentive for 35 Low Paying Jobs

Columbia City Park: An Inclusive Park for Everyone Even the Legislature Thinks Is a Good Idea

Cnty 5 & Cnty Management Choose Slush & the Glad Hand Over Adopted Road Improvement Rules

County Benghazies Lifeguard & the Public: Foreman/NGN Protest Response Untrue

Off & Running, Candidates Make Their Pitch at Republican Gathering

Lifeguard Ambulance Protests Again: 12th Hour Do-Over Mires the County 5 in More Litigation

Columbia City Park: A Chance to be a Showplace or Another County 5 Screwball Screw-Up

$1,325,000 Econ Dev Incentive On Tap At County 5 Tonight: Minimum Wage Unclear

Econ Dev: Extenuating Circumstance, Late Notice, Lack of Agenda Keeps Public in the Dark

Cnty 5 & Cnty Management Ratchet in $2,000,000 Slush Fund: Sunshine Law, What's That?

Florida College System Scholar Student of the Month, FGC's Jamie Weaver, a Single Mom

Columbia County Workforce Development Summit On Tap for September

SVTA: Special Meeting Called for Administrator's Pay Raise: "We'll Advertise It Right, Next Time"

Another 2d Rate Audit Presentation Fit Only for the Blind: Gen Reserves Down $3.2 Mil

Cnty 5 to Vote on $869,140 Tax Abatement for Econ Underdevelopment Non-Living Wage Jobs

Florida Gateway College Bachelor of Science Nursing Program Receives National Accreditation

40 yr School Board Veteran and Property Owner
"I don't think they should have been fired"

Terminated: County Manager Throws Book at 2 County Road Workers For Mowing Mom's Lawn

County 5 Puts Taxpayers on the Line, No Mechanism to do the "Do-Over", Do it Anyway

The Cnty 5 Puts Taxpayers on the Line, More Legal Fees on the Way, NGN Thinks it Has a Plan

Columbia Cnty Econ Development
"We don't have a workforce strategy"

Lake City Community Tennis Assoc on the Move: Will the Cnty 5 Double Fault?

Drunk With Power, Nash Board Plays Post Office W/Developer - County Bldg Leased for a Buck

Lifeguard Announces Suit Against Cnty 5, Requests Injunction to Halt Cnty Negotiations

County Manager Scott to Humane Society, "We need to help you with animal control"

FGC Focusing on the 3E's: Education - Econ Dev - Good Paying Employment

Col Cnty 5: Another Procurement Scandal

County 5 Box Themselves In: Poor Procurement Practices Have Them Headed to Court

Hundreds Come Out in Support of Santa Fe River and Environment: Riverfest a Smash Hit

Animal vs. Humane Control: Drilling Down Through the Numbers, No Kill Nation on the Horizon

Lake City Humane Society Awarded $75,000 Petco Foundation Grant: Lifesaving Work Will Continue

Lake City/Columbia County Humane Society Looking for Humanity and Funding

Econ Development Bd Recommends $1,650,000 Retail Incentive for Another Shopping Mall

Moving Forward to Protect Its Springs, Rivers, Lakes, Drinking Water & Rural Quality of Life 

Chicken Collision Results In AG Zoning Workshop, Scheduled When Working Families Can't Attend

County Land Development Regs on the Docket in Ft. White, Next Stop – The County 5

Kevin Kirby, Key Cnty Employee, In Trouble Again Kirby's Claim of Earning a College Diploma – False

CareerSource Florida Crown, Budget Reduced 2/3 Over 15 yrs: "We're Doing More With Less"

Parker Neely – Gateway Crossing Scores Big: On Tap for $255,000 Plus free Trade Association Dues

$15 Mil Bascom Norris Bypass Project – $2.25 Mil Settlement Proposal: Common Sense or Cover Up

The 5 Sends Neely–Gateway Crossing $255,0000 EDAB Incentive Back to the Drawing Board

To Incentivize or Not to Incentivize: EDAB Approves $255k Gateway Crossings Incentive

Air Force F-16 Thunderbird Flies Over Lake City: It Will Be Back

LSHA Defib Photo Op "Great for Exposure" – Not Great for Safety – Recipients Leave Empty Handed

SRWMD Chief Straight Up With Columbia County Residents & Water Experts

Suwannee  River Water Management Chief at the County 5 Thursday Night: Questions Accepted

Economic Development Chief Perseveres
Delivers Winning Tennis Presentation to TDC

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Economic Development Director Glenn Hunter looked the other way after being bashed for the past 17 months by the hierarchy of the County and the local print newspaper. Yesterday afternoon, to a packed house, he presented his committee's report to the Tourist Development Council (TDC) on bringing world class tennis to Lake City/Columbia County.

