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Florida Crown Workforce Board
Receives Florida Literacy Award

A highlight of the recent 25th Annual Florida Literacy Conference was the presentation of the Florida Literacy Awards given annually to outstanding individuals, businesses and organizations making significant contributions to adult and family literacy.

Kaye Johnson accepted the award for Florida Crown
Workforce Board.

The Conference was sponsored by the Florida Literacy Coalition, Florida’s Adult and Family Literacy Resource Center. The May 7th Awards Banquet was held at the Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Clearwater.

The Florida Literacy Coalition recognized Lake City based Florida Crown Workforce Board as the recipient of the Outstanding Business Partner Award. This award honors a company or business partner for leadership or significant contributions in support of literacy at the local, regional or state level.

Florida Crown Workforce Board (FCWB) supports and matches job applicants in need of competitive and sustainable work with employers seeking qualified, skilled labor.

The partnership that Florida Crown has developed with Columbia County Vocational, Adult and Community Education (VACE), as well as other community agencies, has helped to insure high quality and well integrated services in Columbia County.

Florida Crown provided support in the following areas:

  • underwriting the costs for an adult education instructor
  • providing regular orientations to help students understand career options
  • supporting the Florida Ready to Work Credentialing program
  • helping adult education and literacy students obtain jobs and employment skills.

When young adults hit brick walls in locating jobs, Florida Crown helps these individuals connect with potential employees.

The support provided from Florida Crown Workforce Board has been instrumental in helping Columbia County Vocational, Adult and Community Education (VACE) realize increased enrollment, larger numbers of students getting a GED, and a higher rate of GED graduates advancing postsecondary institutions.

Florida Crown’s professional connections with community members, business partners, social service providers, and school district personnel have fostered the development of strong and committed partnerships.

The Florida Literacy Award is just one example of how these partnerships benefit the citizens of Columbia and the surrounding Counties.


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