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Lake City Downtown Redevelopment Plan Approved: Now will the work begin?

By Stew Lilker

LAKE CITY, FL – Last night in Lake City's City Hall, the City Council accepted Lake City's Downtown Redevelopment Plan for the future. Begun early in 2010 with a presentation and competition by three urban planning design firms, the competitions winner, the IBI Group, told the City Council that the number one goal for the Master Plan was "economic stability." When asked why the IBI Group was the best choice for Lake City, IBI's Master Planner, Kurt Easton, told the City Council, "We do award winning work." The City Council now has the plan. Time will tell if there will be award winning execution.

Download the Final Lake City Master Plan •  (27.3meg)
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City Manager Wendell Johnson thanked the IBI Group for its work on the Master Plan. He said he thought the effort that went into it was worth it and that the City has a good document.

The hallmark of the plan was the continuing public participation of both Lake City and Columbia County residents throughout the plan's development.

IBI's Suzanne Thompson was on hand to answer any questions.


With the exception of the Lake Shore Hospital Authority, which is in the defined area of the plan, Columbia County officials did not make an effort to participate.

Columbia County continues without a master development plan.

City Councilwoman Melinda Moses pointed out many times that the capitol city of Columbia County is perceived to be Lake City, a fact on which all agree.

The Lake City Community Redevelopment Plan took two years to complete at a cost of $120,000. 

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