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Mark LanderColumbia County Gets New Health Department Director:  Mark Lander is a man on a mission

Columbia County Economic Development Meets Alachua County Economic Development

Dale Landry - NAACP regional VPColumbia County NAACP to Hold Election for Officers: Florida State Conference to Preside

Attorney Joel ForemanEconomic Dev. Tax Incentives Columbia Cnty: The Sausage Chronicle Part II - "It's Past Tense"

County Manager Dale Williams on Nov 18, 2010Economic Dev. Tax Incentives Columbia Cnty Style: The Sausage Chronicle Part I - The history

Economic Dev. Tax Incentives Columbia County Style: The Sausage Chronicle, It's political consideration

Columbia County Election Results By the Numbers

North Florida Broadband Authority: Columbia Columbia County Pulls Out of Obama Funded Stimulus Project

State Attorney Candidate Face Off: Brannon v Siegmeister. Different styles, different experience

State Attorney Candidate Forum:  Almost more powerful than God, one of these two men, Brannon v Siegmeister, will have almost absolute power

Lake Shore Hosp Authority's Berry Attacks 1st Amendment & Observer. FL Southern Christian Leadership Conference: "We will stand by you."

Columbia Cnty Sheriff Mark Hunter Wants You to Know:  You drink; you drive; you're goin' to jail

Isaac veers west for two nights: Columbia County and Florida out of storm track

Columbia County Election Results Made Simple

Alarm Clock: 5 minutes to midnightFEMA/SBA – Tropical Storm Debby Disaster Assistance: Sept. 4th witching hour approaches

Small Business Mobile Assistance Center in Lake City Monday Morning at Lowes

FEMA/SBA Disaster Recovery Centers Still Going Strong In FL: "If you need help, you must register."

FEMA - SBA - Columbia County: On the ground; helping people; communicating through satellite

FEMA Disaster Recovery Center set for test run tomorrow; Opening In Full Swing Mon. at 8 AM

Columbia County Florida, A Rural Area Of Critical Economic Concern: Flooded All Over

Santa Fe River, Still Rising:  One foot to go

Santa Fe River On The Rise


Wolfson Children's Specialty Center:
Up and running in Lake City

Columbia County 911, The Cover-up?:
"Every system worked"-"I was told everything was down"

Columbia County Florida: 911 goes down; County covers up

State Attorney Skip Jarvis Meets the Competition:
Jarvis and Siegmeister face off at the Tea Party

Columbia County Sheriff Patrol Deputies:
Paid less for doing more

Governor Scott's Economic Vision Comes to North Florida: He came to listen

Columbia County Falls Short During Tropical Storm Beryl: Public Safety Division & Emergency Management leave public in the dark

Columbia County Sheriff's Corrections Officer Arrested For DUI: Refuses breathalyzer test, Sheriff not investigating

Columbia County vs the International Assoc. of Fire Fighters: Union issues again

Charter Review Commission Ignores Public Comments and South End Residents

Columbia County Sheriff Candidates Rendezvous at the NCFL Tea Party

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter: He sat by while Deputy violated citizen's rights

Lake City Reporter Suspends Veteran Reporter: The Charge - Inaccurate Reporting

Columbia County FL Crime Stats: Crime up 15.2% Chief straight talks - Sheriff pontificates

Columbia County's Charter Review Commission: Eliminating somebody's rights is their theme

Columbia County's Consent Agenda: A way to give raises to the favored with a never ending contract 

State Attorney Skip Jarvis: Did he delay producing public records? The District Court of Appeals Wants To Know

Sheriff Mark Hunter On Gangs 101:
It's about community involvement

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Chief Busted: Cries to judge, complains of persecution, sees invisible cars?

County Economic Development Committee deep sixes "higher-skill, higher-wage jobs" from its mission statement

Columbia County Economic Development: Will a million dollars worth of smiles make this marriage work?

