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Continues sub par under County management

Newly under the auspices of County Manager Dale Williams, the IDA has gotten worse. Now, the IDA is incapable of servicing its own web presence and it shows. 

This snapshot, taken early this morning, from the IDA website speaks for itself. Sometime after 12 pm last months minutes were added. They were prepared a little before 10:00 am this morning.

At 08:00 am this morning, the IDA, on its woefully lacking web site, had the wrong date for its monthly meeting and the wrong date on the agenda.

As the day progressed, the meeting minutes from Nov. 10th, along with some of the older minutes were added to the IDA website. It is not clear why last month's minutes were not prepared in a timely fashion or why all the IDA minutes were not posted at once.

By 12:55 pm the mistake had still not been corrected.

Maybe someone will get it right before the meeting, which is on December 1st.

Also absent from the agenda is the address of the meeting and a phone number should anyone have the agenda and want to ask a question.

Poor planning has left Columbia County homeless without a meeting room of its own. Various county agencies bounce around the county, meeting wherever they can find a free room.

The IDA meets at the Lake Shore Hospital Authority.

Ask Yourself

If you were in the Economic Development business, would this kind of amateurism close the deal or close the door? ed

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