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Ellisville Boondoggle Continues:  Columbia County set to offer $5,000 for $159 plot of land

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Tonight's Columbia County Commission docket is a doozy. Topping the bill is a little item on the consent agenda from the County's Utility Committee, the committee in charge of the Ellisville Utility Boondoggle. This little piece of land was overlooked when the County purchased the derelict sewer plant in Ellisville in another one of Columbia County's "Good Ole Boy" deals.

The purported County Engineer, John Colson, sat in on those utility meetings and his company, Donald F. Lee and Associates should have done the surveys.

• The latest on Donald Lee and John Colson can be found here: A way to give raises to the favored with a never ending contract

A glance at the billing method of Donald Lee, which was recently unanimously approved by the County Commission, with its extension of Donald Lee's never ending contract, insures that it is impossible to determine what and when Mr. Colson did to insure the county was not left in the position of having to purchase the $159 piece of property for $5,000.

About a year ago, it was estimated that the County's residents were subsidizing the Ellisville Utility at a rate of $300,000 dollars a year. At that time there were two customers.

More on the Westside Community Center can be found here

The Westside Community Center

The Westside Community Center project has been orchestrated by Commissioner Jody DuPree, the same commissioner who was at the helm of the Ellisville Utility Boondoggle when it was resurrected from the dead.

On for the second meeting in a row, the bid documents for the $780,000 Community Center have not been attached to the agenda.

For over a year the County has been getting the bid documents together. They call it a place holder. Other folks have a different name for it.

Rules of Procedure - Sneak Attack

County Chairwoman Scarlet Frisina has allowed a change in the Board's Rules of procedure to find its way on to the evening's Consent Agenda.

This proposed change, in a sneak attack, again demonstrates Columbia County is leading the way in stifling the public's right to speak.

Epilogue – Be Amazed

The beat goes on in the infamous Columbia County, where County last minute walk ons to the agenda are a way of life and can cost the taxpayer's millions. The only way to find out about those is to be there and be amazed. 

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