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From County Manager Dale Williams
A request that "touches the heart"

County Manager Dale WilliamsFrom time to time the office of the Board of County Commissioners receives requests for assistance that are outside our abilities and scope, but nonetheless touch our hearts to the extent we want to help. Below is one such request.

I did not speak to this family directly. My telecommunications expert Kimi Roberts did and she told me the need was genuine and that and that she believes the request is sincere.

I requested that Kimi put the "story" in writing where it could be shared with all in hopes that it will be forwarded to various parties willing to help. If you are willing to help or know someone who is, please call Kimi at 386-755-4100 or e-mail her at kim_roberts@columbiacountyfla.com.

From the desk of Kimi Roberts:
Senior Citizen in need of handicapped ramp ...

Ms. Grace is a senior citizen, widow, living on social security and widow pension. Her home is a single wide mobile home in need of a handicap bedroom, shower and ramp to be built where she can care for her son Roy, age 48, a construction worker. 

Roy had surgery October 2009 in Gainesville.

During surgery he had an apparent stroke which has left him paralyzed from the chest down.  He has been in four different specialty hospitals since the surgery to assist him in rehabilitation.     

His mother said Roy wants to be self reliant and is working through therapy at the hospital to learn to pull on boxers even now. 

Ms. Grace has a back porch, but needs help enclosing it for a handicap bedroom for Roy, a handicap shower, as well as a handicap ramp where he can enter and exit the mobile home.

Ms .Grace is said Roy is in a specialty rehabilitation hospital in Green Cove Springs and will soon to be discharged, as there is nothing more they can do. She needs to bring him into her home to live with her where she can care for him.

The problem is her home isn’t handicap accessible.

If you can help, or know of anyone that can help, please contact me at the County Commission at 386-755-4100 or e-mail me at kim_roberts@columbiacountyfla.com.

Thank you on behalf of County Manager Dale Williams for the County Commission. 



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