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Santa Fe River, Still Rising:  One foot to go

Late yesterday afternoon, the Santa Fe River in south Columbia County was lapping at the steel girders of the bridge on Highway 27 separating Columbia and Alachua Counties. According to the High Springs police, once the water touches the steel, the bridge is closed.

On Highway 441, there is no danger of the high water closing that bridge, but the rising water continues as the river rises further and further away from its banks.

The Santa Fe is expected to crest today, Sunday. 

River Rise Resort is at the border of South Columbia County and Alachua County on US 441

The sign welcoming visitors to River Rise Resort tells the story of the rising waters. Before the rains, it was on high ground. Late Thursday afternoon the bottom of the sign was visible. By late yesterday, Saturday afternoon, it was difficult to tell where the water ended and the woods began.

The gate into the resort. Late on Thursday afternoon the water had just risen above the bottom of the gate. By Saturday afternoon the water was at the horses feet.

The Santa Fe at the boat ramp on US27 at the border of Columbia and Alachua counties.

On late Saturday afternoon the river was still rising. On Thursday afternoon, the boat ramp was still visible

By Saturday afternoon one could have gone boating in the parking lot. 

The bridge between Columbia and Alachua Counties

When the water touches the steel, the bridge is closed. This is the bridge that separates Columbia and Alachua counties on Highway 27. When the river is not swollen, boaters pass under the bridge with ease.

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