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Columbia County Legislative Delegation Is Coming to Town: What You Need To Know

Senator Jennifer Bradley & Representative Chuck Brannan
Columbia County Observer photo & graphic

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – This Monday, October 23, 9-11 am, the Columbia County Legislative Delegation will be meeting in the Florida Gateway College Board Room. This year, the Delegation is chaired by Sen. Jennifer Bradley, with Representative Chuck Brannan serving as vice chair.

What Are Legislative Delegation Meetings?

Legislative delegation meetings are public meetings that happen before the start of a new legislative session. This year's legislative session begins on January 8, 2024, and runs for 60 days.

Senator Bradley and Representative Brannon will be in town to listen to the public, local elected representatives, and others.

Legislative delegation meetings are an excellent chance for members of the public to present legislative proposals, make funding requests, or express opinions on state issues. If you want to affect change and policy, it is important to show up on Monday.

Unlike local Columbia County/Lake City meetings, there will be no buzzers buzzing you away from the microphone.

Common sense is urged to be respectful of others who wish to appear. Being prepared will help move the Delegation meeting along.

There have been times when a public official or two have monopolized the time, shortchanging those behind them.

Columbia County’s Proposal
Money-Money-Money: $7.9 mil and counting

This year, with legislative professional Staz Guntek at the helm of Columbia County Special Projects, a brochure was produced outlining the County’s requests for money.

Projects the County is looking for the state to fund:

• Suwannee Valley Communications Tower $1,600,000
• Bell Street Extension   $2,000,000
• Columbia County Flat Fields Phase I-A $3,000,000
• Ellisville Well #2- $1,300,000

Mr. Guntek’s complete report, compiled on October 5, may have been modified since then.


Senator Rob Bradley and Representative Chuck Brannon during a light moment at the legislative delegation
After an introduction by Representative Brannan, "We're going to miss him," Senator Bradley quipped, "I'm not dyin'..."

If you have never attended a Legislative Delegation meeting, you can read about Senator Rob Bradley's last Columbia County Delegation meeting here.

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