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Com Ronald Williams running again
First out of the gate for 2013

Ronald Williams, the long time Columbia County District 1 commissioner announced during the Thursday, July 1st County Commission meeting that he is running for another term as county commissioner.

During the public comment - question and answer portion of the Columbia County Commission meeting, which has turned into a question and "no" answer session since the election of Jack Berry protégé and County Commissioner, Jody DuPree, your reporter asked Com Williams why it took two months to make the Westside Community Center power point presentation available to the public, pointing out that it was only available moments before the meeting.

The Westside Community Center Project is another example of Columbia County good old boy cronyism gone mad and the laws regarding many aspects of this Com DuPree project have apparently been violated both in fact and spirit - nothing new at the Columbia County Commission.

Commissioner Williams never answered the question, indeed – the Columbia County Commission mostly acts like it is pleading the fifth when it comes to answering questions, but during the Q & A your reporter said, "You must know, you are the Chairman and possibly a potential candidate a couple of years from now for county commission."

Commissioner Williams wasted no time responding: "Not possible – will be."

The Observer: "You will be. So you are speaking as a candidate Mr. Chairman. I would just like to point that out that you are announcing now that you will be a candidate - my presumption is that at every meeting you are speaking as a candidate."

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