Lakeshore Hosp Auth Chief Leads County Charter Review Commission Back To The Time Of The Flintstones

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter: In the shadows with shady numbers

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter Standing Up For His Deputies? The 3 yr tale of the tape

Columbia County - More Animal Abuse Revealed: Sheriff Hunter contributes to death; casts cloud of suspicion

Suwannee Valley Transit Authority:
A train wreck working to get transportation for the disadvantaged back on track

Columbia County - More Animal Abuse Revealed - Sheriff's Office Shoots Pet Horse – Stonewalls Owner

Posted January 30, 2011  03:35 am | Part I Wednesday

Columbia County IT Director Resigns
County beginning search for new IT guru

Columbia County – Will it build a Miracle Field where all the children can play?

Plum Creek on the move in Columbia County
$190 million,  75 long term jobs on the docket

County Charter Under Attack -  County Manager looks to strip internet access of meeting material

Columbia County's 1st Budget Hearing
"I'd like to thank everybody for comin."

Columbia County Charter Review Commission meets: 70,000 residents - Not one shows up

Columbia County vs. Florida Crown Workforce Board: Here we go again?

Columbia County Tourist Development Council Moving Ahead With New Sports Complex Website

Columbia County Economic Development: Will Lake City continue as the "red-headed step child?"

Lake City Owns 643 Fire Hydrants In Columbia County. In 2008 it stopped inspecting them and didn't tell anybody.

SuperValue at Target Dist. Center Shutting Down
140 workers to loose jobs by September 18th

Major update July 27, 2011 12:16 pm - workers to be rehired

Lake City Sliders shine in final game - Hammer out 10-0 victory

Lake City Sliders off to slow start - Go 0-2 on first day in Richmond

AWI weighs in with Florida's Unemployment figures
In real numbers, Columbia County is at 18.5%

Lake City Sliders - with a little help from a lot of friends - reach $8,000 goal

$10 – $20 – $30 Million? Financing Unclear
TDC Committee looking to build something

Lake City Sliders - $700 short of their $8,000 goal - On the road to Richmond

Lake City Sliders hit $5000 mark
Richmond getting closer

One of these Lake City Girls could be a Federal Judge - First they have to get to Richmond

Charter Review Commission up and running despite County being homeless

Lake City Manager Puts 3% on the table
Constitutional Officers and County Manager weigh in

Florida Crown Workforce Board approves $2,443,281 baseline budget

County Farm Bureau Federation
appreciates elected officials

Columbia County:
Garbage Capital of North Central Florida?

Florida's Economic Development Czar Came to Columbia County - Really

Columbia County - EMS Union Face Off
County refusing to back off pay cut

Columbia County EMS -- What is it about no cost that the County does not get?

Columbia County Combined Communications At Critical Mass

Columbia County Economic Development Blowin' in the wind - 20 years too late

Columbia Cnty Combined Communications
Reality or Point of No Return? The leaders will choose.

KrisAnne Hall in Lake City A rock star for the Constitution

911 Call Center Hoopla, not good for public safety

County Commissioner called special meeting to set date, hand out memo. 23 Public Officials and staff show up.

Columbia County Working To Keep Public in Dark About Important Meeting Today

Dr. Martin Luther King Observance, Lake City
"We charge you to see that Justice will roll down like a mighty river."

Sexual Battery Suspect Wanted in Columbia County

NAACP Observance Program - Sunday
Celebrating the life of Dr. King

Columbia County's inland port decades late
Port of Miami gearing up since the 80's

Legislative Delegation coming to Lake City
Thurs - 9:00am in the court house - mark your calendar

Gov Elect Rick ScottGov Elect Rick Scott listens in Lake City

Fort White train depotFort White Train Depot, Trains Arriving Soon

Columbia County's invitation only library dedication a success

Fort White Public Library
Private dedication today at 10

Debbie BoydDePratter and Boyd make last stand at 9-12 Project
Part II – Rep Debbie Boyd

DePratter and Boyd make last stand at 9-12 Project
Part I – Rusty DePratter – County Commission Candidate

