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Experts: “There Is a Mental Health Crisis In Columbia County & Surrounding Areas” – Josey Corbett, Home Town Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Is Working To Do Something About It

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COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Experts in the know in the behavioral health care business, professionals and clients, and others have spoken out and continue to speak out regarding the disjointed and just plain bad mental health care in Meridian’s Lake City Michigan Avenue facility. A hometown licensed clinical social worker is stepping forward to do something about it.

Josey Corbett is sending out a call to action for Columbia County and surrounding area residents to address the mental health care crisis, which is getting worse, not better.

Ms. Corbett said, “The current mental health care crisis goes beyond anything we have seen in the past.”

Ms. Corbett is hosting a get-together at the Oasis of Hope Therapy office in Lake City. The purpose is to begin aligning building blocks to form a community-based not-for-profit clinic and crisis center that will deal with mental health, substance abuse, isolation, and homelessness.

Ms. Corbett said, “We are looking to identify key board members, establish a vision statement, and create a direction on which to build and move forward.”

Everyone is invited. “We are hoping to have different careers and interest levels represented. Our board members would represent a cross-section of our community and offer the organization time, talent, ties with the community, and testimony. A sensitive board, not looking to make millions, but willing to be the backbone of a company – giving time and energy to help support people in some of their darkest times.”

Oasis of Hope Therapy: 260 S Marion Ave, Suite 135 (Building A), Lake City.

Time: 6 pm, December 7, 2023

For more information, call 386-697-8842, or email office@oohtherapy.com.

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