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County Residents To Get Severe Weather Event Debris Relief 

Columbia County 5 meet in emergency session
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COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – The Columbia County 5 met in emergency session this morning to discuss the recent severe weather event which left parts of North Florida wheeling.

While the worst debris issue occurred in District I, the northernmost district in the County, issues were reported in the South end and mid-county.

The meeting lasted one hour and ten minutes and was part emergency and part workshop.

After all the weather events over the past couple of decades, the County 5 still does not have written policies to deal with these kinds of events.

It was agreed during the meeting that County Attorney Joel Foreman would bring back an ordinance to The 5, which would provide a policy for both the County and residents.

County Emergency Manager Shayne Morgan prepared a resolution declaring a local state of emergency due to the May 24 severe weather event. The resolution passed unanimously.

The County 5 also agreed that residents could put weather event-related debris in the County right away through Sunday, May 26.

Assistant County Manager and Director of Public Works Kevin Kirby told your reporter after the meeting that it is important that the public not block traffic signs or cause dangerous situations by placing debris “where common sense tells you it should not be.”

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