Dist 2 Commission Candidates & Debbie Boyd appearing tonight

Principal Deborah HillCounty Challenged by Challenge School Incident
Principal choked after school security eliminated

Commissioner Weaver attends last Ft White Council meeting

County gives up battle to destroy Fl Crown
Good old boys play possum to the end

Courthouse Cow Dung Display
It is time to disinfect

Columbia County Sheriff BadgeSheriff Dept - phone scam targets county residents

Court House Cow Dung Display gets stamp of approval from highest county officials

Local Election Results - Columbia County/Lake City in graphic format

League of Women Voters to moderate candidate forum in Fort White

Princess of EtiquetteFlorida Author Series
"Etiquette for the African American" 

The Lake City Hood, God is Watching

Boyd challengers quizzed by Federated Republican Women

9-12 Project to host County Commission candidates

Columbia County Celebrates America's 234th Birthday

Columbia County Tax Collector opens new office today

IDA Director Suzanne Norris presents a power pointThe Great Columbia County Dog and Pony Show

Keeping the Dream Alive, NAACP Freedom Lunch

Com Dewey WeaverFlorida Crown remains in the lurch
Columbia County still playing possum

Florida's March Employment
Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, and Union Counties

Florida Crown on top again
Chosen to assist youth with disabilities

Ellisville - Fighting Back, No mandatory connection

County Torpedoes EMS Study

Florida Crown - Columbia County. Time for a little mercy from the big wheels in Tallahassee

Florida Crown Invitation
Com Langford steps up – it takes a woman

Columbia County - Lake City EMS debate
Soon everybody will be a winner

Fair Comment: IDA - Norris - Education - Columbia County

"Ms. Norris also told the IDA, 'Education is a critical component ... Having an education system that is perceived as meeting the needs of potential employers, as well as the existing community, is absolutely critical.'" What ...

County EMS headed off life support
The Attorneys - The Facts - The Managers - The Solution

IDA Rudderless • Web presence a mess Valdosta GA pays attention to IDA's Norris

Lake City Reporter publisher violates basic ethical standards

Prison officials address questions, concerns (from the Lake City Reporter)

Debbie Boyd Calls Prison Powwow

Lake City ducks County Commission EMS threat

Pub/ed Stew LilkerObserver begins new agenda service

Difficult economic times - Florida Crown stretched thin and working overtime

City Manager Wendell JohnsonCity Manager Wendell Johnson takes
center stage at city/county sit-down

Fl Crown LogoFlorida Crown sponsors
Stand Down for Homeless Veterans

Columbia County Manager schemes to take care of favored employee

It was obvious that County Manager Williams was looking to score Mr. Manning some cash.

Columbia County Florida
Welcome to the hood
 (Drugs- Part II) (go to drugs Part I)

Florida Crown Soars. $402,000 Wings Grant Awarded

Com DuPree steps up to plate
Convenes last minute drug summit  (Part I)

Columbia County and Lake City Meet
County Oblivious to City Budget Skills

Ronnie Brannon County Tax Collector says
"Time is running out for savings."

North Central Florida 9-12 group plays to another full house

Federal Bureau of Prisons listens to public
2500 bed illegal alien prison still uncertain

Fed. Bureau of Prisons wants to house 2500 illegal aliens in Columbia County • Meeting tonight

Florida Crown Affair • Search Continues For Columbia County Issues (Part II)

Florida Crown Affair • Search Continues For Columbia County Issues (Part I)

County Commission ignores rule of law
The Florida Crown Affair continues

Florida Crown Workforce Board
Receives Florida Literacy Award

912 Project plays to a packed house9-12 Project • North Central Florida
meets, organizes and elects officers

County Manager Dale WilliamsFlorida Crown's harassment continues
The Columbia County Commission Position
(Part II)

Columbia County Clerk P. DeWitt Cason
Stands up for the rule of law

Columbia County Commission leaves
Florida Crown in the lurch – again
(Part 1)

Forida Crown Board MeetingFlorida Crown Gets Clean Bill of Health
$770,615 in stimulus money on the way