Chicken Collision – Was Everybody Blind?
JTC Farm Hit With $30,260 Mitigation Fee

Lake City Developer Wants $255,000 From County City Manager Johnson says, "It's a deal"

The Chicken Collision:
I don't think the County is doing the right thing

South Columbia Cnty Residents vs. 1,000,000 Chickens in Their Backyards

County News 2015 (scroll down)

Barbara Jeffords Lemley & Stew Lilker Winners of the 2015 Pete Weitzel/Friend of the First Amendment Award

Code Enforcement: Former Judge Scores $2,000 a day; County Attorney Foreman Will Also Cash In

Cnty 5's New BuyBack Plan: Xmas Bonus & Sword of Damocles, New Employees Need Not Apply

Economic Development Chief Brings World Class Tennis Players to Lake City: Will Tennis Be Next?

Czar Power: New County Chair, Sylvester "Bucky" Nash's County Commissioner Appointments

Pribble Makes Her Case for an Arts Council, Citizens in Support: The 5 Tells Her, "Come Back"

County Manager Nixes Arts Council
Tonight, Ball in the Court of the County 5

County 5 Rubber Stamps $70,000 Courthouse Air Conditioning Study: It was all done before

County 5 Spends $335,000 for New Landfill Dump Truck – Why? An Electrical/AC Problem

County 5: $107,000 in Water Lobbying Contracts Rubber Stamped for Nonexistent Group

Columbia County Economic Development: Confusion 101 "What's goin' on?"

Agribusiness vs. Rural Living & a River
A Chicken-Collision

Pilot/Flying J Coming to Columbia County
Mostly Non-Living Wage Jobs to Cost $3,497,407

$1.4mil Coming to Columbia County, Courtesy of the National Debt: Job Creator Kept Secret

Columbia County School Chief Speaks Out: Supports Change in State Accountability

19.5 yr Cnty Veteran – Cnty Agree on Settlement Terms: Art Butler, Now a "Man w/out a County"

5-Year Library Plan Developed Without Any Public Meetings –   Only the Chosen Participated

Excelsior Ambulance Claimed Sherman Anti-Trust Act Violation Lands the County 5 in Federal Court

County 5 Blows off Tourist Development Council. Hikes tax, says it forgot to ask for approval. Did it?

Columbia County 5 Nixes Honest Taxation: Jacks Up Cell Phone, Business Phone, TV Taxes 400%

County Encouraging Low Paying Jobs
Offers $414,000 Bonanza for 32 of Them

Art Butler, 19.5 yr Veteran Dir. of Facilities Maintenance, Terminated: A "Set Up?"

County 5 Covers-Up Bogus Rankings
Powell & Jones Gets the Audit Nod, Again

Columbia County 5 Economic Under-Development
Lack of Rules Hobbles the County 5

Columbia County 5 Economic Under-Development: Another Bollixed Deal – Ambulance Co. on Ropes

Lake City Reporter Gets It Wrong on the Stars & Bars: What was it thinking?

After 4 Decades Columbia County Drops the Ball on Audit Proposals: Management Bollixes Rankings

In a Flawed Process, After 4 Decades, County to Rank Auditing Proposals

County's Audit Presentation a Bust - Again
Com. Williams Warns About Spending Reserves

$60 Mil Project Bark/Crystal Clear Goes South: Economic Development's Hunter Makes it Official

Columbia County 5: Gas & Cell Phone Taxes May Be on the Rise

The County 5: Another Last Minute Change to the Meeting Schedule

County 5 Public Hearings a Sham: The 5 Ignore Rule of Law, County Attorney Gets it Wrong

