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Columbia County operating outside the law
Here they go again

The traditional bulletin board used by the County to post its meeting notices. There was no notice posted, anywhere, for the Economic Development Board application review. (Observer photo by Barb)

Columbia County, long thought by many to be the premier law breaking and corrupt county in Florida, has shown again that the concept of "reasonable notice" for public meetings - for the county's good ole boys - means no notice at all.

On February 8, 2011, according to a memorandum from Assistant County Manager, Lisa Roberts, to the County Commission, a committee composed of County Commission Chairman, Jody DuPree and herself met to go over the resume's of the four candidates for the two available seats on the newly formed Economic Development/IDA Board.

The law is well established

The law is well established and well understood by Chairman DuPree and the long time Assistant County Manager, Roberts. Advisory boards or committees established by public agencies, which make recommendations, are subject to the Sunshine Law.

It is hornbook law that everything fails after an illegal act.

Ms. Roberts has asked that the County Commission approve her and Com DuPree's recommendations at the February 15th Commission meeting, even though the recommendations were made out of the Sunshine.

Ms. Roberts and Com DuPree were clearly acting as an advisory committee.

The four members of the County Commission are not bound by the twosome's recommendation.

It is only speculation, and business as usual, the reason that Ms. Roberts did not provide to the rest of the County Commission and the public, the resumes of the two members that they rejected, along with the ones they supported.

Barbara Jeffords contributed to this article

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