Skunkie Acres vs Lake City Reporter, Pt II: The Hearing and Judge's Order

Skunkie Acres vs Lake City Reporter – Lawsuit Dismissed: Reporter's Newspaper Article a Sham

County Health Dept & Palms Medical Join in Health Fair: Get Checked Saturday Morning – It's Free

County 5:  No Representation Without Taxation New Taxes on the Horizon; 5 Cent Gas Tax Lurking

Columbia County 5: Agenda by PowerPoint
More Wacky Gov't From FL's Good Ole' Boys

Blanche Million $ Loan Goes Down 3-2
Next Up: City Manager Johnson's Fall Back Plan

The Blanche – The County Million $ – The County 5 Tonight: "To be or not to be? That is the question"

Blanche Redevelopment Confusion: Com. Nash, "Everybody should get in a room and air it out"

Sitel Bringing 700 Full Time Jobs to Lake City
Job Fair Monday, May 18

City Manager Johnson's Thursday Appearance At the County 5: It was not to address the Board

The Lake City Reporter Got It Wrong

Frisina Swings the Vote, Blanche Ducks a TKO
Lake City, County, Developer Regrouping

The Blanche Ducks a TKO
Lake City, County, Developer Regrouping

The Blanche Tonight:  Will Wendell Johnson's $17 mil Lake City Legacy Survive the County 5?

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Tonight, after multitudinous meetings with the Assistant County Manager, Ben Scott, and County Economic Development Director, Glenn Hunter, Columbia County's infamous County 5 will decide whether or not to front Lake City at least a million dollars on the derelict Blanche Hotel. Secrecy and secret finances were a hallmark of City Manager Wendell Johnson's time at the now mostly defunct dismissal failure, the $30 mil North Florida Broadband Authority of which he was one of the financial kingpins. Johnson now is the driving force in Lake City's Blanche project, one that has ballooned from $13.5 mil to $17 mil in seven months.

'Skunkie' Patriarch Passes Out in Small Claims Court: "Lake City Reporter put me over the edge"

Posted April 24, 2015  08:15 am

School District Auction Goes off Without a Hitch
Laptops, Monitors, Video Cameras: MIA

Posted April 20, 2015  07:10 am

OLUMBIA COUNTY, FL –  Saturday's Columbia County School District (CCSD) auction went off without a hitch. The surplus school busses were lined up like giant yellow caterpillars. Inside the warehouse were tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, and screen printing equipment. Many of the items looked new or nearly new. There was also a tire changer, vehicle jacks, and welders. Laptop computers and computer equipment that some folks came to buy was MIA.

Phillips Leads The 5 in 3-2 Quality of Life Split
Planning & Zoning Board Overruled

Posted April 17, 2015  07:20 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL –  Last night, The Columbia County 5, in a 3-2 split, led by Dist. 4 Commissioner Everett Phillips, turned back the Planning & Zoning Board (P&Z) and voted in favor of quality of life. The question before The 5 was:  should they overrule the P&Z's decision to change the use of 110 acres from very low density, 1 dwelling per acre, to industrial. Randy Jones, the County's Building Dept. Director, presented nothing locating the property during the public hearing.

Lake City Reporter: A Newspaper You Can't Trust
Handmaidens to Columbia County's Good Ole' Boys

Columbia County 5 Vote 3-2 to Look for an Auditor: But After 40 yrs They All Want Powell Back

Posted April 3, 2015  05:30 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL –  Last night, the Columbia County 5, (The 5 or the County Commission) decided after 40 years to put out a search for a County Auditor to possibly replace the only Auditor the County has had since the 70's, External Auditor Richard Powell. The County's Constitutional Officers had previously recommended keeping Powell. Last night, the County Staff recommended keeping Powell. Chairman Rusty DePratter, after a split vote in favor of searching for another auditor, announced that he hoped the County ended up "with the same" auditor.

Auditor Richard Powell – The 5's 40 Year "Go-to-Man": Back on The County 5 Docket Tonight

Columbia Cnty Making a Play for Sunbelt Forest Products (Project Sandra): Others also in the Hunt

Posted April 1, 2015  10:15 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Yesterday afternoon's County 5 meeting brought no surprises as County Economic Development Director Glenn Hunter pitched economic development incentive packages that were already discussed last week during the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) meeting. meeting. meeting. meeting. meeting. meeting. meeting. meeting. meeting. meeting. meeting. meeting. meeting. Project Sandra was reported here. The incentive package needed the County 5's approval. Columbia County is not the only location in the hunt for Sunbelt's expansion.

Enterprise FL & the NFEDP: Helping Columbia County Lasso $60-70 mil Project At the 12th Hour

Posted March 26, 2015  08:55 am

"Tremendous Opportunity, but we don't have a rail; we don't have roads; we don't have utilities."

After Generations of Economic Underdevelopment: Will Columbia County Turn a Corner?

Posted March 24, 2015  10:40 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Yesterday morning at 10:00 am, Columbia County's Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) met for a special meeting called by Economic Development Director, Glenn Hunter. The purpose of the meeting: discuss economic development incentives which will cost Columbia County millions; the payback: jobs. This article deals with one of those projects, code name: Project Sandra.

Columbia County 5 & Sheriff Make History: Percent Based Budgeting or Flim-Flam 101

Posted March 20, 2015  11:10 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter likes to spend his time at County Commission meetings sitting in the shadows. Last night, before the evening's County 5 meeting was gaveled to order, Commissioner Everett Phillips asked him to sit where folks could see him. He refused. Thirty minutes later, The 5, made history, when they unanimously voted, without one substantive question, to approve an interlocal agreement between the County and Sheriff, the first of its kind in the history of Florida. The agreement, prepared by the Sheriff's lawyers at the Florida Sheriff's Association, guaranteed him 39% of Columbia County's non restricted revenues and gave him an unrestricted reserve fund of $1.3 mil.

External Auditor Richard Powell - The 40 Year Man On The 5's Docket Tonight: Time For a New Face?

Posted March 19, 2015  07:20 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Tonight, the Columbia County 5 is going to decide whether or not to make its forever Auditor, Richard Powell, secure for another 40 years.  State law required an Audit Committee of the Constitutional Officers and County Chair to be formed to give the County 5 input. Last week, they did, and they unanimously decided to negotiate another contract with Mr. Powell. County 5 Chairman, Rusty DePratter, voted with the Constitutionals. Tonight the public will see if the rest of The 5 will "go along to get along" and support the County Chair.

Community Tennis Association Forming, Commissioner Nash says, "Keep moving forward"

Posted March 18, 2015  07:45 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Last night, Columbia County's Sports Advisory Council heard from County Economic Development Director, Glenn Hunter. The Sports Advisory Council is the sounding board and clearing house for all sports and activity groups that utilize the County's Southside Sports Complex and the extensive network of County community centers and parks. A grass roots tennis committee is looking to bring a county-wide tennis program to Columbia County, as well as a world class tennis facility for tournament and recreational use.

Constitutionals Meet: County Auditor Powell Secure for Another 40 Years? The 5 Will Decide

Posted March 13, 2015  08:59 am

FL DOH's Wendy Bragdon on Healthiest Weight: "This is not just a job for me, this is a passion."

Posted March 6, 2015  05:45 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Last night's meeting of the County 5 saw the introduction Wendy Bragdon, the Florida Department of Health's (DOH), Columbia County Division, new Health Education Consultant and Healthiest Weight Coordinator. Ms. Bragdon told The County 5, "This is not just a job for me, this is a passion. I've lost over a hundred pounds. I want to encourage the members of our community to live healthier lives."

The Supremes Will Have Food for Thought, The Panel Met, Most Public Officials Blew off the Public

Posted March 03, 2015  11:00 am | Part II (Part I: The FL Sup. Ct. Wants to Hear You)

COLUMBIA COUNTY/LAKE CITY, FL – Yesterday afternoon from 3 pm to 7 pm, 4th DCA Judge Jonathan Gerber, Third Circuit Chief Judge, Gregg Parker, and former Third Circuit Chief Judge, Leandra Johnson, took up residence in Columbia County's courtroom I to listen, take notes, and ultimately report back to the Supremes. The Florida judicial branch is developing its long-range strategic plan for 2016-2022. Folks came from as far as Tampa to address the committee. Most of Columbia County's public and elected and officials, along with the County's daily newspaper, the Lake City Reporter, came to be seen and mingle with each other, then made a bee line to the exit when the public came to the microphone.

The FL Supreme Court Wants to Hear From You: Monday 3 pm - Courtroom I

Posted March 01, 2015  10:30 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY/LAKE CITY, FL – A cornerstone of a well-functioning society is an effective judicial system. “We need to know how we’re doing, what works well, and what may need to be improved. The opinions and perspectives of all Floridians are important to us,” said Fourth District Court of Appeal Judge Jonathan Gerber. The committee is looking for answers for two questions: 1) What are your thoughts about the state courts system? 2) What do you believe are the most important issues currently facing Florida courts? The committee will meet in Courtroom I, Monday at 3 pm and continue until 7 pm, first hearing from the public officials and then the public.

SCLC vs. Columbia County School Board
Will Justice Delayed Be Justice Denied?

Posted February 26, 2015  06:45 pm

COLUMBIA COUNTY/LAKE CITY, FL – Columbia County Florida is in the heart of the Deep South. Once a year it celebrates the defeat of Union forces in the Battle of Olustee. In 2015, race relations are still a confusing and contentious issue. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Lake City President, Befaithful Coker, on February 2, 2015, asked to be put on the School Board agenda so that a resolution could be made "In Recognition of Black History Month and Alfonso Lofton," who, in 1963, graduated from Columbia County's all black high school and went on to become Florida's first black state trooper. The District refused – the SCLC sued. Black History month concludes in 3 days.

Harmony in the Columbia County School District

Southern Christian Leadership Conference Sues Columbia County School District & Superintendent

Posted February 22, 2015  08:59 am | news–analysis

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Friday afternoon the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) filed a law suit against the Columbia County School District, the Superintendent, and the Custodian of Records. The SCLC claims violations of the Public Records Act; Violations of the Sunshine Law; and failure to follow its own rules, which allows a person to be on the School Board agenda.

The County 5's New Rules: County Attorney's First Public Foray Goes Back to the Drawing Board

Posted February 20, 2015  10:59 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – The fruits of a month of backroom maneuvering and unknown meetings came to a head last night. Newly elected and Florida's only publicly-elected County Attorney, Joel Foreman's Rules of Procedure were presented to the public at last night's meeting of the County 5. Mr. Foreman's new rules spent approximately 62% of their substance controlling, throttling, or restricting the public that elected him to represent the County Commission.

County Emergency Management Conducting Hazardous Materials Exercise

Posted February 18, 2015  06:50 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – The Columbia County Emergency Management Department will be conducting a hazardous materials exercise beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, February 20 at Florida Gateway College.

County 911: Texting Now On Tap
Call 911 if you can – text, only if you can't

Posted February 6, 2015  08:15 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – The Columbia County Combined Communications Center now has the ability to receive text messages to 911. Using a phone to call 911 is the most efficient way to reach emergency help, but what if you can't talk on your phone? What if you can only text and you need emergency assistance?

DEO Funds Hole-In-the-Map Tourism: 192,500 Maps Leave Out N. Central FL's Iconic Counties

Posted January 28, 2015  10:05 am

Suwannee Valley TA – $13.9 Million in Funding Since 2009: Who Was Watching the Store?

Posted January 20, 2015  10:50 am

County 5 Refuse to Take a Stand Against Fracking: County Manager Speaks – The 5 Are Reviewing

Posted January 16, 2015  07:59 am

Economic Development: $500,000 Banner Center Disappears; Rail Spur Not a Panacea

Posted January 09, 2015  10:35 am

Major Shake-up at the County 5: New Chairman Changes the Deck Chairs - Williams Deep Sixed

Posted January 07, 2015  12:01 am

Suwannee Valley TA: Fandango Continues, Tri County Board  Has Collective Amnesia

Posted January 5, 2015  11:55 pm | (1 comment)

COLUMBIA - HAMILTON - SUWANNEE COUNTY, FL – The Suwannee Valley TA (SVTA) fandango continues unabated. The constants are Columbia County Commissioner Ronald Williams, who has been the Chairman of the SVTA for as long as anyone can remember, and a North Central Florida culture of cronyism and back room decision making that has apparently gone on forever.

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